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– Hello, friends. Becoming a movie star is difficult, just ask any waiter here in Los Angeles, but for the follically-challenged, it can be an even more daunting
task than it already is. While Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham command significant box office clout, the majority of box office films, particularly big-budget, summer tentpoles, are led by men with impressive coifs atop their pretty heads. This week on Heat Vision breakdown, we take a look at films
starring bald leading men and examine why it’s such
a rarity in Hollywood. (pop music)
(flame roars) Let’s get this out of the
way right off the bat. There are absolutely bald movie stars. Dwayne Johnson is the highest-paid
actor on earth right now, while Jason Statham may have
never had hair, like, ever, but is still one of the sexiest dudes to ever walk the planet and
a major box office draw. Bruce Willis losing his locks only served to make him
an even bigger bad-ass, and Vin Diesel films where
the star rocks a bare dome have grossed significantly more
than ones where he has hair. Ever heard of 2006’s Find Me Guilty? Didn’t think so. Maybe you did, I don’t know. That said, there is no denying that the majority of movie
stars have full heads of hair. Don’t believe me? Well, first off, how dare you? Second, I brought receipts
and did the research. In the last four decades,
only 20 total films of the 10 top-grossing
movies from each year starred a balding or bald man. And even then, the data can be skewed by bald actors wearing hairpieces or actors who voluntarily
shave their heads. This, of course, excludes
Despicable Me’s Gru and Shrek from the Shrek movies. – Ogres are like onions.
(Donkey sniffs) The Rock and Statham
obviously buck this trend, as both are bona fide, proven movie stars, so it’s not much of a gamble to team them up in their own spinoff film from a franchise that has been making bank with a bald leading man,
already, for nearly two decades. Still, it is rare to have a
project with two bald dudes as the leads.
– Breaking Bad? Come on, Dean Norris? – No!
– Hank? – All right, well, Dean Norris, yes, but technically, Bryan Cranston does have hair–
(bell dings) he just shaved it. Also Aaron Paul, full head of hair. – Okay, you’re right. Dude, Glass, so many
bald dudes in that movie. – All right, yeah, kinda, except James McAvoy isn’t bald, he just shaved his head. And Sam Jackson, who is
bald, is wearing a wig. – So you’re right and I’m wrong? – Yes.
– I quit! – Actually, let’s talk
about Sam Jackson a bit. He’s the highest-grossing
actor of all-time, having appeared in over 100 films, many of which were installments in incredibly popular franchises. Honestly, when you’re part
of the MCU and Star Wars, the numbers kind of start to pile up. Over the years, Jackson
has appeared on-screen with pretty much every ‘do imaginable, from a full head of
hair to a receding look, to a full-blown shaved head. Oddly enough, in 1995, he starred in Die Hard with a Vengeance alongside fellow balding
actor Bruce Willis. The receding hairlines
of both stars in the film did nothing to slow it down, as it’s the second highest-grossing film in the series, worldwide, only trailing behind 2007’s
Live Free or Die Hard, the one with Justin Long. I don’t get it, either. (car dings)
– Thank you, Dolores. – Willis is no slouch himself. One of the most recognizable
faces in the world, Bruce really got his start on
the 1980s sitcom Moonlighting. While he certainly had hair
during the run of the show, he was already showing signs of male-pattern baldness at the time. Director John McTiernan
didn’t mind at all, and neither did audiences, as Willis turned in a
star-making performance in 1988’s Die Hard and never looked back. He’s been a movie star ever
since, hairline be damned. Outside of the movie star realm, there are also a number
of notable prestige actors who don’t happen to have hair. Oscar winner Yul Brynner was one of the most respected
performers of his era. Ben Kingsley has been
nominated for four Oscars, won one, has a career that
spans five decades, and oh yeah, he was knighted. Have you done that, Alec Baldwin, no. Patrick Stewart, also knighted, started going bald at 19, and is one of the rare bald
blockbuster movie stars who isn’t a tough guy like
The Rock or Jason Statham. He plays characters known
for their intellect. He’s also the rare star to
embrace male-pattern baldness, rather than shave his head completely. At least when he’s playing Jean-Luc Picard rather than Professor X. Still, there’s a stigma. Actors are skittish of losing locks. Matthew McConaughey has famously been open about his routine for
keeping his blonde curls, while Ashton Kutcher
revealed on Conan in 2018 that he has been taking hair loss drug Finasteride for years. Heck, even Captain America
himself, Chris Evans, has been open about his
struggles with hair loss. There may not be a large amount of bald or balding movie stars, but
that doesn’t mean there are none or that would-be actors who may not have Brad Pitt’s
hairline should give up hope. Being as buff as The Rock or
Statham certainly doesn’t hurt. Neither does having the
acting chops of Kingsley or the charisma of Jackson, but there’s no doubt that
it’s a bit of a steeper climb to the A-list for bald actors, at least when it comes to blockbusters. We’re likely not gonna see
a balding Mr. Fantastic or Wolverine any time soon, but we will see a bald supervillain in Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming Black Adam. Baby steps, but really, I’m just hoping for a
One-Punch Man movie, do it. So what do you guys think? Did
I leave out any bald actors that you’d like to talk about? Let us know in the
comments right down there. Don’t forget to subscribe and join us here every Friday morning for new episodes of Heat Vision breakdown. Did Jason Statham ever have hair? (pop music)

11 thoughts on “‘Hobbs & Shaw’ & The Rise of Bald Movie Stars | Heat Vision

  1. To be honest, the sentiment of this video is great; Bald guys CAN be big movie stars. But unfortunately the douche presenting it just kept going over balding men, receding hairlines and follicle impairment. Dude, it’s 2019, baldness isn’t a big thing – unless you’re jealous, insecure about your position in society or just a dick!

  2. I saw the movie.
    If your thinking of watching in theatre.
    I'll do you a favor by saying don't.
    It sucked.
    really it did dont.

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