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Akshi, Get up!!! 5 minutes You won’t listen to me Shiv !!! Good morning It’s our 250th week today Oh!! It feels like 2nd week for me Thats my magic !!! OK, I have to leave now. Stay for few more mins Its already late, everyone is waiting for me, I will come home early in the evening, Bye Ok, Love you, bye Whats the matter??, you are seriously thinking about something?? A new neighbor has moved in, did you check her? No, you would have seen her and definitely You would have spoken with her.. No, I did not talk yet, I am thinking about her only. I have to speak to her soon Oh, What are you about to speak? Do whatever you wish to..but don’t get into trouble What happened to your attempts talking to her? I tried a couple of times, It did not workout mmm, is she that tough?? ok, I guess you have to help me out now Help ??? I can do…but whats in it for me? Ask me what you want mmm.. I will ask something big later! But for now,tell me a joke and make me laugh , I will help you then Sure First tell me the joke joke err.. you are a waste fellow..who can laugh for this enough enough , ok we will go meet her tomorrow morning ok? Hi I’m Akshi and this is my husband Shiv. We live next door come in have it, please Shiv was trying to speak to you Oh, generally I don’t talk to strangers easily, what’s it all about? He wants to gift you something Gift?? for me?? what gift?? Shiv, go get that A friend for your bird vow, so cute, nice of you what’s her name? she is Mango here’s your Tango welcome home Tango !!!

28 thoughts on “HEY – Part 2 | New Romantic Tamil love Story Short Film 2019 | Uthra Vaishnavi | Love Short Film

  1. Nice da!!! But real Wife kuda reel wife!!!! Amazing!!! 👌😀
    Nice Mango!!! Tango!!! Bango!!!Gango!!!! …Enjoy😜😂👌👍🏻

  2. Ada saema ana indha madhiri understanding itukuma unmaiyalumae apdi irundhalum avan unmaiya vae kadaisi varaikum unmaiya irupana ana aenaku avan avata adha share pannadhu kolandhathanama irundhichi super ponga

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