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Peter is a young man of 17 years
who has always had a lot of energy. The plan is to train as a carpenter,
and then just work and earn a lot of money. Two months ago Peter started his internship. He is super happy about his placement. The collaboration with colleagues is going very well, and he often receives
positive feedback from customers. This summer, Peter was at Roskilde Festival
where he smoked hash for the first time. After the experience, he has begun smoking a few times a month, with some new friends, but he is still mostly with his old friends
who don’t smoke hash. Peter notices that he is not completely fresh after a weekend of smoking: he makes more stupid mistakes. Now it’s been six months.
Peter smokes hash every weekend ..and a bit in the week days. Him and Tobias are looking forward
to the Easter holidays, where they have agreed to just smoke away. Peter has noticed that he has begun to
think differently about many things, especially hash and drugs. He thinks it’s okay to smoke hash,
as long as doesn’t become an addiction. “Well, hash is a natural product and less harmful than alcohol.” It’s like a new community, Peter has become a part of where people have a different view on things
..not just follow the herd. Peter spends less time with
the old friends who don’t smoke hash. There is so much they can not talk about anymore. Things have begun to make sense in a new way, ..but work and school doesn’t make much sense anymore. Peter is not sure whether he still
wants to stay on the education. There is so much else he’d rather do
and he always having new ideas. Peter finds it hard to be around people
who do not smoke hash. There is so much they don’t understand; the important things in life, the things you do not learn in school. Now it has been five months. Peter relaxes and enjoys being on welfare. No responsibility! He can sleep in without a bad conscience. Nobody demands anything and he gets his peace. Peter’s summer vacation went by smoking hash almost every day. It was really hard to start school again.
-It felt just wrong in one way or another, Peter chose to stop after approximately
a month of absence and angry colleagues. Peter now smokes hash several times a week
also in the week days: mostly with others, but also alone. It all gets a bit more fun when he’s stoned, actually..
there isn’t anything any fun.. ..if he ISN’T stoned. It was a great relief for Peter to drop out of school. Now he’s not that stressed anymore ..he can relax with the others
who also aren’t too busy getting an education. Now it’s been a year,
and it’s not so fun to be on welfare anymore. Peter has no money
and the days when can’t afford hash, Peter can feel
that he is irritable and in a bad mood. It’s also hard to fall asleep without the hash. Peter mostly smokes to feel normal. He does not get really high anymore, but if he doesn’t smoke,
everything seems so meaningless and he doesn’t feel like doing anything;
no energy. Peter mostly smokes alone now. In a way it is easier, since nobody else is involved, and he can relax in front of the computer or just lie in bed and listen to music or watch a movie. If only he had money, he could buy a proper lump and drop everything else. Peter has begun to consider
whether he could make some easy money one way or another..

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