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– Please don’t make me go. You can keep homeschooling me. – I taught you everything I know. No more argument, okay?
We discussed this ad nauseam. – What’s ad nauseam? – You don’t know?
Well, looks like someone needs school. – [Students] Good morning, Miss Stevenson. – Who can tell me what three plus three is? – Everyone knows it’s six. – Mary, can you stand up, please? Can you tell me what 57 multiplied by 135 is? (sighs) Okay. Who can–
– 7695. The square root is 87.7 and change. Now what does ad nauseam mean? ♫ I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul – I think your niece may be gifted. – I am good friends with the headmaster
of the Oaks Academy for Gifted Education. – No. I promised my sister
I’d give Mary a normal life. I think she’s gotta be here. ♫ I’ve sat upon the setting sun – Who’s that lady in front of our door? – That would be your grandmother. – Holy sh–
(paper rips) – It’s a MacBook, darling. – What are you doing here? – You are denying the girl her potential. How many seven year olds
are doing advanced calculus? – You forgot the negative sign on the exponent. – Mary, why didn’t you say anything? – Hank says I’m not supposed to
correct older people. Nobody likes a smart-ass. – We petition the court to grant
my client full custody of the child. – No! No! – You’re gonna take that girl. You’re gonna loan her out to some think tank
where she can talk nontrivial zeros with a bunch of old Russian guys
for the rest of her life. – And you’d bury her under a rock. – Evelyn, stop! I’m raising her how I believe
Diane would have wanted. ♫ Do you need a reason
♫ We should commit treason – If anybody takes that baby away,
I’ll smother you in your sleep. – My sister wanted Mary to be a kid. She wanted her to have friends
and to be happy. – Tell us, do you have health insurance? – No. – Did you spend the night in jail?
– Objection! – What’s your greatest fear? – That I’ll ruin Mary’s life. – Mary!
– Mary. – Mary!
– Uh-uh! – She’s bossy. – I’ve heard that. ♫ Valleys of the young – He’s a good person.
He wanted me before I was smart.

100 thoughts on “Gifted Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Chris Evans Movie

  1. Well thank you for this trailer, now I don't feel any need to see the movie because this kinda spoiled the whole story…

  2. If any of you really does respect Evans, plz admire his other roles and don't ruin it with Avengers jokes because it's disgraceful.


  4. I never knew this was Chris Evans! I always thought this guy was attractive but had no idea this was Evans. I feel so dumb

  5. This was a great movie with a great and a thought provoking story. Really underappreciated. 👌👌✌

  6. She played young Sabrina Spellman for the chilling Adventures of Sabrina holiday special! Looks so much like her too

  7. This is why I kinda feel bad for the people who play superheroes because no matter what other role they take on, people can’t help but see them as the superhero they play, hence “why does captain America have a niece?” I bet it annoys the actors sometimes

  8. Why is youtube suggesting this video after 3 years of its upload? I think it must have been waiting for the Endgame to begin. Wait… that's impossible… Captain America now is old and has lost his shield. So if he was suppossed to be with Peggy then what is he doing here?

  9. Why couldn’t he just admire her talents ? It pissed me off that he wanted to dumb her down just to be “normal” that’s messed up.

  10. Not to rain on this movie's parade, as the young protagonist is indeed a math prodigy, but the classroom scene where she does the calculation is not solely the province of "gifted" children. While you do need some math savvy, anyone can learn the Trachtenberg System at any age and once you've got it down, fairly complex mental arithmetic is pretty easily done.

  11. i cried my eyes out when she said ("hes a good person cause he wanted me before i was smart") this movie was just adorable

  12. Omg, this movie is good. What a pleasant surprise. If you have yet to see, do yourself a favour. Amazing writers. Amazing acting.

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