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In the 1950s he suffered a massive heart
attack and nearly died, and became really upset and wondered “What’s gone wrong with my life, why have I not found happiness?” He just began to drop all of the feelings and wants that were not him, and within three months he completely cleared out all of the mental noise that was operating in him, and he discovered what he called a peace within himself that exceeded any understanding. What was said about him was true, that he had taken this releasing process as far as a human being could. For me being with Lester meant
I was going to be stirred up, and as much as I wanted to say that I
wanted to be stirred up, I really didn’t. I got there and I couldn’t get in touch with my feelings. I ran into Lester I said
“What’s going, what’s wrong with me?” He said “You read that book,
you’re all in your head!” “You’ve got all these concepts! Either you’re gonna let
go, or you’re not!” I said “Lester, why is all this happening?”
and he goes “It’s not…” It was a wonderful expansion in my understanding,
because I felt so safe with him, and I trusted him impeccably. He really spoke
very very simply and very directly, and he basically said the same thing. This is
the truth, this is what’s real. Recognize who you are. How do you do that? Releasing! Letting go of the wants and desires. What we’re letting go of, is what we are not

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