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Who are you? Jesus. You okay? Do I look okay? If you were any thinner, you wouldn’t exist. No… Trevor… You still got half an hour. I can fix you some eggs. I’m tired but thanks. Let’s go, monkeys.
Watch your work, not your ass. Come on guys, keep it moving. Yes sir, yes sir,
Master Tucker, motherfucker Hey, why is that machine down? – I am cleaning this.
– It takes 7 minutes to power up that mill. Where am I going to make up
that 7 minutes, Miller? Your paycheck? – Back off Tucker, you don’t sketch regulations.
– What regulations? Lock out devices must be in place during cleaning and maintenance of all
heavy machinery. Ocean, 1989. Yeah? Write to your congressman
and hurry that up. Congratulations, Reznik. You just made my shitlist. She copping his joint, right? And he’s tellin’ her, you
know, baby this, baby that… Chatting her up like mother
fucking Barry White. Talking about what he going
to do to her, and how he going to make her
coochy feel and all that. That’s right. So then, she stopped She looked up at him with these
big old puppy eyes she’s like… That sounds good pappy,
but me no have no coochy. So, my man’s like “Say what?!” He looked down and
realised that she is a he! Man, that’s bullshit! You mean to tell me that the
whore was wearing nothing but a thong and this fool can’t tell no difference? Hey, man. he had one of them “tuck jobs”.
Come on Jones, you know how they do that. You might, I don’t! Yeah, whatever. You Reznik, you wanna go
for some cards tonight? Can’t, got plans. Shit! See, this nigger say the
same thing every poker night. Hey, what’s up with you?
You used to be alright. Well, he used to hang but he
ain’t never been alright. You need to realise, Jackson, that
some men prefer the company of women. Who! Howdy duty, he don’t get no booty. Maybe he has got a date
by the name “tuck jobs”. No, your mother said she couldn’t make it. Oh! Reznik talking smack,
I can’t even respond to that. You okay? Do I look okay? If you were any thinner,
you wouldn’t exist. What’s wrong? I don’t know, déjà vu. You are tired, you need to sleep. How do you do it? What? Sleep so little and still look so good. Are you flirting with me? Commiserating. – Try to fatten me up?
– What if I am? Suppose I wanted blueberry. You had that last night. You don’t fool me, Trevor Reznik.
I have you figured out. You do, huh? What else do you know about me? That you are lonely. When you work graveyard as long as I have,
you get to know the type. Hey, everyone gets lonely, Trevor.
It is nothing to be ashamed of. How can I be lonely,
when I have you to keep me company? Check, please. Yo, Reznik, Furman’s office. Now! How are you doing, Reznik? What’s this about? Frankly I am concerned about you. To be honest, I think you
look like toasted shit. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. – Anything we can help with?
– No, thanks. There’s nothing I can’t handle. – Wanna see the doctor?
– It is not necessary, I’m fine really. Are you doing drugs, Reznik? Where is the shop steward? He couldn’t make it – Shouldn’t even be in here without a union.
– See what I mean. Look, Trevor, I understand
how you feel, believe me, but there’s absolutely
nothing to worry about. Then I’ll just get back to work. Trevor, not yet. I need to ask you for a UA. Look like rain. Radio says there’s a storm on the way. They said right. I’d say it’s already here. You are on the first shift? – Yeah.
– Me too. Funny, I never seen you before. I’ve been here. I work in the pit.
I just picked up Reynolds’ shift. Where’s Reynolds? Feds picked him up. On warrant. I’m Ivan. Trevor. Well, I guess I’d better begin by… I hear that Tucker guy can be a real prick. You got that right. I’ll see you around. What’s wrong? I just want to lie here. We can do that. I’m so tired. You can fall asleep if
you want, off the meter. That is the problem. I can’t sleep. Nothing helps. Don’t worry about it honey. Everyone get insomnia, now and then. Stevie. I haven’t slept in a year. Jesus Christ! I tried him too… Sorry. Hello? Yeah. No I can’t.
I can’t talk now. Okay. My ex, he’s a fucking Psycho. Trevor, I’m worried about you. Don’t worry, no one ever died of insomnia. I hope not, you are my best client.
Can’t afford to lose ya. Gee, thanks. Reznik, I need a hand. Gotta get this dead level
here, help me out. – Safety on?
– Oh, yeah. How’s that? No, still off. Is that any better? Hey, do your sleeping on your own time.
I need some help here. Better. It’s now level.
Try the other side. I hate this bitch. Hey! what did you do? I am hooked up here.
Kill it, will ya? – Come on, kill it.
– It’s not working. Goddamn it! Reznik! Shit! – Kill it!
– It’s not working! God! Jesus! – Hit the breaker!
– What? Hit the breaker! Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
We some help over here! We need some help! Over here. – Come on man, come on.
– What’s happening here, man? Call an ambulance! What happened here? I was helping him level the belt.
I thought the safety was on. You thought?! Somebody kill that fucking machine! Shit! Hello, Mrs. Shrike. I’ve come to pay rent. And so early. Oh, Mr Reznik, I only wish
all my tenants are considerate as you. I will give you a receipt in the morning Good night, Mr. Reznik. Mrs. Shrike, Forgive me, but… Have you noticed anyone
hanging around my apartment? Has there been a burglary? No, no, no, nothing like that.
I just wondered if… You know, if… you noticed
anything unusual lately? Unusual? Ah, never mind, Mrs. Shrike. I am sorry to disturb you so late.
Good night. What we know is this: One: Miller was operating
the mill in long sleeves. Two: Miller’s arm was in the cutting zone
of mill while it was off. Three: the mill suddenly activates, catching Miller’s sleeve,
resulting in this. What’s the fucking point? These accidents are never pretty, Mr.
Reznik. Our job is to investigate these events
from every possible angle… So that we might prevent their recurrence. So we’d appreciate it if you would
be a bit more co-operative. I knocked into the fucking
activator by mistake. What caused the mistake, Mr. Reznik? I was distracted. By what? What distracted you? It was Ivan,
I was watching Ivan on the pit. The whole thing is my fault, okay. Who did you say? The new arc welder,
I don’t know his last name. – What new arc welder?
– Ivan, the guy from the swing shift. Reynolds was picked up on a warrant.
This guy took his place. What the fuck are you
talking about, Reznik? Reynolds is right over there
on the pit as usual, busting his ass. There is no Ivan in
National Machine, Reznik. What is this? Mr. Reznik, have you recently
suffered any head injuries? Ever hear of pumpkin pie? No. – Trevor.
– Yeah. – Can I ask you a question?
– Sure. Why do you go out of your way
to come here every night? Is it out of the way? An airport? For coffee and pie? Suppose I went to Danni’s… Suddenly I get an overwhelming
urge to skip town. Could I do that just in any diner? Is someone chasing you? Not yet. But they will
when they find out who I am. Oh really! Who are you? Can you keep a secret? To the grave. I’m Elvis Presley. I ran away from home
to pursue my blue-collar aspirations. I thought you looked familiar. Got plans for mother’s day? I am taking my little boy
to the amusement park. It’s supposed to be my day
and he gets all the fun. That’s okay, when he’s older, I’ll let him make it up to me. A little guilt goes a long way. How about you? Cemetery. – Oh, I’m sorry.
– Thanks. I lost mine too. Still hurts. I am not so good at losing family. Who is? What’s weird is that it didn’t hit
until I picked out her burial dress. I pictured her while buying it… Not knowing it would… You know, be the one. Seems unfair, doesn’t it? Not knowing things like that. Hey, how about spending the day
with me and Nicolas after the cemetery? Sounds dreamy. Hey Reynolds, what did
the Feds want you for? Armed robbery. Oh yeah, that’s right, because me and
Jackson had you pegged as a paedophile. Ain’t that right, Jackson? Shit, probably guilty of that too. Hey, I don’t see what’s so fucking funny. Y’all clowning this motherfucker like
it’s some big joke. Well it ain’t! Personally, I don’t feel too
comfortable working with you. You made me nervous. You look like shit, acting all crazy.
What’s up with you? Nothing is up with me. It was an accident and I am the one
who gotta live with it, not you. You ain’t hearing me, man. Nobody wants you here. Nobody. See you tomorrow. Hey! Hey! Howdy, partner. You gotta go back to the shop.
Tucker needs to see you. – What about?
– I don’t know, but it seemed important. Well, he’s gonna have to wait.
It’s Miller time. We need to talk. Follow me. Come on! Another Bourbon. Make it double. You shooting coke or something? You look like a dope fiend to me.
No offence. I don’t use drugs.
I mean I don’t even drink. How about abnormally? I see Reynolds is back to work. Gets to make bail. I’ll tell you one thing. Whatever he
did, you sure ain’t copping to it. Would you? Never trust a con, cowboy! They ain’t get through life being honest. Where they hiding you these days? Around. Hey, you wanna see something? Look at that. Lost them on a lady. Yeah, they took the big toe from the
left foot and a pinky from my right. That is why I walk with a gimp. Yeah, I can’t shuffle cards like I
used to but the ladies sure like it. Oh, no. You look like
you have seen a ghost. Funny you should say that.
The guys from work don’t think you exist. – That is why I can’t get a raise.
– According to Tucker, you are not even on the payroll. You believe that? – Why would they lie?
– They’re just having a little bit of fun with you. I’m not laughing. Quit fucking around, a guy lost his arm.
He could have died. That ain’t my problem. You caused the accident, not me. Where’re you going? Take a leak, you wanna watch? I’ll be right back, don’t just bail me now. Son of a bitch.– Hello?
– Hey Reynolds, it’s Trevor.What time is it?How are they biting, Reynolds?– You, you’re drunk, Reznik.
– The game’s over. I got proof on you. I’m gonna use it.You better watch your fucking ass, buddy,
before you lose it.
Trevor? I need to see you, Stevie. – Well, Jesus, Trevor, I am not exactly alone here.
– Please, Stevie. – I think I am falling apart.
– Can you come back in an hour? No, no, no. No, no, I need to see you now. In case of something happens,
I need someone to know. Okay, give me a minute. I appreciate you making time for me,
you are the only one I can talk to. My pleasure. Most guys don’t come here
for my conversation. Something is happening to me, Stevie. Some kind of… plot. There was an accident at the shop.
A man was nearly killed thanks to me. – Oh, my god!
– Now the guys at work are against me. They want me out and I don’t blame them.
Just the way they’re going about it… Their eyes, their little games. What? E R.. E R.. – T U C K E R.
– Trevor? Tucker? Maybe you’re taking this
accident thing a bit too hard. I mean… If they wanted you out,
they could just fire you. I’m not worried about being fired. Then what are you worried about? I don’t know yet. There you go, made to order. – Thanks.
– Surprise! Got ya! That one’s going on the fridge. Here, let me get one of you and Nicolas. By the carousel. Just a minute. Okay, ready. Smile! It helps if you push the button. Trevor? What is it? – This place, brings back memories.
– Good memories I hope. Yeah, I haven’t been
here since I was a kid. My ex, probably phone
to ruin a happy Mother’s Day. Could you…? Yes, no sweat. I’ll
take Nicolas for a ride. Thanks. Hi. How long have you known my mother? About a year. How did you meet her? We just kind of met. Are you going to see her again? I hope so. Would you like that? I guess so. Hey, you wanna know a secret? What? My father left us when I was your age.
You wanna know something else? Made me realise what a
wonderful mother I had. You will realise that too some day. What’s that? Monster ride. Route six hundred and sixty six.
What’s that mean? Well, a route is a road you take
when you’re on a long journey. Can we go in? Well, Nicolas, maybe we
should wait for your mother. What for?You’re going straight
to hell on route 666.
Ride here if you dare! You’re going
straight to hell on route 666.
Look like someone had a bad crack up. Fill her up, cowboy. We wouldn’t be eating in there
anytime soon, Nicolas? Eww, look at that. You should close your eyes. Jesus! – Boy, this is one heck of a ride.
– Yeah. Shady Lady. Oh, my God. Stop! Whoa. Take a right, Nicolas!
Take a right, a right! Nicolas! Nicolas! Hey, Nicolas! I need some help here. Okay. Somebody get a doctor! Hang on Nicolas, I’m going for help. Nicolas! I swear to God, I don’t know what happened. He’s epileptic.
I should have told you. – I’ll call an ambulance.
– No, it will pass. It’s okay, baby. This hasn’t happened for a while.
I didn’t think to mention it. I could kill myself
for taking him on that ride. It’s okay, it’s not your fault. He won’t even remember it. It’ll be as if nothing ever happened. Wanna come in? I think you could use a drink. I hope wine’s okay with you. That’ll work. What good is a home
if you can’t relax in it. I’ll have to remember that. Trevor? Can I ask you something? Should my lawyer be present? Why are you always leaving
me such generous tips? – Do I?
– 20 dollars for coffee and pie? And entertainment. – Entertainment?
– You. Trevor, you don’t have
to buy my companionship. Sorry, I… It wasn’t meant that way. If you really want to spoil me,
take me to a movie sometime. That’s a deal. My goodness, there must
be a hole in this glass. I’ll get it. – You waited on me enough.
– Thanks. It is the last door on the left. Reznik. I want you on the Swansea-lathe today. Where is Sanchez? That’s an irrelevant question,
Reznik, I’m asking you. Shit! – If there’s anything else we can do for you, let us know.
– Thank you, Mr Furman. – Goodbye.
– See you now. Hey, look who it is.
Bombay Miller, you okay? – Good, good.
– You be easy now. Yeah, man, take it easy. My God, Miller.
I don’t know where to begin. Nah, don’t sweat it, kid.
There is nothing to say. I wish there was some
way I could repay you. Well, for starters, you can
give me your left arm. In fact, that is why I came
by here today. Isn’t it, Tucker? Fair is fair. We are just razzing you, kid. You keep your left arm,
I will keep my settlement. Hell! I’ve heard these guys who’d give his
arm and a leg to get a deal like this. So, I guess you can call me lucky. Well, Miller,
if there is anything I can do… Nah, forget it.
No hard feelings. I’ll see you around, pal. Hey! Help! Hey! Hey! It’s got my arm! Somebody help me!
Someone help me! Reznik. I got ya, I got ya. Be cool, be cool, alright? Who did it, huh? Why didn’t you turn the fucking braker! Or was it all of you? Was it you, Jones? Was it you? Was it you? Or was it you? You sick bastard,
you’re imagining things again! Oh yeah? You’ve been fishing
with Ivan lately, Reynolds? How’s that… How’s
that tuna biting? Let me see you talking
your way out of this one! Where is it? Christ! What the fuck now, Reznik? Get him off me! You’re through, you fuck! Pick up your shit and get
the fuck out of here. You’re fired. This motherfucker’s crazy. You lost it, man. Shit! Damn it! Where is it? Asshole! What the fuck did you do with it? Idiot! Hey! Fuck you! Get out! What? It’s an occupational hazard. So, Trevor, are you gonna rescue me from
this miserable life or what? I could give it up for the right guy. Oh, that came out wrong. What I mean is… I would, you know,
stop hooking if you wanted me to. I mean, there is lots of pans with
pancakes out there, right? I think I’d like that. Mr. Reznik. I am sorry, I thought it was somebody else. You gave me such a scare. What are you doing in my apartment? There is a leak in my ceiling.
It’s coming from your apartment. That’s impossible. I was going to leave a note. A note? What kind of note? About the leak. What’s that terrible smell? There’s no leak in this apartment. Now if you will excuse me… – You’re sure you’re alright, Mr. Reznik?
– Yeah, I’m sure. If you need anything, please call first. Miller. Miller! Hey, Reznik. It’s a pleasant surprise. We need to talk. Take a look at this, huh? Picked it up at Grossens, top of the line. Hey, let’s not trim anything for a while. I need to be doing something. Can’t go watching soap operas all day. That hydro will be here tomorrow.
You won’t. Listen to the doctor. Margie, this is Reznik.
The man who cost me my arm. How do you do, Mrs. Miller? I’ve been better, Mr. Reznik. Is there some place we can talk? Check it out. It’s a beauty. 8 cylinders. MagnoSphere. Speed sensitive steering. ABS breaking with road texture and tension. Defence lock-up helps you
maintain control in emergencies. Of course, it’s an automatic. Hell I wanted a stick… but I figured my shifting abilities
wouldn’t be so hot. You know I am not at
National any more, right? Yeah, I heard about it. It sounds like you almost
lost one yourself, huh? Did you find that a bit ironic, Miller? Ironic? I’m sorry kid, I never
got over sixth grade. I’ll break it down for you, Miller. Moments after you left the shop, someone powered up my machine. With my arm in it. I nearly got killed. Accidents happen. It wasn’t an accident. Accidents happen out of negligence. This happened out of spite. Hell, that’s some vocabulary you got, kid. Spite. Ill will, vengeance.
Vengeance means revenge, Miller. I’m sure you know
what revenge means, don’t you? I’m onto you Miller. Despite your stupid jokes,
you secretly blame me for the accident. New car, or not, you despise me for it. How did you get into my place? Duplicate keys? Credit card? What? Fuck you, Miller! This shit’s gonna stop! Get off my property, punk! Bastards. Shit. Come on. Come on. Come on. 7-4… 3-C-R-N. 743CRN. What? Shit. Fuck! I’m sorry sir, but we don’t provide… motorist information to the general public. I’m not just a member
of the general public. This guy is a friend of mine. But you don’t know your friend’s address? We just met, I don’t know him that well. Sir, this is the DMV,
not the dating service. I just want talk to him. I’m sorry sir, I can’t help you
unless a crime has been committed. Has a crime been committed? Please, I wouldn’t ask
if it weren’t extremely important. Sorry sir. No crime, no information. What if I told you I was hit by this car? I don’t see any bruises. If you did,
would you give me an address? No, but the police might. What is it, sweetie? Tired, huh? You wanna go take a nap? I want to report a hit and run. Bring it back when you’re finished.
Fill it out over there. Mr. Reznik. You sure about these plate numbers? 743CRN. All right, that’s the one. Do you ever have a car stolen? No, why? Cause the car that
allegedly hit you was your own. 1969, red Pontiac Viper
registered to your name. Nearly a year ago you reported it
as being totalled in a wreck. Do you realise it’s a felony
to file a bogus police report? Hey, wait a minute.
You got some explaining to do. Hey! Hey! Hey! – Hey! Hey!
– Hey! Hey! Hey! Jesus, Reznik. Just wanna talk to you. Hey come back. Reznik, Reznik! Reznik! Trevor? Oh, no. Trevor, what happened? Trevor, it’s okay. Oh God, what happened? I was crossing the street.
Lights changed on me. Did he stop? No, he just kept going. He fucking hit ‘n run drivers man. He gotta be hanged. It was my fault. I wasn’t paying attention. Trevor, I gotta get you to a hospital. You may have some internal injuries. It’s just bruises. Okay, you see this? This is a bruise,
and this is a train wreck, alright? What is it with you and doctors?
Don’t you trust anyone? I trust you. Now I know you’re crazy. Can I stay here tonight? Baby, you can stay here every night. You know that? What? What, babe, what’s going on
in that crazy head of yours? I really want this to work, Stevie. But? You know so little about me. What if I turned into a
werewolf or something? I’ll buy you a flea collar. I love you. – Stevie?
– Yeah. Thanks. I set out some clean clothes for you,
your stuff is not dry yet. You always keep men’s clothes lying around? Some of my regulars. They like to
keep a clean change clothes here. I’ll probably just throw
them out now though, right? Hey, perfect fit. Yeah, well, Trevor… I don’t have a size 26 waist here. Hey, how about that idea. I can get a job selling man’s wear. Those chicks got paid vacations too. I’ll settle for that. That’s not a bad life. Could be worse.
You know what else I want to do? I want to clean up this place,
just get rid of all the fucking junk. Probably look like I’m a terrible
housekeeper, which I sometimes am… but I can also be very very,
you know, organised and neat. And I wanna do more of that. I would love to paint a place. Just make it nice, just be organised,
and neat and paint it white. And also I’d like us a decent stove.
This one is covered in fat. It’d be nice to have like a white,
beautiful place and a decent stove. It’s not a lot to ask. Wow, don’t look so surprised.
Even a call girl can scramble an egg. You know what’s funny? I don’t think
I ever cooked for a guy before. I mean not even my husband. Jesus Christ. Where is he? Who? You know who. – Trevor.
– Don’t. Jesus, Trevor, what’s wrong? This, Ivan. He’s your ex, isn’t he? What? Why is he doing this? It’s because I’m fucking you, isn’t it? Now it all makes sense. I’m fucking you, so he’s fucking me. Where is he? Hiding in the closet, beneath the bed? I don’t know what you are
talking about, baby. Ah, don’t baby me. Yeah, baby. I’ll change my whole fucking life for you.
I’ll do anything you want, baby. You know what, I don’t deserve this. What did you do? Hey! Slip this from my wallet
from me while proposing to me? Fuck you! You left it in my tip
jar the other night. Bullshit. – I thought you wanted me to have it. I…
– Cut the crap, Stevie. – What is a big deal about a goddamn picture?
– They say that the guy in the photo doesn’t exist. This says he does. Trevor, Trevor, I don’t understand
what the fuck you are talking about. I’m talking about your ex! Ivan. – Who? This guy standing next to you with a fish?
– I’m not in that photo. Trevor, I’m looking at a picture of you. You’re standing next to some fat guy
with glasses holding a fish. That’s not me. Trevor, it’s you. Look. You lying whore. You get the fuck out. Fucking freak. You play that fucking well! You fucking whore! You fucking freak. Now I know why you’re afraid of doctors.
‘Cause you’re a fucking psycho!My ex…Fucking psycho.– Hello.
– Hey, baby.Fucking psycho.Fucking psycho.Fucking psycho.Fucking psycho.
Fucking psycho.
Where’s Marie? Who? You know who. Marie is my waitress. My! You’re chatty tonight. Darling, I’m your waitress! What’s going on here?
I’ve never seen you before. What are you talking about? You come in here every night, sitting on
that same stool, staring at your coffee. To be honest, I was starting
to think that you were a mute. I wanna see Maria! Mister, there’s no Maria that works here. Is everybody in it? Let’s have a laugh on Trevor. Whatever Ivan was paying
you, he’s wasting his money. Go home, Mister. Get some sleep. Don’t forget your post-its. Christ, Stevie. How could you! Nicholas? You’ll have to pay your
utility bills, partner. You know how difficult it
is shavin’ in the dark. What have you done with Nicholas? What have I done with Nicholas? He can’t hear you now, pal. Oh, come on. You know he’s dead. Yeah. You ought to do something with
that faulty memory of yours, pal. Might make your life a little bit easier. By the way, I just love them little
notes you leave for yourself. That one on the refrigerator just kills me. Where is your hospitality, partner? If someone walks in, he
might get the wrong idea. Who are you? Well, looks like you got
some explaining to do, partner. I know who you are. I know who you are. I know who you are. I know who you are. You going somewhere, Mr. Reznik? Yeah, Mrs. shrike, I’m moving. I didn’t receive notice. Your lease requires you
to give 30 days notice in writing. It wasn’t planned,
something came up. You can keep my security deposit.
I won’t be needing it anyway. Really, Mr. Reznik?
You used to be such a good tenant. I just don’t understand it. Oh, isn’t that pretty? Would you care to sell it? No, it was my mother’s. I’ve made arrangements
to donate all my things. A truck will be coming
by this afternoon. If you’re just going to give it away… If you’ll excuse me, Mrs. Shrike.
I’m in a bit of a hurry. I like to report a hit-and-run. I’m still gonna need to
record your statement. Later, right now I just want to… Just want to sleep.

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