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So. You’re here for making your photos look Hollywood. That too without any work. I exactly have what you want. Hey guys I’m Prithwiraj from PR75K. And in this video let’s talk about Hollywood. Also I’m giving away the lightroom preset you need, that too for free. Go ahead and download it from the description. And if this video helps then please subscribe
to my channel as I’ll be uploading more such videos and you can follow me on Instagram
to get in touch with me. Import your photo on lightroom and apply this
preset, and import this preset and apply it. Presets just help you get started, hence you
have to tweak a few things, if you think that your pic looks too warm, then you can adjust
the temperature and make it cooler This preset works best with landscapes. And btw I’m planning to make a LUT pack or
a pack of lightroom presets. Lemme know in the comments if you’re interested
in that then I’ll make it happen. If this video helps then smash the
like button and also hit the subscribe button. And I’ll catch you in the next one. Till then. Hasta la vista!

9 thoughts on “Get the Hollywood / Film look on your photos! +FREE PRESET // Lightroom CC

  1. Nice work with presets but please don't provide presets….. it just ruins the individual's creativity….maybe tell how to edit in order to get that preset's effect…..(no criticism just a suggestion to do different than others) …..and i loved ur work with pr …it would be great to see some LUTs for pr from ur side

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