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Would you please pick that up? It’s Sheela. It’s not happening, Hearty. She’s only wasting her time
by bothering me about this But you know him so well! So? Firstly, I am least bothered
about your church affairs I’m not asking you to be interested! See.. Do this as a favour for me! Yes, I have met him. Maybe a couple of times. But those were in an official context! I can’t just ask him to inaugurate
my wife’s church program. Why would skip your
breakfast over this? I’m late for work.’s like.. …everything seems easy when
you’re sitting at home. You want something.. ask it and you get it. The real world is a lot more complex. One has to wear a lot of masks. (Sheela:) As if your husband is
the only big shot around here! We know people too! But that is not what worries me now. We don’t have anyone yet for the
above-40 English extempore competition I thought Pushpa was participating. She’s overage now Not that it matters. Our muncipality councilor
wins it every year – Rani?
– Yes. Rani Antony. But we got to send someone anyway! She’s that good? Oh yes! Haven’t you seen her on TV? She’s is so eloquent, both
in English and Malayalam. Why don’t you give it a try then? It’ll be great if you win. Really? (!) Why don’t
you give it a try then? (stammering) me? I’m not entirely joking I am participating in recitation You are jobless here. Well.. So what? Do you remember all the
prizes you won in school? It’s not the same, mom! She’s a public figure. She makes speeches everyday! And I am terribly out of touch. That’ll come once you start practicing. I’m not sure about this, mom. Listen to me. Forget everything else and
go register your name! Maybe if I had someone to
write the speech for me.. Like who? – Shall we go?
– Yes! Oh you’re still in training! I’m an expert now! -Sure you are (!) Mum, listen.. I’m famished. Can we have street food, dad? Can we not? It’s already late. – So?
– I’ve prepared dinner at home We don’t do this everyday! Ok, done! Street food it is! (car honking) So? Did you bring it? Bring what? Isn’t that my speech in the file? Your speech? I messaged you about it. Oh, no. I totally forgot about it. But you promised me! I was busy with my exams.
I’m so sorry. The competition is just two weeks away now I’ll do it for you. Right. Why take this car to
bring just two sacks? Yeah. Blame it on me now. I would have brought these
in a scooter if we had one. Look at us now. Accident! dent on the car! You drive as if there is no
other vehicle on the road. Ha! You’re supposed to keep an elephant’s
distance from the vehicle in front How is it my fault that
he didn’t know that! Right! That was when there
were four cars in total People run for cover if
they see you driving now. What’s so funny? Just some funny video. She keeps sending these. How’s Hearty doing? There is some extempore
competition in her church. She’s busy with that now. Yeah? She was always good at those. When is she coming home? Why don’t you ask your brother? This is pointless. I have absolutely zero confidence. Will there be a lot
of people watching? There are a few other competitions that day But I dont think there will
be a lot of people. Why? What if I mess up? Don’t worry about that. I don’t know. Forget it if you’re that scared. It isn’t a big deal. It’s not just that. I want to do something
worthwhile with my life. Not to prove it to anyone. Just so that I feel good about myself. I feel so useless. If you’re that angry.. ..why is our house
still named after her? Ha! What is the point in doing that? I’m not justifying her. It’s just that.. I am adament! I agree. It’s not like I asked her
not come and visit us. Did I? I didn’t teach her to be
a glorified house wife.. for her big shot husband. Her classmates, even the ones
half as talented as her.. are all successful today. It was all her choice. And who lost finally? Me? Hari? Did you think about it? The competition? Yeah? Way too busy, darling. I’ll tell you the topic! Stop pestering me, Hearty. This is not something
I can spoon feed you. Just this one time. please. This is very important to me. Hearty, do you know how many
hours I work a day? Okay… Pretend I did write a speech for you Do you think you’d be able to simply
overcome the barrier of you language? The woman you told me about.. Rani? You said she studied in that fancy school.. The gap between someone like that and someone like you.. that’s not something my
writing alone can fill! You cannot become an expert in a day! If you were that interested, why didn’t you
just sign up for the Malayalam extempore On top of all that you
sound so childish! I’m not trying to dishearten you. But you have to accept
some things in life. There are times when your
language becomes a handicap. There is no point being stubborn here. I think I was 4 when Papa’s went broke. We lost our house. The house where we stay now.. …we moved there when Papa left for Dubai. He didn’t speak English back then He struggled a lot. But he never gave up. He persisted. Slowly learned the language. Once, when he was home on leave, I asked him for something. To write me a letter once he gets back… …and mail it to my school. It was a small village school. It is a big deal when you get
a letter addressed to you In a few days, I got the letter Addressed to me. “Dear Hearty, how are you?” With Love, Papa. I’m sure.. It was his handwriting. Do you think my the handicap of language
matters as much as this. It’s Christmas. And its just us. Are you listening to me? Hmm. It’s suffocating to be
in that house sometimes. What do we have left to live for? Everybody needs something
to look forward to. Listen, can you get me a
packet of ice cream too? It’s not healthy! Come on! Hearty? With my limited Christian knowledge,
I’ve managed to write something. I don’t know if this will
be of any use to you Just go through it and see. Sorry. Good morning, dear friends… … I am here to share with
you, my views on the topic mutual respect in family life. “And the gods said to him.. Thou shall leave thy house and parents and join with thy wife From now on, you are one” Sounds great, mom! I heard you talking about some
competition Hearty’s taking part in.. What is it? Some elocution competition in her church. Hearty? “but in faith and love” The tank’s overflowing.
Which one is the switch? Yeah? The tank’s overflowing.
Which one is the switch? Thank yoU! Did I do okay? It was great! Do I still stutter? Everything is great now.
You’re doing so well! Hari? Mm? What will you get me if
I win this competition? What do you want me to get you? I’ll tell you when I win! Okay.. What are you looking for? Where’s last month’s tax reciept? It must in there somewhere! I’ll help you look No no…I got it! It was when Hearty was
preparing for her degree exams .. You had gone to your house then.. Priest: George! How’s it going? Here’s your reciept. One night she comes to me and says ..”Pappa, there’s a tree
sprouting in my stomach.. ..I need to have fish fry right now!” She was scared, I guess. Father, I need you to pray for something. We had just bought our car then. We set off…took Kochumon along too. We somehow got fish from
somewhere, fried it and ate. She was so smarti But she’s a little scared. She woulnd’t leave my sight
until I return after my leave Twenty years.. My child.. My sweet child. I just hope she wins today! (announcement) The elocution
for parents will begin shortly (announcement) Please head to
St Theresa’s Hall immediately Here’s your chest number… -Stay with me!
-Just be confident. All the best! Can I please have your attention The English extempore for
mothers will begin now! THere are 8 participants. Make sure you have your chest numbers! The bell will go in 5 minutes. Please come and pick a
card to get your positions. (bell rings) It wasn’t the topic I prepared for. “How to find real happiness
in life” was the topic I got But I managed somehow! Sheela’s gone to ask the results. She’s here. yeah…I’ll call you I spoke to the Sister. She said you were brilliant! You really were.. But you had just two weeks to prepare So obviously it wasn’t perfect. Don’t be discouraged. You
will win this next time! -Are you sad?
– No, I’m fine! I have my recitation competition.
I’ll be back in 5 minutes. Don’t worry about me. (phone rings) Mom? It’s Pappa. Where are you now? I’m at the school. How did the competition go? I spoke well.
But I did not win anything. That is okay. You tried.
That is all that matters. I will definitely will next time! That’s the spirit! Do you get any certificates for this? There’s one for participation. Good. Don’t take anything lightly! You should go get it! And…take a photo of that
and send to mom’s phone. How will you go back home? Hari will come pick me up. Oh…alright then..

99 thoughts on “Hearty’s Day Out | Award Winning Malayalam Short Film With Subtitles | Vivek Joseph Varughese | HD

  1. Mannnn…. nothing to say… really happy and proud👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

  2. ഫീൽ ഗുഡ്…❤️കണ്ണു നിറഞ്ഞു… 😍
    14.44 ടു 15.14 വരെയുള്ള സീൻ… 💞

  3. Oru nalla theme…nyc presentation… Artists just rocked!…especially the leading female character… awesome performance 👍…. Good job director. Good luck!

  4. ഇതുപോലുള്ള കൃത്യമായ രാഷ്ട്രീയം പറയുന്ന ഫിലിം മേക്കേഴ്‌സ് മുഖ്യധാരാ സിനിമയിലേക്ക് ധൈര്യ പൂർവ്വം കടന്നു വരേണ്ടതുണ്ട്.

    ഒരു നല്ല ടീമിന്റെയും സംവിധായകന്റെയും സിനിമ.
    ആദ്യത്തെ വർക്കിൽ നിന്നും രണ്ടാമത്തേതിൽ വരുമ്പോഴുള്ള ക്വാളിറ്റി ഡെവലൊപ്മെന്റ് വ്യക്തം.

  5. Really felt good after watching this…
    Hearty is a representative of many women whose talents rusted when contained to the four walls of a house…
    Well done crew….
    Really liked the way the dialogues were written and delivered.
    Actors and Director 👌👌👌👍👍👍

  6. കണ്ടു തീർന്നപ്പോ പറയാൻ പറ്റാത്ത ഒരു തരം ഫീലിംഗ് മനസ്സിൽ..❤️✌️

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  8. Superb….Really superb!Hats off to the entire crew..Reina… U r amazing..all the artists…Direction.. script.. each dialogue…👌❤

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