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Wild Oaks Retirement Home… “a place to call home.” Well according to thebrochure according to the residence it is a place
to stew in your own filth or a place your grandkids don’t visit or a place
you’ll die in sad and alone for Jesse old men it is a place of temporary
employment at least that’s the plan little does he know that plan will soon
be interrupted but first you will be interrupted by six strawberries two
bananas and a shot of wheatgrass I really appreciate you really care about seniors or you
just want the free apartment no not at all I mean the apartment part well I
really do need the apartment but I i also think seniors are linked to the
pass and deserve our respect hmm just one more question where did the dogs go
what I don’t know to the pound booyaa background check looks good I think you
got the gig this job real simple true you carry a pager check up on anybody
needs you oh did you get one that’s it so what do you do what do I do with so
many needs help call an ambulance me yours here to make sure dead bodies
don’t pile up over the weekend nope we got a lot to cover not really looking
some fun this bra wrecking ball chops this is powerhouse aerobics for seniors
let’s rip it alright so do I actually do anything not really just make sure the
place doesn’t burn down and nobody runs away can’t afford to lose any clients
who are you hi I’m Jesse Cheers that’s a girl’s name all right I’m out of here
bingo is at six thirty I need you to lock that gate behind me got a couple of
escape bars okay all right wait you’re leaving yeah you’re on your own kid you
can handle it Oh almost forgot put a little dent in their
applesauce and they’re out by seven-thirty you want me to give him
drugs you want to keep here apartment Jesse thought about making a run for it
but his good intentions got the best of him what if these people needed him what
if they had a legitimate insane request a naked man keeps stealing my groceries b6 we always have applesauce with bingo
sorry this is my first day that’s funny this is the first day we didn’t have
applesauce with bingo Bert’s ass was making the pill idea easier to swallow
young man what’s your name I’m Jesse I’m the new live in here oh well Justin I
made this for you oh thank you oh it’s Jesse um but thank you if if you ever
need anything let me know would you like to watch my slideshow by trip to
Nebraska well that sounds really nice but I have bingo and then this guy
really wants his applesauce but some other time though oh I’m so happy you’re
here Jeremy everybody else here is a jackass as Gladys clenched Jesse in an
awkward yet authentic embrace he realized he couldn’t give them the pills
a renegade move maybe one that could even cost him his job but the risk was
well worth being able to sleep at night hi Jackson I made you this thank you is
this why you paged me oh no my neighbor is building a spaceship and he’s making
too much noise why is he doing that because he knows I hate spaceships I don’t hear anything oh oh I guess he
just stopped well if it happens again just page me there’s rats in my walls oh
well I can call the manager and have them come by and maybe we can get an
exterminator my clothes at night and replace them with day old clothes I had
another day old clothes because they were that the ones i wore yesterday so
there must be older cad damon won’t eat his food computers even my credit cards look what I found the bear is eating my trash my pants are
inside out are you the manager the assistant manager are the sub manager or
the second manager I don’t luxo tag he was at this moment that
Jessie felt an intense desire to shove applesauce down the throats of the
elderly Thank You Jesse where are you I hate you so Jesse ran like the coward
that he was you dhoom was eminent for our hero Jesse
eminent as in the time it takes an 80 year old man to turn around and doom as
in the inescapable incoherent hour long story about how much bread use to cost ah you scared me how’d you get in here I
use this machine to catch the spaceship sounds know that that’s not right my
grandson Curtis came last week and showed me how to use this machine but I
don’t remember Oh Curtis what would you cry and I’ll do without you my name’s
Carl will you please go back to your room we can talk to the guy in the
morning and how am I supposed to go to sleep with him making that noise all
night let’s just go up there and tell him to stop building that spaceship lady
there’s no spaceship okay now get out of my room and leave me alone Jessie felt like a grade-a a whole and
let’s face it he was but even an a-hole knows when an apology is due what is
wait oh snap you let him get away how do you
plan on getting on a bus without a busted five more minutes not have been
on that bus to do it go deep crazy legs giddyup grandma I had high hopes for you
kid you remind me of a younger much less handsome me what happened of pills bro
foster Liss age is a disease the aged are a plague on society they are slow
they are dangerously unaware and the reason that I put them here is so that I
can watch them die out of everybody’s way you can’t treat these people like
they’re gonna be put in body bags any minute you treat them like they’re
worthless what if you were in their position I ought to open the gate and
let them all go I’m gonna report you to the Better Business Bureau spaceship spaceship spaceship spaceship
spaceship hey and I’m going anywhere Wow yeah I’m gonna have to start all over the hole in the roof shined a new light
on the retirement home but the manager gone people were happy Stephen Burt
Jesse kept his job at the retirement home which is surprising considering he
was the main suspect in the case of a missing man and had a shaky alibi for
the massive hole in the roof but the how isn’t as important as the why he stayed
there why would a 20 year old man live amongst the elderly was it their common
interest in butterscotch candy and the antique roadshow truth be told Jesse had
actually learned a lot from these people he learned the value of friendship and
respect and that is a greater gift than any lopsided sweater or macrame turkey

One thought on “Giddy Up, Grandma – 35mm Short Film

  1. I really enjoyed this short. Stellar job by all involved and a great call on going with the 35mm. Unlike many foundation-funded films I've forced myself to slog thru, this was definitely grant money well spent!

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