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100 thoughts on “Harriet Movie REVIEW

  1. While blk people are running to see this film, the DOJ will stand before the Supreme Court in November to try and abolish the first Civil Rights law of 1866. Kiss free enterprise goodbye for blk folk. Check out Byron Allens video on the breakfast club for more information.

  2. literally the only positive review of this movie i've seen to each their own but I'm going to pass on this BS movie version of such a legendary American Icon

  3. I think white people and Africans should go see it not the American negro.american negro stand strong and don’t accept peoples who sold you into slavery…”and still talking shit till this day”

  4. So I hear the black man is the real villain and gets killed but the slavemaster ends up being some sort of a hero. Is that true?

  5. There is a lot a acrimony about this movie in African American community (ADOS). First the casting of Erivo ( look up Nigerian "Akata" slave owners ) and then that Comcast financed this production. Comcast is currently trying to weaken a law that has helped many black business owners. This movie is just a causality, many in the community are calling for a boycott.

  6. If you like it…therefore it must be rubbish, by rubbish I mean it must be something that appeases whites – i.e a black villain in a movie about slavery.

  7. This movie exalts a white slave master to heroic status. I hope my fellow Black Americans do not support this propagandistic dribble.

  8. Grace, you need to question yourself why do you like this movie and not Watchmen? this movie makes certain people feel superior.

  9. I plan to watch it, is historically important I hope that they do not overlap the history already important with modern biases.

  10. Lol. This movie was hot garbage. Mid-summer, back of wet bums butt awful. The people who like this movie probably now nothing at all about Harriet, real Black History, or it's impact on today. Jeez, how vapid.

  11. ‘Harriet’ has a black bounty hunter serving as the primary antagonist. We have been unable to locate such a figure in the historical record of Harriet’s life. Disappointing.

  12. Of course you would like this movie! Shows how much you know about American history…your favorite part is probably the slave owner loving Harriet

  13. This is a serious rewriting of history most of the characters never existed & free black men were not bounty hunters. I hope this movie never see's any classroom, just a trash bin!

  14. Look, I find it hard to believe that anyone would want a actress that HAS FULL Distain for their community to then turn around a play such an iconic role… get real people.

  15. This fucking movie is an abomination. This is a work of fiction. She was never famous, she was infamous. Fictional characters and fictional plotlines. If white people Like it, you know it's Bad for Black people, historically!

  16. Hold up, wait? The villain in Harriet is a Black Man? One of the few American blacks in the movie though(I swear I've heard you say" representation is important." I guess that's just a tagline)? Did you just say they gave her powers? And the lead actress uses to talk down to American black ppl on twitter.I smell the hijacking of a culture in progress. And you telling people to go see this, you must be a part of it. SHAME smh

  17. "The Color Purple" "If Can Do Bad By Myself" and now "Harriet" What do these 3 films have in common? ALL films are anti Black American Male. 💔

  18. Girl. You lost me on this one and that never happens. This movie shit all over her legacy and told us it was chocolate. She deserves so much better then what this movie gave her.

  19. Talk To Me and Eves Bayou are both fucking great films!!! Nowhere close to Tyler Perry, not even in the same zip code. Shit, not even in the same city!

  20. Will never support this white-wash. If anybody reccomends this film, you truly dont understand. Grace I wanna be disappointed with you but you are just like the other white folk who really dont understand black people in this country. Your comparison of her films to Tyler Perry films shows even more of your lack of understanding of black people in this country. There is no justification for this movie at all.

  21. I disagree with this movie being played in schools (kind of). This movie has a very big use of the n word, which you can't just show kids unless they understand not to use it.

  22. Grace I have the up most respect for your critique of Movies but I can't get behind your support for this Movie "Harriet". I know you won't understand but African Americans are sick of the Hollywoodzation (Not a word but) of that period. Historically none of the black people that were suppose to be her friends in the movie existed but the worst than that is the made up BLACK BOUNTY HUNTER whose life mission was to capture Harriet is excuse the word BULLSHIT!!! and people watching this movie will believe that crap is true.  We ALL Walked out of it and will tell anyone don't support this movie because it makes a mockery of History

  23. Who is this white woman, and why is she discussing the movie in which her ancestors raped, tortured and murdered Negros. Why would any minority listen to you, shut ip

  24. So the villain of the movie is a black Man U would love this movie tho enitt no blacks are going to see this movie it’s a bunch of shit

  25. Correction… Joan of arc lead one of the first French assaults against the English in 1422 during the 100 year war….

  26. All I can say is as long as Harriet Tubman doesn't replace Alexander Hamilton on the 10 dollar bill I'm fine

  27. The movie is trash. How can you have a slave movie with the villain being a black Male slave??? And white people and the savoir??? NON A.D.O.S. playing the lead role???
    I hope they never play this is schools. That would be so disrespectful.

  28. for "Feminism" lmao. the black man is the enemy and her slave master feels bad and spares her. keep letting these jews tell your history.

  29. Yes give Comcast your money to take your Civil rights. And keep disrespecting the family who are completely against this movie

  30. The movie was trash. Fuck your white money. She was a hero and they couldn't catch her to string her up in life so they used this "biopic" to lynch her legacy.

  31. you know when a large number of white people ENJOY a movie about a slave doing anything other than being a slave, the movie is trash. Where was all this love for Birth of a Nation?

  32. This movie made slavery look like strenuous "landscaping" and it waters down the mistreatment of human beings who were kidnapped from Africa. A Woman Called Moses was a better depiction. Even the depiction of the trek from the South to the North made it look like a long walk thru the park. SEE A Woman Called Moses from 1978 for a less "White washed" view of salvery.

  33. The only thing that bothered me was the vision thing. But other than that i LOVED that movie and cant wait to see it again. 🥰🥰

  34. Comparing the actor who plays the villian to Leo, Richman and Fasbender isn't fair to the actor. Those three are all hall of fame actors

  35. I'll definitely watch it. I don't mind the inclusion of visions as this was a highly religious and turbulent. With the abolitionist and counter-abolitionist movement came a strong religious awakening. This was also a time when the first wave of feminism was going on so, judging from your review and trailers, this approach seems to be very much on point with what's going on in the period.

  36. This white female wants people to see this movie because it paints white people in a good light and the black man in a bad light …. she's pushing white supremacy

  37. You really don't know how this movie is VERY problematic to the African American community do you? I can't really like u as much as I use to

  38. This movie is full of slights to Black Americans…from the choice of actress…to the fictional narrative….to the birth of a nation undertones of a black male villain and a white plantation owner who 'saves' Harriet from the ''evil'' black male….same ole hollywood….not getting my money.

  39. This movie was a pile of hot garbage. It was mostly inaccurate and should NEVER be showed in any school. Congrats, my opinion of you, Grace, has dropped completely. I'm just to going to stop there, wow…just wow……

  40. Oh yeah and I really do not care if there is never a black movie again if it is not accurate and depicts us in a bad light f*** it!

  41. In one scene Bigger Longs partner Walter is shown wearing a dress for no narrative reason! @ Confirmed @ Kasi Lemmons

  42. In one scene Bigger Longs partner Walter is shown wearing a dress for no narrative reason! @ Confirmed @ Kasi Lemmons


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