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100 thoughts on “Game Theory: The Secret Life of Markiplier

  1. the cabin is, in fact, the realm where Celine and Damien hid out during the time between their death, then ultimate rebirth as Darkiplier. We see that clear as day in his animated video DAMIEN.

  2. I came into this thinking it was gonna be a theory that was against his channel but after this I can make my own th… Dang I just noticed Im doing the same on my channel….well I'm a frickin … Content stealer…. But I didn't know… Anyway I gonna be doing some theorys and get back to you later

  3. I can practically hear Mark laughing evily from his phone screen.

    No one:
    Mark watching that video: evil/maniacal laughter

  4. Imagine if these events happened on this channel too,

    then all the alter egos become this 1 entity

    And the only way to defeat them is to undo the sins and that’s what Matpat and Mark have to do

  5. Y'know I think you might be right. Mark's gotten a lot more colder as of recent. For example, today's video (Aug 15th 2019) he gets all worked up about explaining why he's wearing sunglasses. Although it's not fair of me to assume that it isn't just him becoming more (intellectual?), well let's just say he spends much more time explaining things to his audience rather than just being wholesomely stupid and welcoming. However at the same time there has been a noticable amout of the glitchy 3d effects throught Mark's recent videos. Seeing the recent events and how close it relates to the theory in this video, I would love to see your opinion on this so I can tell whether or not the Mark to Dark transition is really happening or I'm just parinoid because of previously watching this theory.

  6. All I care about is the IM THE KING OF THE SQUIRELS! And dark mat. Dark pat?
    Matdark? Anitdark? Whoops that's the shipping name of anti and dark…

  7. Mark the character is a clever way of disguising Mark's feelings about his channel, how it's made his ego larger. He's talked about how he could do anything, because he has millions of fans behind him. He's also said, for example, on a WIRED interview, that he's an asshole in real life, and he commonly puts himself down for being egocentric and jerk-y… Those traits sound a lot more like the character Markiplier, and not the man Mark Fischbach, if you ask me.

  8. "Unlike other youtubers which would use these characters as one-off jokes, but it is clear that mark is creating an extended universe."
    TVFilthyFrank: Am I a joke to you?

  9. Tbh, great theory! Your look on the series is awesome and it's good to know that other YouTubers enjoy the alter egos.

  10. Bruh I am one of those crazy people who can see things and I saw a blur that looked like darkiplier in the corner of my eye in my room

  11. This was a year ago. It is still happening. (Kinda). Can we get another video where Mat explains all the evidence that showed up AFTER this video? I have a feeling it would help theorists

  12. Mark: He's a social manipulator. He is literally 100% manipulator. He leads you into a false sense of security and he wants you to trust him because he wants to take advantage of you.
    Me: Come on guys. Let's face it. All he wants to do is seduce you.
    (I'm talking about Darkiplier)

  13. He's just a gamer what do you guys talking about, and that video who kill Markiplier is just a series for his fan

  14. Sorry mat I'm a big fan but in the same charity stream he says darkiplier is from another universe was he lying idk but it wouldn't make Sence it would for dark seing the channel with different mark and wanting to be in the channel

  15. whats crazy about this video is a couple days before matpat posted it i wanted to watch mark and i search up his channel to find the name as darkiplier and icon as darkiplier

  16. Everyone:omg this is so cool are strange! Is dark really the villan? Is wilford a pyschopath or s–

    Me: is dark bi and gender fluid because they are a mix of a straight male and a straight female?

  17. AntiSepticEye is also scary and weird…do a theory on it!

    Edit: Apparently AntiSepticEye is JackSepticEye but..He…Killed Himself…

  18. "Darkiplier is a complete separate entity of who I am."
    Me coming out of therapy, working on a way to deal with my darkness: Oh my sweet summer child…

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