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Hi. I’m Devin Villiers, M.D. I couldn’t help noticing
your lovely necklace. And what’s your area
of specialty, Dr. Villiers? I kill monkeys, as well
as rats, gerbils, the occasional potbellied pig,
but mostly monkeys. He means medical research,
dear. Nope. I just like
to kill monkeys. It’s late. We should be going.
Good night, Doctor. – Good night.
– Yeah. Go easy on him tonight! What? What do you
want from me? Somebody please help me. – Where is it?
– I don’t know. – I’m getting worse.
– I don’t have it, swear to God. Don’t fuck with me! Please, you gotta believe me! I need that buffer now,
Devin. It’s locked in a vault. I can’t
get to it, nobody can. – Then make some more.
– No. No, not me. Then who?
Who can make the buffer? Maggie! Maggie Dalton. She synthesized the compound,
did the research. Nobody else, just her. Maggie Dalton. Please, please let me go. Don’t tell anyone I was here.
You never even saw me. No, no. God, no. But I saw you. Excuse me, there’s a guy
in the bathroom, bleeding. Come on. Oh, shit. We need paramedics
in here right away. How could we have
let this slip by? Hey. – Sleeping on the job?
– Me? No. Just deep in thought. Yeah, 40 winks deep. What’d you find out? Well, they said he was
pretty trashed, committed some serious party fouls. Assume our suspect’s
covered in blood. How does he walk out
of here unnoticed? And barefoot. Check it out. Death by cell phone. That’s a first. He popped the SIM card. So somebody’s got
his address book. – That can’t be good.
– Nope. Excuse me, we’re not
finished in here. – My God!
– Excuse me, excuse me. I’m sorry, Detective. This man was one
of my staff. I apologize. May I? I’m Dr. William Reisner,
of the Reisner Institute. – Think tank over in Redmond.
– Yes. And on occasion,
we do more than think. Any thoughts on this? We contract to the
Pentagon, Detective. As I’m sure you can imagine, we
have a long list of enemies. Great, well, we’d love to get
a statement from you outside. We’ll be taking over
from here. On whose authority? Well, I’ve cleared it
with your superiors, if that’s what you mean. They clear you to contaminate
the crime scene, too? – Are we good now?
– Yeah, perfect. Let’s make sure Forensics
bags the hands, I want to get a fingernail… You all heard the Colonel. Yeah, I heard the Colonel. Let’s let it go, Frank. We’re rolling
over on this? It’s not me. DOD’s calling the shots
on this one. Reisner’s hooked in
with the Pentagon. You’re letting them
investigate themselves. Did I say I liked it? Come on, this isn’t Halliburton
overcharging for unleaded, Tom. It’s a murder case,
they have no jurisdiction. Read the Patriot Act. I need you to run a soft
cover on this girl. – Great. Still letting us give out tickets, right?
– Yeah. She was the staff biologist
over at the Institute. – Reisner’s concerned about her.
– Babysitting gig. Look, you’re still
on the case. Besides, she’s got,
like, eight diplomas, you might learn something. – Ha, ha. Look, Tom…
– We’re done, Frank. Now get out of here, before my ulcer
starts bleeding. What, were you guys
born in a barn? I guess I should’ve studied biology. Yeah, right? Great. Hello, Detectives.
Thank you for helping us out. Come in. Hey. – Hackles down.
– Yeah. This is Dr. Margaret Dalton.
Margaret, these are Detectives Turner and… Martinez. We’ll be
taking the first shift. Great. Uh, how much danger
do you think I’m in? Well, we don’t know too many
of the details, Miss Dalton, we’re just, um, security. Well, my colleague
was murdered, brutally, from what I’ve been
able to piece together. And honestly, I expected
someone more senior, more in the loop. The chief assures me
they’re two of the finest on the force. You’ll be fine, ma’am. Oh, I’m– I’m sorry, I’m sure you’re
entirely competent. Thanks. Do you mind
if we secure the premises? Go ahead. Good night, William. I’ll check back
in the morning. Well, I’ll be upstairs.
Make yourselves comfortable. Sorry, I was just gonna…
I’ve gotta get that fixed. I got a 1920s bungalow.
Does the same thing. Creaks and groans
like a ghost. You check downstairs,
I’ll take up. I’m sure you will. Okay, you take upstairs,
I’ll take down. No, no, go ahead, I’m fine. – You sure?
– Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? I like it down here with the
creaks and the groans. You have any firearms
in the house? No. Anyone else regularly
use your place? Uh, friends, relatives? Nope. You don’t have a housekeeper?
Boyfriend? I have a cat. I’m a dog person, myself.
This your office? Yeah. Mostly just
some personal stuff. Do you mind?
No, no, not at all. Rainfall noise works for me. l, uh, need
to check in there. I guess if you’ve got
any voyeuristic tendencies, this is a great job, huh? Don’t worry, we take pills
for that sort of thing. My kid sister, Heather.
She’s a freshman at U-Dub. Must be close. Or I’m overcompensating. We’re done up here. What were you
and Dr. Villiers working on? Do you discuss
your cases with strangers? I’m still bound by a
non-disclosure agreement. I couldn’t tell you
if I wanted to. What do you mean “still”? Well, I haven’t worked there
for six months. I was let go. What do you do now? I’m unemployed. Quite an overhead you got. William Reisner was an
extremely gracious employer. – All secure downstairs, Frank.
– Great. Here’s my cell phone number.
Put it on speed dial. We’ll be right outside
if you need us. One of us could stay inside if
you’d feel more comfortable. I’ll be fine. I’d like to keep that
door unlocked, in case we need to get to you quickly. ls that standard? Well, it’s a good idea. Okay, then. Okay, anyone
with eight degrees has no right
to look like that. Like what? Oh, yeah, act like
you didn’t notice. She could probably melt
concrete with those blue eyes. They were green, actually. – Bell Ranger.
– Not one of ours. It’s heading north.
I’ll call it in anyway. N-7953? Lewis, it’s Turner. Get me
an ID through Sea-Tac ATC. Non-police Bell Ranger,
tail number N-7-9 – 5-3.
– …5-3. – 7-9-5-3. Got it.
– Okay. – Have fun.
– Okay. Hey, Frank. Keep it down in there, you’re
gonna disturb the neighbors. I’m sure they got better things
to do than listen to me hum. You promise? I mean,
really, really promise? – Don’t worry.
– I swear, if you Paris me, I’m dead. My dad will kill me. – I mean it.
– Come on. You know I’d never do that. What if my parents
come home early? My dad sometimes drives around
the block just to trick me. I’ll go check. It’s all good. Close the blinds, okay? All right. Now, play with yourself
a little, have some fun. – You sound like a porn director.
– You wish. Nice. Hey, Frank,
look in the mirror. Your Arizona tan
is officially gone. You’re one of us now. Great, how’d that happen? I like it. It suits you. Oh, thanks. Shit. That’s it. Come on, a little more. Nice. That’s it.
Okay, your turn. What’ve we got here? Must be the sister,
Heather. Hey. It’s Heather, right? You look like a cop. What makes you say that? Your suit. Nobody would actually wear that. I’m Detective Martinez. She’s dead, isn’t she? At her computer, suffocated
under a pile of printouts. Nobody found the body
for days, and now there’s some
creepy bio-culture growing out of her nose. No, no, she’s fine. Everything’s fine. Means everything’s not fine. Oh, yeah, she’s a peach. Okay, I think I got it.
Okay. Wait, just a sec. What are you doing? – I thought I saw someone.
– What? Ash, come on. There’s nobody here. Let’s play. What the hell
is wrong with you? Someone’s here. Ashley, there’s nobody here.
Nobody. Maggie! Oh, shit! Oh, Heather, I’m so sorry. Something came up at
the last minute. Yeah, I figured as much
from the stakeout. It’s just a precaution. Against unauthorized quality
time with your sister? It’s a work thing. That non-disclosure shit
does not apply to me. There’s nothing
to worry about. Go to the concert,
take Chelsea… I already did. It’s over. Listen, Heather,
I’m really sorry. This is just
a crazy time right now, but it will be over soon,
I promise. Right. Well, in the meantime, I’m gonna go shoot
crystal and get pregnant by some guy I barely know. No, you’re not. Heather. And it wasn’t a concert,
it was a poetry slam. Everything okay? Okay. Good night. Could you… Could you just
make sure she’s okay? You bet. Thanks. Hi, kitty. You want in?
Yeah? Come on. Come on, kitty. Come on. Come on. Come on. There you go. Turner. I think I heard something. Lisa just went inside,
it’s probably her. Stay inside your study
until you hear from us. Lisa, how’s everything
going in there? It all looks fine. I’m just
gonna check upstairs. Okay. Maggie’s in her
study, make sure she knows everything’s okay. Who’s there? It’s Detective Martinez,
ma’am. Stay in the room. Lisa? Lisa. Shit. Lisa! Shit. Come on, baby. Come on,
stay with me. Come on. Damn it. Oh, Jesus. Come on. – Stay inside.
– Does she have a pulse? No. I’ll do chest compressions.
Breathe. And one, and two,
and three, and four… Come on, Lisa, breathe.
Breathe. And one, and two, and three,
and four, and five. – Breathe, damn it!
– Take over! One, two, three, four, five. Come on. Come on. Come on. – Detective.
– What!? Her pupils are fixed
and dilated. I’m sorry, there’s no use. All units, all units in position. Move, move, move! Second team.
Move into Bronco position. – Take around back.
– Roger that. Okay, watch your screens,
watch your screens. Secure the perimeter! Watch the windows. Turner! Help! Zulu Two,
are we clear? Maggie?
Maggie! Where is it? – I don’t know.
– I know you have it. It’s not here, but… We got movement upstairs. All units move into position. Keep your eyes
on the screen! Where is he? Where is he?
Where is he? I heard you talking to him.
Where is he? Get out of my way! Get upstairs. Clear out the room, now! Move! Go! They’re firing upstairs! Negative. Report, report! Negative.
Asserting perimeter. Civilians clearing through,
hold fire. Did we get him? Still waiting on confirmation. – Rollins!
– Had him, Colonel Bishop. – He was right here in front of us.
– Bishop, what’s happening? We’ll get him. I got nothing on my screen. Do you see?
I can’t see him! William? This whole thing was
a goddamn setup. You used her as bait. Our tactics were
necessary. I’m sorry. Now clear out and
let us do our job. I lost my partner in there,
you son of a bitch! Get out of here, now! Repeat fire. Grenade, grenade! What the hell’s going on? I can’t see a goddamn thing! Sweep downstairs. I got him, I got him! Target!
Take him out! Go, go! Come on. Go, go! Fuck! Plummer! Watkins!
We’ve lost containment. Get those Sky-Eyes
off the dime. Rollins! What the
hell happened? We lost the subject, sir. All units, fall back! Okay, come on. Go, go! What the hell
was that thing? What kind
of biologist are you? My partner is dead. He wanted you.
Not Lisa, you. I want answers. Look, I don’t know. I’m trying to understand
this myself. It doesn’t make any sense. All right. We’ll go to the station
and regroup. No, you can’t take me
to the police, you’re a cop. – He’ll know I’m there.
– You don’t have a choice. – Let go!
– Turner. Yeah, hey, dude,
it’s Lewis. – About your Bell Ranger…
– I’m not going to the cops! That tail number doesn’t show
up in any of our databases. Maybe you should go
get your eyes checked, dude. No shit. Bacon is murder. That’s right, people,
bacon is murder. That’s right! Breakfast kills.
Bacon is murder. Run! Excuse me! Keep going! This way! This way!
This way! Come on. Come on. I’m okay. Come on! Come on. Oh, shit. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Good Christ. Yeah, he just walked in.
Listen, I gotta call you back. – Are you okay?
– Yeah. We’re all pretty shaken
up around here. She was a good cop, Frank. Well, she was
a little more than that. Dr. Dalton, can I get you
anything? Some water, coffee? I need a laptop,
a secure landline, and some privacy
would be helpful. Can I talk to you
outside for a second? Yeah. Excuse us. These guys are fucking with us,
they know who did this. – Yeah.
– Yeah? Well, give the command,
we’ll go after him. I got cops
that wanna hit the streets, and run that shitbag down. But my orders are
to hold them back, and that means you too. What orders?
Whose orders, theirs? I know all about
taking bad orders, Tom. Well, keep your personal
beefs out of this, Frank. I’m not asking you
to plant evidence. When did you start bending
over for the big boys? I don’t even recognize
you anymore. You did what you could. – Now I need you to walk away.
– Walk away from what? Walk away from what? You know what’s out there,
don’t you? I know enough
to leave it alone. Look, we hold her
’til the Feds get here, we transfer custody,
and we’re home free. Yeah. Another case cleared, right? – We’re moving you to a holding cell.
– I’m sorry? Just ’til the Feds get here. The Feds? It’s for your own safety. All right, guys,
she’s all yours. This way. You might wanna
use the restroom before you go in there. Those holding cell toilets
can get pretty nasty, right? – It’s over there.
– You want me to take her? Sure. Keep walking.
You heard me, go. Now! Fast. Second floor. We’ll be right outside,
don’t try anything. ls that right? – Hey, Chesley?
– Yeah? You mind watching the head?
I gotta run back upstairs. You go on, then. We’ll
take it from here. Thanks. This way, this way.
Come on. – Why are you helping me?
– I wanna know why Lisa died. Now. What are you doing? Frank! Tell me everything you know,
or we’re going back. – I can’t go back there!
– But I can. It’s your call. Okay, okay! Okay. Here, put that on. – What’s happening?
– Get out. Look, he’s just
a cop, for Christ’s sake. Get me a fix on him now. We’ve got a 90-degree
swing around the lake. There’s no bridge,
until here. Which would put them
in this general vicinity. If Turner gets
Dalton to talk, it’s over… – …for all of us.
– He won’t, that’s a promise. Seattle patrol unit
has found a Mustang abandoned near Union Bay. Put Turner out over the
Net, and get his picture to the local TV stations. Yes, sir. How does someone like that
just slip out of our hands? You’ve really
outdone yourselves this time. Usually when you people make a
mess, at least you can see it. Thanks. Get down! We need assistance setting up a roadblock
at the 5th Street Bridge. Unit 23, please respond. Okay. Come on.
Get in, get in. – What are we doing?
– We gotta keep moving. if we stay in one place,
the cops will catch us. This is some rescue. I’m not doing this for you.
I need information. Okay, start talking. Five years ago, a team
of molecular biologists broke the code
for human invisibility. But the program was
scrapped, almost overnight. Why? All but two of the first team
were killed. Something went
seriously wrong. A year later, Reisner
started up again with covert funding
from the DOD. The operation was codenamed
Silent Knight, with a “K.” Cute. The idea was to create
the ultimate national security weapon, an
undetectable soldier. Reisner managed to reproduce
the original test results. Then he called me in
to correct the defects. There’s a flaw
in the invisibility code. The serum turns
human tissue invisible, but it also has
horrible side effects. Simply put, the serum allows
light to pass directly through us… – I–I was there, I believe you.
– Okay, but the radiation… Just–just tell me
about the guy. It damages your cells. Over time, it kills them.
– Skip the science lecture. Just tell me about him,
and make it simple. Okay. Dying test subjects, not good. So I developed a compound
called “the buffer”, to keep him alive. His name was Michael Griffin. He was Special Forces. He’d been in Afghanistan,
Iran, Iraq. How do you feel? I feel like I’m about to
blast off. I feel ready. Thanks, Doc,
for this opportunity. What’s your name? Dr. Dalton. Maggie. Maggie. Take good care of me, Maggie. How’s he doing? Blood pressure normal,
heart rate normal. Galvanic skin response
shows low stress. He’s smiling. Let’s do this. Reisner told me
our test went well. But when they gave him the
buffer a few days later, he suddenly died. Somehow the buffer
had failed. Of course, I blamed myself. I couldn’t see the truth. Reisner let me go,
but I couldn’t let go. I had to know
why the buffer failed. And tonight I found out. The buffer didn’t fail. They never gave it to him. It was all about making
the world a safer place. Yeah. Nice job. Tell Command there are checkpoints at every bridge
and road out of the city. If Turner and Dalton try
to leave Seattle tonight, we’ll catch them. It’s not just the cop we
have to worry about, you realize that. You’ve got an invisible
assassin out there fighting his own war. – And I’ll bring him in.
– You’ve lost control of him. Griffin’s always operated
on the edge of anarchy. When he goes into combat,
he goes deep, he goes black. So why the hell
would he listen to you? He’s still a soldier,
and I’m still his CO. Griffin cannot get the buffer. It’s that simple. Now you find him and end it. Like I said,
he won’t get to Dalton. Nothing happens to her.
Nothing that involves me. – Are we clear?
– We are. Wait here. You have nine new messages. To listen to your… Jesus, I saw it on TV.
Where are you? Does the ferry to Edmonds
still run at this hour? I don’t know. Hope you like canned tuna. – Bishop here.
– Dalton’s cell just went hot. How long ’til you get a fix? We’re triangulating now, sir,
should be less than a minute. I’ll be right here. Okay, so finish telling me
about this Michael Griffin guy. What else do you know
about him? Nothing, I only met him
a couple of times. Well, the guy’s a soldier. He’s held in high
regard, you knew that. Yeah. So they spent years training
him, millions on the program, why are they
trying to kill him? I have no idea, Turner. You know, you’re really
on the ball, Maggie. I’m surprised you weren’t
running the place. I was in research. The Department of Killing
must’ve been down the hall. Come on, you telling me the
whole time you were there, you didn’t ask
one single question? Look, I was doing something
bigger than myself. I was working
for national security. Well, how patriotic of you.
I feel so much more secure. So what now, genius? Take a left up there,
get on the interstate. In two hours we’ll be in
Oregon. He’ll never find us. That’s your big plan,
play hide and seek with the invisible guy? Without the buffer, the serum’s
attacking his organs. He can’t live
for more than a month. We’re not going anywhere.
That bastard killed my partner. I’m not–I’m not
turning my back on that. She was trying
to protect you. She might still be alive
if you’d told the truth. I got a message.
A couple of minutes ago. Great. You just turned yourself
into a tracking beacon. I was just trying to
call my sister, let her know that I’m okay. Who sent the message? Look, this guy’s been
texting me for months, ever since I started working
for Reisner. Little warnings.
Nothing specific. But he stopped, ’til now. Whoever it is must’ve known
about the attack on your house. Must be tracking you. Where are we going? 2058 Ludlow. Meet your pen pal. How do we know he’s not
one of the bad guys? We don’t. A lot of people
hate working nights, huh? Me, I don’t mind it at all. It’s quiet.
You can hear yourself think. You know what I mean? Oh, I know what you mean. I hate this place
more than you could know. Well, it’s not for everybody,
that’s for sure. No, it isn’t. That’s me. – Excuse me, ma’am.
– Yes? You know where I could
find Colonel Bishop? Uh, it’s the last
door on your left. Thank you. You have a nice voice.
That’s North Carolina, right? Hello? Cherry Point, ma’am. Then back trace her number. I want to know who
made that last call. Call me when you get a hit. Yeah, I checked it out,
man. You got a few winos on the nod, maybe a couple
homeless, that’s it. That’s it? Hey, hey, you sure?
Yeah, Scout’s honor, man. All right. Here. Anytime, Officer.
I love this undercover shit. Oh, wait. You know, you might wanna
use the back entrance. It smells better. – Bishop.
– We pulled the message, sir. – Who sent it?
– Caller’s ID was scrambled, it’s being decrypted
as we speak. But I have the text right
here, it should be coming up on your screen. What time was it sent? Agent Moore, hello?
You there? Michael? Is that you? Hey, I really am
sorry about all this. Well, for a second
there I thought I was actually forgiven. I know you’re tracking her. Tell me where she is. You don’t need Maggie Dalton.
I can get you the buffer. But you’ve gotta come back in.
You’ve gone too far. – Now why would I trust a traitor?
– What? You set me up.
You let them destroy me. Well, you can’t
be that naïve, Michael. We needed a fail-safe
to protect the integrity of the program. Liar! I saved you.
After what you did in Iraq. You saved me to be
a goddamn guinea pig. If it wasn’t
for this project, you’d have been
court-martialed for war crimes and boxed off
to Leavenworth! A pen? You stab me
with a goddamn pen? Well, you better hurry up. I’m coming to get you. I’m coming to get you,
Bishop. You’re a dead man! Let’s see what kind
of soldier you are. Load that gun, soldier! You lost it.
Lost sight of the enemy. I see the enemy
clearer than ever. They’re everywhere. Sometimes right
in front of you. Don’t you understand? I can go anywhere, see
anything, anyone. I’m with people when they
think they’re alone. Michael. I see what they do, I know what they’re thinking.
It disgusts me. They don’t deserve to live. I need to finish
our mission, Gavin, and you’re not gonna stop me. Ludlow. Here I come, Maggie. Thanks for the tip, Colonel. This is a bad idea. Let’s keep going. Wait. Hello? Excuse me,
Colonel Bishop, I just… You got my message. No light. No light. Oh, my God. Oh, wish you
hadn’t done that. Who are you? Timothy Laurents. But that’s just a name. Long since erased,
Dr. Dalton. Put your hands where
I can see them. I’m harmless. I have three rare cancers, any
number of failing organs, and a total
intolerance to light. Every day, I’m just
a little more dead, and a little more visible. Of course. There were others. There were three, actually. Number one lasted eight days. I’m number two.
And number three, well, I believe you’ve already met. What is it? It’s Colonel Bishop, sir. Jesus. Griffin. The serum vault. – The vault’s secure, sir.
– Good. – Clean this up.
– But, sir, I… I’ve got the chairman of the
House Science Committee coming here tomorrow. Clean it up. Operation Silent Knight was never about
national security. It was only
about political security. Here. Senator Paul Hayes. Died of acute asthmatic
asphyxiation on April 21 . His inhaler untouched
at his bedside. Wyatt Jennings. Ninth Circuit judge, broke his
neck falling down a staircase, surrounded by witnesses,
April 27. Clumsy feet. – Is that…
– Warren Eschenburg. Retired CIA
operations chief. Fell off his fishing boat
and drowned. May 3. He’s killing
their political enemies. But then why all of them? Well, then the victims
become more randomized. They’re just regular people. A soccer mom,
a truck driver, an investment banker,
a detective. All clustered in the Northwest,
in the last two weeks. He’s trying to cover up
his true agenda. I think that is
his true agenda. We have to end this. – Where’s the fire escape?
– Over there. South wall. Go ahead. Go. Go ahead.
It’s right over there. I got it, I got it.
Okay, go, go. Come on.
Go, go. I like you, Turner. In your own little nine-to-five
way, you are a true warrior. Just let it happen, buddy. Fuck me. It hurts to look
in the mirror, doesn’t it? Get in. – Where is he?
– I don’t know. And Laurents? I don’t know what to do. – I’ve hit a wall.
– How do we stop him? – I don’t know.
– You’re the cop. We gotta keep moving. What are we doing? I’m gonna take you to the
station, put you on a bus. Head someplace you’ve never
been, lay low for a few months. You should be okay. You’re not coming. You’ve given me
all the information I need. I can handle
the rest from here. You’re still gonna
go after Griffin? I have no choice. How are you
gonna find him? I haven’t quite
figured that part out yet. You know how to
use one of these? Yeah-ish. How are you gonna
protect yourself? I don’t know. People say I have a nice smile,
maybe that’ll help. I can get another gun,
Maggie. I wanna go to 24th and Main.
I have a contact at The Times. What, you think a bunch of
nerds with typewriters are gonna protect you
from Griffin? I’m not looking
for protection. – What are you looking for?
– To finish this. We get the word out, it’ll stop
Reisner from coming after us, and Griffin will be
the last of his kind. Once you go public, Griffin’s
gonna be coming right at you. I know. Why would you do that? Because I have no choice. You know, you keep this up, I
might change my mind about you. Don’t bother. I still think
you’re a big dumb cop. – But you do have a nice smile.
– Thanks. I just wanna call my sister
and tell her I’m okay. Sure. Investigators remain
at the scene of last night’s
police incident, and although there have been
no new details revealed regarding this case, law
enforcement officials are now requesting the
public’s assistance in tracking down
this individual. Frank Turner is considered
armed and dangerous. He is described as… Shut up! Shut up! Okay, I got a signal. Twenty seconds, then you pull
the battery, got it? Go. Heather. Heather? Who is this? It was Griffin.
He wants to meet. I save his life
or I lose my sister. I’m coming with you.
Let’s go. No, no. He said, anyone shows
up but me, Heather dies. You think he’s gonna let you
go, the both of you? I don’t know,
but I have to try. We have to try.
Where do you get the buffer? I have to make it myself. U-Dub has a decent lab.
I can get in there. Where does he wanna meet? Maggie,
you can’t do it alone. Where does he wanna meet? He just said to be at the
King County Terminal at 7:00. Your attention, please. Northwest Flyer
with service to Spokane, now departing, track 11.
All aboard. All right, let’s go there. Let’s go. Yeah. Investigators remain at the scene of last night’s
police incident. Law enforcement officials are
now focusing their attention in different areas… From my understanding, investigators are focusing
on one of their own, a Seattle police detective. Frank Turner is considered
armed and dangerous. Shit. Police are urging anyone
who may have seen him… Heather.
No, Maggie, no. Where is he? It’s okay. Go. Got you. Heather, go. Go! No! Go! Hello. The light burns.
It’s worse than ever. Do everything I say,
or I’m gonna walk out of here and kill your sister
right now. Take off your clothes.
What? Why?
Oh, please, just do it! Michael, let’s just go. I can make… Now! We’ve got a visual
on the subject. Now for the last time, strip. That’s it. You know, I’ve always
liked you, Doc. Don’t let him
out of your sight. That’s our guy. Excuse me, you know
what time it is? My name’s
Detective Frank Turner. – I’m here with your sister.
– No… I need to know
where she is. – Just stay away from me.
– Listen to me. Everything’s going to be okay.
I’m here to help. – No, I’ll scream.
– Heather. Do not let Seattle PD
take Turner into custody, do you understand me? Listen, you do whatever
it takes. I’m almost there. Shirt, pants, underwear,
the whole enchilada. Is everything okay? Perfect. Perfect, thanks. Good.
That’s what we like to hear. Well done. Keep going. Now tell me where they are.
Please. In the store?
In the store? Wait here. We got a runner.
I need backup. Maggie? Times up, Maggie. We’re walking out
of here together. Now you get a taste
of your own medicine. No, no, girl,
don’t scream. Fuck you! I told you to come alone! Pain in the ass! Run! Heather, run, run! No! Let go. Heather! Put the gun down. Oh! Oh my God! Wait, wait, wait, don’t–
don’t shoot. Don’t shoot. You don’t understand.
I’m a cop. Help me! Somebody! No! Help me! Inside. Let’s go! Come on, move, move! Okay, I’m gonna
put it down, slow. Hold it right there. We got him. Just back off. Hold your fucking fire! Repeat, all units,
hold your fire! Hold your fire! Get another team around the
back! He’s got nowhere to go! Out of the way. Move.
Go, go! Talk to me. Turner’s in the bag. SWAT’s breaching the
security gate as we speak. What about Dalton
and Griffin? We don’t know
if they’re still inside, sir. What do you mean,
you don’t know? Things are very fluid, sir. Turner, we know who you are. Just come on out. Do you have a plan to resolve
this fucking situation or not? Stay the hell
out of my way. Shit. No, no, wait.
Wait! You need me. I can call the Institute
and have the buffer here in 10 minutes. Listen, listen carefully. This program can go on.
I’ll make you a partner. Working together
for a greater purpose. The cop’s taken care of,
Michael, it’s just us now. I’m not Michael. Turner? You won’t shoot me. How do you know?
Can you see it in my eyes? Yeah, just back away,
that’s what you do best. These clothes are for burn patients. They’ll protect you
from the light until the buffer kicks in. How long will it take? You should feel relief soon. Give me your arm.
You first. Half for you,
half for me. I can’t be certain it’ll work
without a full dose. Let’s give it a shot,
shall we? Not that
I don’t trust you. No, I don’t trust you.
Come on. There you go.
Good girl. Just give it a second. I booked this room on my
expired student pass code, so whatever decision
you intend to make, I suggest you make it quickly. All right, I’m ready. I won’t need this
again, will I? No, this will do it. Still. There’s the vein,
right there. Right there. Oh, good. Yeah. You are a true hero, Maggie.
Just like me. Okay, you got
what you wanted. Perfection. How many people in their
lifetime get to achieve it? Perfect husband,
perfect father, citizen. I am none of these things,
but I am the perfect weapon, and you perfected me. I can get this close to
people without them ever knowing I’m there. I’m sorry, Maggie. Very clever!
Very clever, Maggie! You’re a spirited little minx,
you know that? Come on, Maggie,
what are you running for? Don’t you get it? Come on there, Maggie! Come on, honey! I’m gonna get you. Come on,
why are you running, honey? I’m just gonna
find you later, take off all my clothes,
and catch you. What… Who’s there? Guess who? Frank! Maggie.
What did you do, Maggie? Oh, shit. Turner? Frank? Oh, shit. Maggie, get inside. Turner, he’s right behind you! I got you, Turner. Turner! I got you. Son of a bitch. Watch out! You’re finished! You really are a
pain in the ass! Let him go. Let him go. – Turner?
– You son of a bitch. Frank? There’s nowhere
left to run, Maggie. What’d you do to me? What was in that vial,
Maggie? Rat poison. Rat poison? That’s just great. Great! You stupid woman. You killed yourself, too. Warfarin, C19-H1 6-O4. Your blood thins out,
your heart speeds up. You’re hemorrhaging. I distinctly remember telling
you to take good care of me. You did a real shitty job. Do you feel it yet, Turner? What it does to you? Not yet. Now I do. There’s still no sign of him. Don’t worry. He’ll come find me. He has to.

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