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100 thoughts on “Halsey – Nightmare

  1. the song: makes me wanna stand up to all the dicks on the bus who pick on me cause i'm the only 7th grader in the neighborhood
    the video: makes me gayer

  2. I used to work in this small office (building shared by multiple companies) right next to windows looking into the hallway and once this random ass dude saw me, tapped on the window, and told me to smile. When I just stared at him, he tried to COME INTO THE OFFICE. Thankfully, we kept the door locked. But he aggressively told me to smile again with his hand on the doorknob and I was freaked out so I did. Then I called out to my coworker in another room and he booked it out of there when he realized I wasn't alone.

    Every time I hear this song I remember this and get mad again

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  5. Yet Miley is wild 🙄. America is KRay. Anyway Hasley this is lovely.

    *So many actresses in this.

  6. Fuck I love this song 🙂 I saw her preform this for the first time at the armory in Minnesota and this song will forever be in my heart. ♥️♥️♥️

  7. OMG these are tramps,totally embarrassing .WTF? is Debbie Harry doing lowering herself by being in this stinking vid.

  8. No you literally owe me money! Clementine! My lyrics. "I don't need anyone I just need everyone!" Where the fuck did you get me lyrics and where's my money? I love you honey. Let's make a duet.

  9. I covered an acoustic version of this on guitar if anyone wants to peep it 😉 It's a little softer than this but I love Halsey and wanted to pay tribute 🙂

  10. Is it wierd my eyes turn red when I’m mad when I’m happy they turn blue anyone can tell me why???

    My doctor said that I’m very but VERY rare he said there was only two humans in the world that have my power me and a mother person

    Someone please tell how to get it away from my body each night I feel sick I need a doctor I’ve had

    Sergery and it doesn’t work it hurts help me☹️😕😫😓😔

  11. Well I love Halsey so much she just convey how women should br treated,not some stereotypical cute person that loves rainbows and works as a housewife but also independent,strong,rash and literally what they wish to be. Also how come she rocks men clothing better than men

  12. Прекрасная работа! Девочки здесь все красивые💖неожидала увидеть Кару😍

  13. Do you notice the outfits and the shoes of Halsey ? We can find them on

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