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It will haunt you every night Whatever it is, no one should have to encounter that kind of evil. Except you girls, I think you can handle it. Oh good, thanks. We have a gift. We see what no one else is willing to see. We do things others can’t do. Ghostbusters. If there’s a paranormal problem, we are the ones to answer the call. Hello. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. What do we think of these Ghostbusters? Are they to be taken seriously? You take that out, I’ll take the far one. Ok you sweaty freaks, about to save you from this ghost Okay So I don’t know if this a race thing or a lady thing, But I’m mad as hell. There’s a bigger picture at hand here. Someone is creating a device that amplifies paranormal activity. We’re gonna need a bigger boat. Hey guys, check it out. Kevin, come inside. I was born to be a Ghostbuster, allright? Oh man! That’s so not good. Something big is gonna happen. The word we’re looking for is Apocalypse. You want a piece of me? Yeah! The government is trying to claim the event isn’t supernatural. We don’t want a panic. We don’t want mass hysteria. Get out of the city, get out of the city! I will kick the unliving crap out of you, And you, especially you! Hey! Don’t move! You got a… Nope I’m tired. No…no, listen. I’m just gonna go ahead and take off, how about that? I don’t really think that’s a good id… Gonna take off, don’t piss off the ghost. Really?!

100 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy Movie HD

  1. Dont get me wrong this didnt need a reboot and obviously has nothing on the 1st two, but it was fun too watch. Wasnt as bad as every1 has made out. I liked it was more kid friendly also. I enjoyed it personally. Not the greatest, but it was an easy fun watch.

  2. I saw the new Ghostbusters movie recently and I actually enjoyed it. Hate it all you want. I don't care. I thought the movie was going to be horrible, but instead I actually enjoyed it. I hope they make a sequel to it.

  3. The necklace Holtzman wears – circle, line, and the letter U, is similar to their Ghostbusters logo.
    "Don't be a ghost."

  4. Is this the next Hollywood feminists projects? To recreate all the movies that were main make roles and create females ones of the same movie? Instead of coming up with new creative ideas for a female protagonist or quality female characters. Shame

  5. Like 90% of people have been calling this movie awful without even seeing it. And i watches ut and its really good so to all the people in rhe comments who are hating on this movie, You do you i just dont know how so many peole hate the movie only because it was a reboot with woman. Just sayin 🤔

    Such a lame movie, not funny, full of stupid fart jokes, terrible timing.
    Please get real funny writers like Conan O'Brien (from first 6 seasons of Simpsons) or Jerry Sinefeld (or the writers of Married With Children) to do the script next time, all the new comedy writers suck so bad it hurts the brain.

  7. The only good thing about this movie is Chris Hemsworth (I’m saying that’s everybody’s opinion besides mine I was only 9 so it makes sense when I watched this in 2016 I enjoyed it however was scared XD yeah I’m a scaredy cat)

  8. I was walking down by the river and I saw a dead fish on the shore. It was stinky, maggoty, and gross. It was still better than this movie.

  9. Did the writers of this film not speak English? Like the jokes would actually be funny under a different cultural context.

  10. So happy that they are making a new 2020 ghostbusters 3 movie. May that lame 2016 version forever be forgotten!

  11. They should make a sequel to this movie & not remaking it Again because i really loved this movie & i have the first 2 & this on dvd this Ghostbusters movie was very funny & i thought it was so cool that some of the original Ghostbusters actors from the first 2 Ghostbusters movies had small cameo roles in this Ghostbusters movie & i found Leslie Jones very funny in this movie & she had the best one liners in the Whole movie & i laughed every time she said something funny

  12. And Slimer from the first 2 Ghostbusters & this Ghostbusters should get his very own movie because i really like Slimer i think he's very adorable & funny

  13. Yep….the Batwoman trailer definitely has more dislikes. Time to look at 2018 YouTube Rewind.

  14. Only good thing that came out of this movie is it failing so badly that it brought back the original Ghostbusters to save the franchise.

  15. When ghosts begin popping up across Manhattan, two paranormal enthusiasts, Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, must band together alongside Jillian Holtzmann, an eccentric nuclear engineer, and Patty Tolan, a subway worker — all to stop this out-of-this-world threat.

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