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Orange warnings have been issued
for a heatwave hitting 66 councils in the west, the center, and all the way up to Alsace
and the Hauts-de-France where it will be partly cloudy… Mom, are you there? Mom? Mom! Bye forever! RAIN, RAIN, RUN AWAY Are you coming? What for? To run away. Wait! Wait for me! Why are we running away? ‘Cause my parents are always doing it. – How do you know?
– I’ve seen them. Liar. It’s true! Whatever. Coming? If you want,
Grandma and I can adopt you. Why not? I don’t want to!
You don’t even have real parents. Come on, hurry up! Boubou? Boubou, where are you? You’re the prisoner of the hut. I shot you! I got you! Boubou, I had the nuclear bomb! Fine!
But I didn’t throw a nuclear bomb. It was mine, so it doesn’t count. You’re so annoying! Bastard! Go crying to your grandma! Shut up,
you and your perverted family! Shut up! You were found in a dumpster,
so shut it! Perverts! Shut up! Perverts! Shut up! Shut up! My side, your side! Let’s do something. I’m bored. Come on, let’s make up. We have to go now! Come on, now! Let’s go! Come on, it’s too dangerous! Alright, you can put me down now. – Are you OK?
– Yes. Children! Shit, my parents! Boubou! Dani! Subtitling TITRAFILM

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