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This MA Programme is really tailored towards tomorrow’s storytellers. The reality is that the industry has changed a lot There aren’t as many gatekeepers as there were twenty, thirty years ago or even ten years ago. A feel at this school, there’s a lot more freedom to explore uncharterd territories and to get feedback from people who have been at all different kinds of institutions all different kinds of organizations different ways of working and from all other the world that it, just offers more flexibility. Our Masters Programme is basically a sandboxwhere you bring in your creative ideayour idea for a project, or piece of researchor it could be an idea for a company you want to launchor it could be a feature film script or a web series, or almost anything film related that you want to bring to the table and then the sandbox that we provide has the opportunities for you to gain the mentorship it could be to gain crew from the other courses to the facilities obviously that we offer, to support you in bringing that project through to completion My MFA, I did it at an academic institutionand it was very much based in the instututionand I found, actually a lot of resistance with the work I was trying to do because a lot of my kind of work is based on Queer identity and even though I had professors who were Queer themselves They didn’t think that was enough.There’s work that I say you that you have to doand work that you want to doThe work that you have to do, is often the work thatpays your bills The work that you want to do, which is if you want to do a web series you want to, make a comic book, you want to make another film, on top of a different project you’ve made and that’s the hardest balance, deciding anything and I feel like the advantage of coming to an M.A Programme is that you can accompolish that, but with support You’ve got VFX you’ve got the Screen Actors you’ve even have the Alumni Network that we can easily reach from former students who are actors now former students who are professional filmmakers So it gives you so much room for collaboration both within and with outside of the school and Berlin itself, is already a massive creative network where if you’re interested in, involving dancers VJs, DJs There’s so many artists in this city that you can’t help but be inspired and so, this facility, this school is just a great catalyst for all of that to take place.

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