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100 thoughts on “Ghost – Rats (Official Music Video)

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  2. Something is right with Sweden and its music, so many talented and famous musicians in music history. God bless Sweden.

  3. Didn't King Diamond do all this dark metal stuff back in the 80s? Do we really need a repeat? And I could only stand listening up until about a minute and 20 seconds of this track. Could not take it anymore! Whaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

  4. Ya know, the modern equivalent to what caused the black plague is anti-vaxxers. People killed all the cats because they were associated with witches, and black magic, so then rats got out of control and spread the plague. History repeating itself. The CDC declared measles no longer a threat, but not too long ago, it started spreading again. Who knows what else is coming. Religion is a cancer.

  5. Can anyone tell me if I can get the female dancers outfits???? ; – ; I don't think I can, but I would like to know what it is.

  6. Cant believe ive only just become a fan of ghost. I only started listening to them 2 weeks ago and love every song. Already got a cardinal tattoo band around

  7. conceptually ghost is a pretty interesting band. Didn't suspect they'd sound like classic rock before hearing them.

  8. Gosh, this song is sooo freakin’ good! They’re amazing songwriters, he has such a great voice, and the vocal harmonies are awesome! I love the lead guitar transition at 1:00. The song and video together are a whole tour de force.

  9. – תודה השם על המחזור שראיתי השבת הברוכה הזו.
    "הוה 5,5 תייר שה על המתה".
    – זה אומר שדויד ינסה עכשיו להתקרב.
    "זה אש עלי הר דוב".
    – ומה אני אמורה לעשות עם זה או להגיב על זה?
    "היה אות אלם עז אל עז הובלה.
    – הרבה דם ראיתי על הבוקר.
    "מילה הר העדר".
    – בבקשה השם למה ככה תראה איך אני נראית ומרגישה
    "בהמלכת 5,5 אנא הוה כיתה".
    – אני לא מבינה מה אתה רוצה ממני איך קרה כל הדבר ההזוי הזה?
    "אלם היא אם 5,5 אמריקה כ"ה כלה הר היה".
    – הייתי רוצה שאף אחד לא יתקרב אליי אבל אני רואה שאין לי ברירה כופים עליי.
    "היה ישראל פאב ילד א'א' היא רשל מביכה עין".

  10. (o^^)o I'm looking for my friend Abbas, please upvote this so that he can see it , he's a big fan of Ghost o(^^o)

  11. hubby looked this up in incognito bc he was asked to listen to it but also didn't want this trash recommended later XD but i… i am not afraid 😀

  12. This is a badass, sad, happy, angry, funny, dramatic, cool, confusing, weird, awesome and awesome song. I like milkshakes and waffles

  13. Dude, that's a stone cold funky ass groove Brah! Where's my dancing shoes.
    Excellent Guitar riff and Solo. I now want a White Horse!

  14. "כת 5,5,5 תייר לב האולר".
    כי האמת התחייבה לשקר בלי לדעת רימו אותה.

  15. He's a marionette, see him pirouette, round and round. To anyone who is thinking WTF am I talking about, Ghost did a killer cover of Abba's song "I'm a marionette". Some one made a really nice video to go along with it.

  16. "I am riding in the shadows behind you on a pale white horse". And in THIS video we can see Tobias with that pale white horse. It has red eyes also.

  17. Unfortunatly clearly commercial project – not metal, not pop e t.c. Misc songs – misc voices singing. Also satanism ad.

  18. Я так понял, в клипе отображен один из всадников апокалипсиса (чума).

  19. Anyone else interpret Rats to mean like Awww shucks instead of actual Rats? Kind of like sarcasm, almost like its a song about the world ending Awww shucks?

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