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Mom, she’s coming up. How many drops? Right, but couldn’t you have bought some juice?
I told you she was coming. Ew! It’s awful! I can’t believe there’s no sugar. Oh, she’s here. Bye. Hi, sorry I’m late.
The bus took a while to come. Oh, no worries. It’s fine.
I was just watching some TV. Cute apartment you have. Thanks. Is it only you and your mom? Yup, no dad. But you guys get along? No, I mean, really no dad. At all.
No alimony, nothing. He lives in a different city we rarely see each other. I’m sorry to hear that. My parents still live together.
But I think it’s probably because of my younger brother. Oh… He’s still a brat. So, which of the proposed themes
would you like to work on? Actually I was quite surprised you asked me
to pair up with you. It’s just that we’ve never worked together
or anything. Did you argue with Nina? Oh no, no. It’s all good between us.
Really. I just wanted a change. The year’s almost over and I’ve barely talked
to the others in the class. That’s true, the year might end without
us having talked to everyone in there. But I was really glad you asked me. I’m in need of better grades and
I know you always do really well. Cool! Thanks. Well, I have an idea on what we
could do… Look, I think we can… I don’t know… Start by getting to know each other
a little more. How about that word association game?
D’you know it? Yeah, I think I do.
Yeah. Okay, sounds good. Right, I’ll go first. Food? Life. Sleep? Insomnia. Cinema? TV Show. Book? Romance. Zac Efron? Actor. What? Uh, okay. Animals? Dogs. Men? Complicated. Women? Powerful. Sex? Virgin… Oh, relax. So am I. I really hope I lose it with
someone I care about… When I’m dating. Which I hope happens soon. Do you like any boy in the class? Boy? Hm… No. And you? Do you like anyone? Yeah. I like someone. Well, why don’t you put some music on?
I like studying while listening to music. It’s getting late. I’m kind of peckish. Oh, there are some things for us to eat. I even made lemonade. My dad’s coming to pick me up. He just texted. Should be here soon. Come in. Everything okay? I got off the bus at the wrong stop,
walked quite a bit. Oh, that sucks. Especially in this heat. Let’s go to the bedroom. Would you like to use the bathroom? No, No. It’s cool in here. Nice bedroom. Thanks. Is it just you and your mom? It is. I don’t have a father. Oh, sorry. That’s okay. It’s like I heard once… We don’t usually miss what we’ve never had. And you? My parents are together. If they like each other I think the living proof
is my younger brother. So, about the assignment… Yes, that! I just wanna say I think it’s really cool that
you accepted pairing with me. I’m kind of tired of being in a clique, you know. I know how it is. I loved that you asked me cause… I need to get good grades and I know you do really well. But is it everything all right between you and the girls? Oh yeah, I just wanna get to know other people in the class. I mean, we’ll be together for the entire high school. Yeah, I get it. I think I haven’t spoken to most people there yet. So maybe we could start by getting to know each other better. Right? How about we play that word association game? Yeah, okay. I know this one. Right. I’ll go first. Food? Sweet. Sleep? Nightmare. TV Show? Cinema. Drama? Musical. Actors? Zac Efron. O-kay, uh… Okay. Dog? Cat. Boys? Brats. Girls? Incredible. Sex? Virgin… So am I. This idea of losing it in our teens in so overrated. I’m not in any rush. Oh, me neither. I really want… To be with someone who I like and who likes me back. Do you like anyone in the class? I like listening to music when I study. Like this? It’s sort of late, no? Would you like to eat something? I guess so. I’m a bit hungry. Okay, I’ve made us some lemonade. Shall we? Okay. Okay, mom. I know. Chill. Okay. Bye. Hi!
How are you? Good and you? Fine. Oh, you have this book too! Have you read it? Gosh, I loved it. Read it in a day. Me too. Really? Yeah. Hm, suspicious this “yeah”, huh? No, it’s… Nice place. Check out this view… It’s even better at night. You should see it. Are you inviting me to come here sometime at night or
just stay late today? Relax. It’s fine. I’m joking. It must be really nice, with the lights and all. Should we start? So, I’m thinking we could create, like, a timeline… So it looks cool, you know… We can add each life event to its year. What’d you think? I like it, of course. I like everything you say. Everything you do. What do you mean? I like you a lot, Gabi. More than just a friend. Sá? Sá! What’d you think? Of my idea. What do you think? It’s good, let’s do it. Okay. Right, so… First, 1908… Birth. And then… Beautiful handwriting. Not more beautiful than you. Sá? Hellow! Huh? Can you find when her first text was published? Oh, sure. You can tell me and I’ll check the info here. Okay. It’s looking good. Yeah, I agree. We finish this tomorrow? Yeah. Do you have to go already? Yeah. But your mom should be here soon anyway. That’s true. We managed to do a lot today. This was really good. It was. It was really, really good. Sá, I like you. More than just a friend. Seriously? Is this really happening? What? Nothing. So, see you tomorrow? Sure, tomorrow. Bye.

57 thoughts on “Homework – Websérie LGBT Retalhos: Lesbian Short Film

  1. So they didn't actually have an active cinematographer but their vision and camera placement was just so good that you didn't require a camera movement? Well made. Great acting

  2. Pretty good, like the acting was great and stuff except there was no chemistry between the two actors. Like it didn’t seem like they really wanted to kiss each other or be with each other in that way. In fact, it was actually kind of awkward.

  3. I wish I could understand…. I mean I do understand a little bit cause I speak Spanish but menh I is not that easy…. But I love tho is cute 😍😊

  4. Would have gone with just one version of the story (the last version). And rather focused on establishing chemistry between the two, added a scene at school after their initial interaction, and had them have the first kiss after school after one of them walks the other home and enough tension had built for the kiss to be more intense..

  5. Gstei amei perfeito façam mais meninas qro mais partes ela imaginando foi ilario tantas vezes ja fiz isso kkkkkk

  6. 5:20 what is she just opened the door a little bit and the. just shut it in her face like “no thanks im good” 🤣

  7. Muito legal.Pena que não tem a continuação.Tadinha da Sara,uma carinha de apaixonada,mas a garota só gosta dela como amiga……Belo trabalho meninas.Vcs são muito fofas e talentosas.

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