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What a year, hey folks? Alright, enough of that! Get me to Christmas already. It’s Christmas! We don’t have to eat rabbit food for breakfast anymore. Gingerbread! Doesn’t matter what time I wake up. Uncle Tim’s even agreed not
to talk about politics for the whole day! Less of us have been gobbled this year! CHEERING We haven’t moved for three series! I don’t even know what day it is. And I get to be a kid again! Come on, it’s starting! Incoming!

33 thoughts on “Graham Norton unleashes #XmasLife | BBC One Christmas Film 2019

  1. – Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz
    Ah, yes, to add to the mindless British Christmas sentiment this video is trying to portray in split-second framing techniques, we also have a more gospel edition of a song that LITERALLY has the phrase "feel good" in its name playing in the background.
    This type of high-class sentiment is typical and pathetic.

  2. Well, there's clearly been something called creativity put into it. I wonder how much there is with the main Oneness idents? Oh yeah, that's right…


  3. Only white guy in this video is displayed negatively for 'talking politics'. He can't express any concern about this though, that would be 'talking politics' which is forbidden.

  4. No whites allowed. That's okay, I never watch BBC anyway. I am white, straight, male, middle aged, I am never represented on the BBC, so never watch it.

  5. Too odd for my liking. Then again it IS the BBC (Broken Biscuit Company ) … Collective Asshat-ery on a grand scale

  6. 0:33 You, the ones with 'English' in your name, can't even get your own propaganda correct?!? It clearly – as even most school children could tell you – should be "fewer of us…." Or are you trying to portray turkeys as being stupid, which I'm sure would be against at least one edict in the phone-book-sized list of SJW "because it's this year" rules? 0:26 And, by the same book of rules, isn't it both sexist and racist to only ever rebuke white uncles at the Christmas dinner table? It's a two-way street and you're playing chicken with the rules. smh

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