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Welcome to Geocaching International Film Festival The Art of Geocaching Hello Hey, Cache Kitty just published a tribute cache for your 100th find. Get out here so we can be second to find. 100 Well, I’m just about to eat. No time, get out here. You’ve got 30 minutes Ok Maybe I should have read through this before getting here. Gah, Difficulty 3, ugh. Congrats to sleepyeve, duh duh duh, Placed in honor, 100th find, July 24th. Including my very first time out. Ah. Fun and puzzling all at once. Return the favor of her fun hides Uh oh. She’s taking forever She’s not even searching yet. She probably didn’t solve the hint. Ugh, had to be a Tribute cache. Can’t we just bend the rules a little and go sign first? Just give her some time. She’s gonna get bitten by a spider poking around in there. Then we’re gonna have to take her to the ER and then none of us will be First to Find. Go, help her then. Give her a little nudge. Hey, Find it yet? I didn’t solve the hint before I left the house. You guys can FTF it if you want. I think I got a spider bite on my finger. You want the hint? We found it. Almost 63 minutes and 7 seconds ago. Yes, I mean, if that’s cool with you. The hint is Fish for attractive rock Look over the bridge. Huh. Attractive rock’s magnetic. It’s fake. There’s a bajillion rocks down there. Wait a minute. hah! Please, please! Yes! Woo hoo! First to Find selfie. oh. Hey guys, A new geocache was just published. Geocaching: Your Passport to Adventure Kayak Cacher
(Cacherus Paddleus) Bushwack Cacher
(Cacherus Notrailforus) Gadget Cacher
(Cacherus Ingenuitous) CITO Cacher
(Pickupaftermuggleus) Scenic Cacher
(Cacherus Niceviewforus) Rough Terrain Cacher
(Don’tgetstuckius) Scuba Cacher
(Cacherus Subaqua) Significant Hike Cacher
(Cacherus Longwalkforus) Event Cacher
(Cacherus Togetherus) Lat&Long Junkie presents Geocaching is FREE G’day! My name is Lat&Long Junkie It used to be Richard but, well, you know how it is with geocachers Anyhow, I haven’t done much geocaching lately. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you a story. It was a quiet Saturday afternoon. 2006 I believe it was. With a magazine, some munchies, and a can of unhealthiness. I lay in my hammock, trying not to go to sleep. Well, let me tell you. My entire life changed when I turned page 15 and saw the article about geocaching. The article bubbled with excitement. I must admit I was a bit intrigued. and by the end of it I was thinking about the GPS my family gave me for my last birthday. I wondered if it would be good enough to play the game. Well, it turned out to be one of the better models of the time. And still holds it’s own today. It has trouble under trees and hates tall buildings but, let’s stick to the high points, shall we? I joined up with gc com, it’s free you know. and started searching. Imagine my surprise when I discovered how many of these things are around. When I paid a few dollars for Premium Membership, heaps more geocaches appeared. About this time, I noticed my car using an awful lot of petrol on the weekends. But, the finds were getting scarce around home. I also seem to be doing a lot more hiking and my old boots and backpack were, well, old. Pretty soon, I was one of the up and coming names in my local area. I didn’t actually know i was up and coming. Until I went to an event. Most of the people there knew my name. Names and logbooks and funny stories read in the field, or online, took on a whole new aspect. Now, this was some years ago when people actually wrote things in the logbook. It was very often a good reason to spend longer at the top of a hill. or under the bridge or, well, you get the idea. Times change however. and so did my mode of transport. Or, perhaps I should say modes. Because the options soon began to multiply. It became apparent that my bicycle was a great asset. But, it was difficult to fit it in the car. I’d been thinking for some time about a bigger, more versatile GeoVehicle. Then one day, the idea of a van came to me. Gee, this free game seems to involve a goodly sum of money on occasion. The van was a great idea though. I could now make multi-day trips without wasting time finding food and accommodation. One day, while lurking in a park, I saw the most amazing site. Ah yeah, I could use one of those I thought. There was a dealer just 80 kilometers from home, and well, I have a nice roomy van to carry it around. While planning the drive to this dealer, I noticed a lot of hides near here required a boat. How to get to these? Of course, hiring a boat is the obvious answer. But, what if I had my own kayak? I could find those underwater geocaches in inland waterways as well. And wouldn’t you know it, A geocaching acquanitance knew just the place to buy a kayak. Unfortunately, all these new toys were taking up a lot of space. There was very little room in the van for me when I wanted to overnight somewhere. Then one day while waiting for some muggles to move on, I saw the answer to my accommodation problem. Ooh, really? That much? Ok, I have an idea. Yeah, well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. You see, the day I went to collect the motorhome, there were a couple of people there who wanted to talk to me about my method of payment. And now I have free meals, free accommodation lots of time to think about geocaching in fact, my new cache was approved this morning It’s a Wherigo It’s called Jail Break. And, I’m just waiting for the First to Find gang to arrive. [sirens] I gotta go now. What is it that so many love about Geocaching? Is it about that micro attached to the bottom of a bench? Or that fake lemon hidden in a tree? Or what about that Ammo Can full of trackables? What about that cache that made you count the starts on a mural? No. That’s not why we use multi-million dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods! It’s the view from that bench that you hiked all day to get to. It’s that park you never knew about. It’s learning of a world that once was in your own hometown. It’s that mural you pass by every day to work that you have never really looked at. It’s that you get to find something beautiful and new in what you have seen but never really observed. Geocaching makes you see the extraordinary in the normal the ignored and the forgotten. That’s the… Art of Geocaching [Phone notification] [Sigh] Prague/ Czech Republic [Volunteer Alert] Oh, my goodness Alex! [Community Volunteer Reviewer] [Community Volunteer Reviewer] [Community Volunteer Reviewer] [Community Volunteer Reviewer] [Community Volunteer Reviewer] [Community Volunteer Reviewer] [Community Volunteer Reviewer] Good! Well, and they are free to play now! FOUND IT!
(My Geocaching Adventure) [Phone Ringing] [Phone Ringing] Hooray! We’re going GEOCACHING! GOOD THINKING! Extra logs and maps are great! Here’s Arcee! And he brought Avenger! Nana brought bread! Now we won’t be hungry! Here’s Brownie. She found a bug! And a bone! Now, let’s GO GET THE CACHE! CRUMP found it! (Brownie found a feather) [Applause] With thanks and love to my friends and fellow geocachers: (and Avenger) CACHE ON! Geocaching the early learning addition Hello boys and girls. Today our alphabet is brought to you by geocaching. Geocaching starts with G and something else that starts with G is
“Geocoin”. These are geocoins and geocachers, particularly new geocachers, love them. New geocachers are sometimes called “Newbies”. At first they have trouble finding the most “Obvious” hides. They soon discover that “Ammo” boxes make fabulous geocache containers. Inside a geocache, you’ll find a logbook. If the “log” is blank you are first to find and that’s cause for a “Happy” dance. There are times when you have to look very hard for a geocache. Hider’s often display great “Ingenuity” disguising the hide in the hope of making you have a “D.N.F.”. Another type of hide you’ll find is the “U.P.S.” This is an unnatural pile of sticks. You simply sweep them away and there’s the geocache. Inside a geocache, along with the logbook, you’ll often find “S.W.A.G.” That’s: Stuff We All Get. Of course, not all is as it seems in this game. Sometimes the hide is just plain “Cruel”. Even when the difficulty “Rating” is a 5, you must always believe that you will find it. Not every find will be a “Quick” find. Sometimes, it takes a lot of determination and the ability to ignore all else. Now, when you think of difficulty, you will also think of “Terrain”. Your GPS might say “Zero” meters, but at a “Vertical” cliff you can still be 20 meters away. That’s when you ask “Why”. Why did they have to put it there? Occasionally, you’ll travel many “Kilometers” for just one find. Along the way, you may find other “Waypoints” in various locations. You’re hoping for an “Easy” find. It’s taken you most of the day to reach the end and finally “X” marks the spot. Now, a lot of people say it’s not the find but the “Journey”. But after all that effort, a “Bison” tube is slightly disappointing. However, you’ve learned to “Persevere” because there’s always the next cache. The next geocache is always the best geocache. As you approach, you feel the old excitement. The thrill of the hunt. Oh, there’s a “Muggle” right at Ground Zero. To protect the integrity of the geocache, it’s always best to avoid having any contact with the Muggle. You can wait patiently for them to leave. Perhaps you can pretend to make a phone call or be taking photographs. At night time, should you ever interact with a muggle, even for an “F.T.F.” AlboGIFF presents… Serious, Elegant, Rich: Allan Seeker, Adventurous: Rob Suspicious, Skeptical, Interested: Mary John. Clumsy…. … very clumsy F.T.Fever [ding ding] 1 new message: wife Sorry, it’s my wife. She’s waiting for me. [ringing] I need more money, you know. I’m going home to get more beer. Bye! Bye. Ok, I’ll get some ice. A new geocache is coming [Dialing] Hi, this is Rob. Rob, are you still there? Sorry, I’ve just arrived at home. Ok, Rob. @!*! I want my FTF. Can you help me? Hey! Sorry, you don’t understand, it’s an FTF. @!*! Mary, She’s going to the FTF… Signal, take me to the geocache. Navigation Loading Of course Rob. Loading. Nah nah nah nah nah @!*! Allan Nah nah nah nah nah @!*! Rob I’m around. What is that! My car! My car! My car! My car! The End No!! F.T.F. John and wife @!*! John First to Find John … nightmare? No! A new geocache is coming. Hi Cachers Aurimas here Today I’m in Vilnius And I’m here to do some geocaching So let’s see what this town is hiding. Geocaching Day in Vilnius That’s the last one. Well that was fun. How was your day? The Future of Geocaching Black Forest / Germany July 2024 Still 30 meters Preparation for task 1. Put on the helmet. Press the red button to start the first task. [Click] [Explosion] [Screaming] Question 1: Which obstacle has stopped your run abruptly? A: a bag full of cotton B: an old shower curtain Or C: a really fat tree C… Correct Preparation for Task 2. Put on the gloves. Grab the rope. Press the red button to start the second task. [Click] Question 2: What do you smell? A: Lavender B: Chanel No. 5 Or C: Wild pig poop C… Correct Preparation for Task 3. Please sit down in front of tree number 28. Press the red button to start the third task. [Click] Question 3: what hit your head? A: a sponge B: a light air Or C: many many nuts C… Correct You solved all tasks. The geocache has been successfully logged. Congratulations [Fireworks] Outtakes The Art of Geocaching [Music] Submit for Review [Notification Sound] [Notification Sound] [Notification Sound] [Notification Sound] [Notification Sound] D N F FTF Sometimes the art is in the adventure of getting there. Harry Dirtski, the brave warsaw policeman didn’t rest long after his last case. He was relaxing in Ciechocinek (N 52° 52.970 E018° 47.635) when his captain called him in. SASHIMODO Pictures and GEOCACHING WARSZAWA presents Harry Dirtski and Disco Box Police Headquarters Harry, please sit down. I’m glad you’re here. This case is extremely serious. Here are all the pertinent materials. … and the executive summary? In short, the wanted individual is planting suspicious boxes with encoded messages at various locations here and abroad. We need to locate these boxes ASAP and take John Box into custody. This case stunk from the start… …suspicious boxes, a strange character operating above the law… … and his nick…DISCO…sounds familiar… Wait a minute. In Warsaw, there is a joint with a name that immediately suggested a lead… DISCO BOX. And since my instinct never fails me, I decided to visit this dive. Gimme a beer. What’s the rush? Have you seen a suspicious person hiding boxes around here? I dunno nuttin’. Wow, a mysterious box! Don’t touch it! Leave it! That’s a power box! Henry’s Apartment – Much later. Hey, you finally came to! Careful! You’ve been out for a long time! Do we know each other? I am a data analyst. Actually, that tells me nothing. I just remember I was investigating some case. That’s why I brought you out of the coma. Thanks to the newest technologies, you are now ten times faster and ten times more intelligent than before. We prepared a set of special gadgets for you. And this is a GPS. You enter coordinates into it… Geez, I couldn’t believe it – I was in front of the same join again! But wait a minute, something’s changed! Good evening. My name is John Box… and I would like to welcome you to my exhibit on the subject of geocaching. Stop! So it’s you who’s been planting those dangerous boxes! But they aren’t dangerous! You’re lying! Geocaching is a world-wide game, where boxes are hidden at various interesting locations. Look, inside there are gadgets for swapping. and a logbook for finders to log their visits. And this is all for free? Yes, for free! Then I must report it to my captain! Here I am! Captain? Congratulations! After all these years, you were finally able to solve this complicated criminal case! Well, yeah… It turned out that John Box is not a criminal. And this geocaching thing is an art! [Applause] In July 2002, I did geocaching for the first time. There was an encounter at the time. Everything started from this road. The road to geocacher I have walked many ways, Then came back to the road again in July 2017. Now with my pals Looked for the cache And the memories which I found 15 summers ago We found it! Although, my favorite treasures are the geocachers who I met. The became my buddies now. This is our geocaching road. Thanks Geocaching! A Travel Bug’s Life Play Find Trackables Enter Your Activation Code: GIFF2017 Activate your trackable King of the world Help me meet my goals! TB Drop! Goal #1: Visit the beach! Goal #2: Visit the city! Goal #3: Visit the woods! Goal #4: Make a friend! The End? No Way! Keep those Travel Bugs traveling! The Discovery of the FTF Hunter GC0001 LOGBOOK Hello! G’day! Radiocarbon dating Year: 50,321 B.C.
Country: Germany
Region: Neanderthal Daily News
German Geocacher makes the discovery of the century Cottbus’ Mirror
A discovery that shocks the geocaching world Breaking News My name is Tom Diver C.B. and this is so amazing. It’s incredible. A sensational discovery was made in Germany. Here at this point something incredible happened. I have always known, we are the greatest. Yes, geocachers have a long lasting and traditional history here in Germany. We are the champions! [Talking] [Bell] Ladies and gentlemen, The story of the first geocache in May 2000 is just a fairy tale. Geocaching is a part of human history And with this spectacular find, we can proudly say: Germany first! [Excited Conversation] Fake news! America First! World’s 1 geocache [bell sounding] A new geocache was just published! [bells sounding] A new geocache was just published! [Repeated notifications] Publish! Publish! ANTARCTICA
Funny flash mob attempt At 15:00… Hi, come home at 14:00!!!!! Love, mum. PSYCHIARTRIST KEEP CALM I’M A TRAINED GEOCACHER Charros Team Productions Presents Little Geo-rge Gift Card Premium Subscription Geocaching New York Paris Do Not Disturb
Reviewer’s Only Babycheck
No frogs required
Home pregnancy Test
Muggleproof Reviewer Traditional Baby Names Geobook Gemma, George DNF Found it!! Free!! TFTC Signal Primary School FTF University Finally, he is ready to leave. Geo Real Estate GEO-RGE
New, New!! Two days later… It’s near. FTF!!! The End!

37 thoughts on “GIFF 2017 Film Reel

  1. Lots of great talent and creativity in the geocaching community! Awesome to see! There was one film that stood out from the others though for entertainment, in my opinion 🙂

  2. 1. 0:25 Tribute
    2. 4:25 Geocaching: Your Passport to Adventure
    3. 8:30 Geocaching is Free
    4. 12:25 The Art of Geocaching
    5. 13:45 The Reviewer’s Day
    6. 17:50 FOUND IT! (My Geocaching Adventure)
    7. 20:15 Geo Early Learning
    8. 23:25 FTFever
    9. 27:30 Geocaching Day in Vilnius
    10. 31:25 The Future of Geocaching
    11. 35:20 The Art of Geocaching
    12. 39:30 Harry Dirtski & Disco Box
    13. 43:35 The Road to Geocacher
    14. 45:45 A Travel Bug’s Life
    15. 49:45 The Discovery of the FTF Hunter
    16. 53:55 Antarctica
    17. 57:40 Little Geo-rge

  3. Typisch Amerikaner quer durch den Wald mit ihrer Karre die würden hier kein Powertrail überstehen weil alles zu Fuß geht und kein Fast Food Laden in sicht ist . 🙂 . Mein Favorit ist Litauen geniale Verstecke, bei 35min Canada sehr schön,Japan und das letzte Video Spanien.

  4. Thank you for including my entry in the film festival this year. I enjoyed creating "A Travel Bug's Life", and learning about film making at the same time. The technology to make a film is so accessible to regular folks; I used my phone and a tripod for my entry.

  5. Wish i could get a clip of just Caching is Free. that one is hallarious. They are all great but that one makes me laugh

  6. J'ai été à mon premier giff event cette année 🙂
    Et l'année prochaine, c'est sûr je participe ! (je fais déjà des vidéos de gc, donc ça changera pas grand chose).

  7. The Event we hosted we had 18 people in attendance with the kids and our vote for best picture are as follows:
    1) Geocaching is free
    2) Discovery of the FTF hunter
    3) FTFever

    Honourable mentions
    ●Art of Geocaching (Canada)
    ●Travel bugs life
    ●Little geo-rge

    #KeepersOfTheCacheFlo #ABCache #CouplesThatCacheTogetherStayTogether #Geocaching #CouplesThatCache

  8. It's been fun to see my "Giant Rubber Ducky" again in "Antarctica" after not having seen it for so long

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