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Gone Girl is a new movie featuring Ben Affleck. If you haven’t seen any of the previews for it, we actually have a trailer for you. Take a look.>>As you all know, my wife, Amy Elliott Dunne, disappeared three days ago. I had nothing to do with the
disappearance of my wife. nigga I have nothing to hide.>>Does Amy got friends we can talk to?>>No, not really.>>You don’t know if she has friends, you don’t know what she does all day, and you don’t know your wife’s blood type?>>I will practice believing my husband loves me. But I could be wrong.>>This is- I watched the movie. It’s really a good movie.>>Really?>>Yeah.>>I wanna see it. I mean, I haven’t
been to the movies in probably a year and a half at this point, but it
looks good. I wanna see it, as well. Well, there’s a scene in the movie that’s
actually getting a lot of attention. Apparently there’s an oral sex scene where Ben Affleck is performing on the female character. And the reason why it’s getting a lot of
attention is because of something I didn’t know before. Apparently back in the day, if you had an oral sex scene with a man performing on a woman… performing on a woman.>>Yeah.>>[laughs]>>Ah, la la la la, la la!>>It would usually get an NC-17 rating, which is movie suicide, right?>>Right.>>Like, it’s just not good. It’s not gonna get enough- a lot of got movie theaters will not distribute it. So the Daily Beast talked about this in a little more detail. They said the following: at the Motion Picture Association of
America and apparently there were movies in the past but had to deal with this
okay Evan Rachel Wood was in one of those
movies and she was really upset when she found out that her film also got an NC-seventeen rating she
tweeted about it she wrote the following after seeing the new cut of Charlie
countryman, I would like to share my disappointment with the MPAA who thought it was necessary to censor a
woman’s sexuality once again the scene where the two main characters
make love was altered because someone felt that seeing a man
give a woman oral sex made people uncomfortable, but the scenes
in which people are murdered by having their heads blown off remained intact and unaltered. This is
the symptom of a society that wants to shame women and put them down for
enjoying sex, especially when (gasp) the man isn’t
getting of as well! it’s hard for me to believe that had the
roles been reversed it still would have been cut. So
look I don’t know if this is like a man versus woman thing right, but it is
kind of interesting that, that werid double-standard existed>>mmhm yeah I eh I don’t think so I, I’m not necessarily buying the whole man versus woman
thing but yeah but I she of course has a undeniable
point about violence verses sex right I mean people getting, you know, eviscerated and decapitated it’s a it’s all so much worst and I got kids, whenever I
see those violent images I’m like I gotta get ’em away from the screen right. Sex, nudity, whatever I mean they see nude people all
the time its I mean so I i’m not as freaked out by that and now we all know what every scene,
every scene where a woman is getting oral in the movies is the exact same, okay. She
arches her back ok and you see her like stomach
area their like this and you see a rib cage because they’re all skinny, ok. Then you see her hair go back like and
then you’ll hear #mumbling# (laughing) Okay it’s all the same I just did it for you in the most unappealing way, ok. So let’s all calm
down yes Women also get oral, yes you shouldn’t get an
NC-seventeen rating for it It’s a perfectly fine part of the movie. You’re only going to get uncomfortable if you’re watching it with your parents>>Yeah, I mean I just, yeah absolutely. It’s gonna be interesting because in Black Swan they had that uncomfortably long oral sex scene
between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, right?>>Wrong again>>It lasted forever >>worst use of an adjective
>>so apparently when a woman performs on another woman>>wonderfully long (laughing) wonderfully long, ok yes>>Are you done?>>ok, sorry >>God, I gotta
bring back the ding ding ding ding ding for all your pervy moments>>okay but I
mean it’s indisputable I mean I don’t know anyone who watch that movie and didn’t any guy that watched that movie didn’t think>>oh guys like the oral sex scene>>between two
really hot women>>It’ s fucking weird right I got it ok>>that should
be like more PG-13 like that’s fine (laughing)>>so anyway uhh Ryan Gossling uh had to deal with
this as well, he released a statement about how his film also had to deal with
an NC-seventeen rating there’s plenty oral sex scenes in the lot of movies where it’s a man
receiving from a woman and they’re R-rated, ours is reversed and
somehow its perceived as pornographic Black Swan has an oral scene, which is
what I was referring to between two women and that’s an R rating, but ours is
between a husband and his wife and that NC-seventeen So yeah he’s absolutely right about that.
I really never noticed that that was case but apparently this is what goes on in
Hollywood>>Well, if see, if you have enough of those
cases, no matter what we think of men verses women, whether it should makes a
difference or not Apparently it has in several cases made a
difference, and that is obviously unjustified>>yeah>>When in reality we should be fine with
everybody giving each other oral>>yeah oral is great>>oral for everyone

100 thoughts on “Gone Girl Oral Sex Scene Raising Eyebrows In Hollywood

  1. For me sex in a movie if both people are happy about it then yeah why not . . But showing graphic violence where people are assaulting each other for me is a no no But the movie censors seem to be OK with the violence but not the sex . . seems strange to me

  2. Society is comical. It's interesting how there's 2 different sets of rules. On one hand you're perverted as all hell and do all sorts of kinky things with your partner and on the other pretend like sex needs to be censored and private at all costs as far as being public. It creates an oppressive stigma that makes most everyone wear this fake mask around all the time. The funniest part is that everyone knows everyone is full of shit but still upholds the charade anyway. Delusional

  3. This is stupid. Does anyone remember Viggo Mortenson going down on Maria Bello in "History of Violence"? It got an R and I never heard anything about it at all.

  4. Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere earned an 'R' rating by the MPAA. Both main characters performed oral sex on each other before there was any mouth-to-mouth kissing. Go figure.

  5. Ana, you haven't been to the movies in a year and a half? …I don't blame you with the crazy inflation rate of movie tickets these days, but seriously, try to get out @0:35

  6. this is news???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  8. Honestly I don't like sex or nudity in movies. I want to be entertained, not turned on. I thought that's what porn was for. Or am I somehow wrong? Bring on the trolls I know they have nothing else to do.

  9. yes, I agree.
    America is still behind the world in the sex realm…which is amazing considering we are very free and inhibited in other areas except for sex. we treat this as such a taboo as generation after generation continue to increase the sexuality on TV and mainstream media. yet its still not accepted in most area of the US

  10. They actually tried to give Black Swan NC-17 ratings for the masturbation scene w/ Natalie Portman because it showed a "woman receiving pleasure." Two women is fine, but if there's no men receiving pleasure from this (either on or off screen apparently), it's obscene…wtf?

  11. if your kid is seeing nude people all the time you are parenting wrong the only nude people my kids see is them self's as thy bath

    on another note the MPAA is a different group of people every time a movie is rated that is why one time oral is ok and the next its not it depends on the group of people rating and what thy think at that time

    that is why a movie can laterally go threw twice with no changes and get two different ratings at the end their is not science about it it is all subjective

  12. What of "Friends With Benefits?" The scene where Justin Timberlake goes down on Mila Kunis and she drags him back up by the tongue to tell him he's doing it wrong, then coaches him how to do a better job of it. Rated R.

  13. Back in 1973 an R rating was given to "Don't Look Now" which featured Donald Sutherland going down on Julie Christie. It lasted about 4 minutes.

  14. And in 1969, when the original film ratings were G general audience, M mature audience, R restricted, and X, Midnight Cowboy drew an X. Nothing much has changed.

  15. At 0:12, the subtitles make Ben Affleck's character sound like a racist with the insertion of a racist epithet he doesn't actually use.

  16. i don't know their names. the chick was getting off when the guy was describing the oral sex scene. most men miss this. but i caught it so now you can go back and read her body language and take notes.

  17. You want to know why? 
    The Establishment does not want to show that women can enjoy themselves.
    The Establishment does not want to show that women can be pleased.
    The Establishment does not want to show that women can have desires fulfilled.

    A woman enjoying herself during sexplay? Aww c'mon. For them, it's only for propagation, not recreation.
    Just consider how often you see women in film enjoying lust for their exclusivity. Not much, only to 'Serve The Man'.

    A thought.

  18. lol kids see worse on the Internet, and most ratings suck. there is no ratings on the internet, and even if there were how you going to stop people from watching.

  19. While we're on the subject of violent movies, Mr. Uighur, would you care to comment on the hypocrisy of Hollywood gun control advocates like Stallone and Schwarzenegger, who made BILLIONS off of Hollywood's culture of violence as they laid waste to people in every Third World country with every weapon in the international arsenal? No? Thought not. OK-back to our regularly scheduled program…

  20. if you go in the Korean movie industry, Bedevilled (2010) you get a woman to man oral sex scene (a blow job) and seriously porno can go softer than that scene !!

  21. It's hard to accept that women are repressed, but seeing double standards… sexual objectification? not so much of an issue since male sexualise everything. We're required to, otherwise the species wouldn't have survived this long. But this is a bit silly now that I think about it.

  22. I do find it strange that violence is everywhere, and a woman pleasing a man is a no no. But I do realize that the MPAA is most likely a board of old white men, who are mega prudish. When ppl are young they are freaks…when they get old, they act like they have never been kissed before.

  23. I think people are kind'a stupid when it comes to this shit. MOST of the time people going into a violent graphic movie you know what you are getting into. When it comes or a romance or murder mystery type movie you don't really know what to expect when it comes to say having a sex scene. Why does it even need to be like near porn graphical ANYWAYS. It's not like that's the movies selling point so what's the point?

  24. NC-17 rated movies should get the same distribution and marketing rights as all the other rated films. Why the discrimination against NC-17 rated films? THAT'S prudish.

  25. That movie was so boring. Worse than gigli. Sexd should be just in porn. If I watch a movie I wan't to watch a movie, not porn.

  26. I watched gone girl with my brother, cousin and DAD!. worst mistake ever. Thankfully my dad was asleep for most of the movie but he still caught some cringe worthy scenes in the movie.

  27. I don't think that the issue here is oral sex. Gone Girl shows marital sex being pleasurable for a woman.

    That's Unamerican.

  28. I think they might be right tho. How many times do we see women sucking guys dicks and no NC17 rating. These is a little bias

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