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No one:
Literally no one: *Record Scratch* Oh, come on! You gotta be kidding me! Hello, Internet. Welcome to Game Theory. Call it nostalgia. Call it a return to a more innocent time. Call it a desire to trend right off of PewDiePie’s success playing the game that just overthrew Fortnite.
Rest in Peace, Juergen. (IT’S JOERGEN!) But I have been digging through a lot of Minecraft lore lately. Oh, and you absolutely heard that right. According to Google Trends, Minecraft is now on top of Fortnite, both in terms of web search
and here on YouTube. It’s like the Grover Cleveland of video games. And by that, I mean a game that was king, gave up its crown to someone else, but then snatched it back. Just like old Grover C. did when he was elected president. History’s only double president,
for that matter. Honestly, it’s like the only thing Grover Cleveland’s known for. Heck, this 10 fascinating facts article on him couldn’t even come up with anything remotely interesting. Let alone fascinating. What was I talking about again? Oh, yeah! Minecraft on the other hand is endlessly fascinating because for a game that’s now 10 years old, Happy anniversary, by the way.
Its lore still hasn’t been cracked. Oh sure, there’s plenty of speculation
and lots of really good ideas. But my knowledge no one has truly been able to piece together a final, all encompassing, all mysteries of this world tied together lore solve. And so today I, don’t really plan on doing that. I’m not even gonna pretend. I’m starting to learn that people take it really seriously when I say stuff like “Today, we’re solving this.” So, let me instead, say this quite honestly to you. I’m gonna do my best to start us on a journey to solve this thing. I want to start a conversation with all of you where we can pool our knowledge and figure this out together. I want to put together my thoughts on
pieces of evidence that stood out as particularly interesting to me, propose to you what I interpret that to mean, and then leave further discussion in our
collective communal hands. It’s a theory. It’s always a theory, and like any theory, it’s meant to be discussed, analyzed, criticized, added to, tested.
And because it’s a theory about video games, It’s meant, most importantly of all, to be fun. And if along the way we solve some deep-seated
lore mysteries, great! More power to us. These games at the end of the day are puzzles to solve. And so I’m gonna do my best to lead that charge in solving those puzzles. But I want you to be there with me every step of the way. And so our first step when it comes to solving Minecraft, is tackling the Endermen. Originally programmed into the game as a joking reference to Slenderman, these tall, dark and handsome creatures… Well, just tall and dark, I guess. …have become The Cornerstone upon which all other lore in this game is built. Solving what the Endermen are is essential if we have any hope of truly coming to the definitive solution as to the hidden backstory of this game. And after exploring the design of survival mode,
the gameplay decisions, even ancillary canonical content and
books like the Mobestiary. Surprise, surprise. I have myself a theory as to what they actually are. Admittedly, it’s not a new theory, but what it lacks for in originality, it more than makes up for in
evidence and observation It is my proposal to you today that the Endermen aren’t aliens, they’re not ghosts, I almost thought that they were insects, but that one didn’t pan out. No, what they are is human. They’re brilliant humans. Humans who are in trouble. A literal fight for their lives and needed an escape. But in the process, they suffered a horrific fate, reducing them to the moaning shadows of a fallen civilization that they are now. So in the true spirit of Minecraft, let’s start building ourselves a theory, shall we? What do we know about these creatures? Well, first we know that they’re one of the game’s neutral mobs, meaning that they’re not gonna attack you, unless they’re actively provoked. This is already interesting because it means
that in many ways, they come in peace. I mean, look at the list of mobs and
all of their behavior patterns. Anything else that’s nice to you is either an animal,
a Villager, or a Zombie Pigman, which is weird, and honestly merits an episode of its own for another day. Everything, and I mean everything else, is hostile. Except for the Enderman.
So already, there’s a bit of an odd tenuously peaceful relationship between us and the Endermen, but it gets even weirder when you consider that they’re the only other creatures other than Steve or Alex able to move blocks. Sure, they’re kind of picky about what blocks they pick up but carrying blocks is an ability only shared between our character and the Endermen.
As the Mobestiary says, quote: “They will not just pick up any block but will choose only clay, dirt and sand, flowers and other plants,
and, rather oddly, TNT… …some claim the enderman is indulging in a form of play or attempting to communicate.” Speaking of communication, we also know that they can talk, or at least had the ability to talk. Listen to some of the sound clips from when Endermen are idling near you. *Endermen Sound Clips* Hear it? There’s clearly a language here. A real language that we, as humans, can understand. Listen again. You should be hearing: “Hey” *Enderman Sound Clip, Runs Twice* “Hello” *Enderman Sound Clip, Runs Twice* This next one is really clear. “What’s up?” *Enderman Sound Clip, Runs Twice* …And “Look for the eye” *Enderman Sound Clip* Which, presumably is referencing Eyes of Ender.
The items that allow you to find strongholds,
where they’re used to activate a portal to the End. Home of the Endermen,
and the game’s final boss; the Ender Dragon. So we have ourselves neutral creatures who are able to move blocks, just like us, and have language abilities far beyond what we hear elsewhere in the game from characters like villagers. It’s certainly a lot of odd similarities to be sure, but far from airtight evidence that the Endermen are somehow related to men, men. But now let’s take a minute to actually look at their home, The End. The End is a weird final dimension for Minecraft. It honestly feels to me like where the game started to run out of money. (Not that it could ever run out of money) With the whole thing just being a bunch of end stone and purpur blocks, ugly purples and yellows everywhere.
(Royal Colors) Huge chunks of landscape missing, and giant cities that you can visit far off in the distance.
All of which are eerily empty. This is the home of the Endermen, sure. Even the Mobestiary says it but look closer and you see that while the Endermen may call this dimension home, and they certainly wander around in the empty open landscapes, these giant, looming, Thanos purple buildings aren’t for them. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s take a look inside the end cities. There’s tons of great loot hidden all over the place. Inside the chests, you can find everything from enchanted swords to saddles and armor for your horse. The Minecraft Gamepedia breaks down everything that we can find here, but something’s wrong with that list. None of these items are actually useful to the Endermen. They don’t wear armor, they don’t attack with swords, and they certainly don’t ride animals. Heck, there are no animals in the end to ride. Even the fact that the items are kept in chests should be a huge red flag here. Remember Endermen are only picking up certain blocks and none of those blocks entail chests. They can’t use these things or the thing that stores those things. All of this points to the idea that The End’s cities weren’t built by the Endermen. They were built by and for someone else. Some other ancient people who managed to get to The End. But who? When you start up a new survival mode game you enter a blank world. Immediately you notice that you’re the only one of your kind. Oh sure, as you adventure, you’ll come across NPCs like the villagers. But they’re not like you. They don’t look like you. They can’t build like you. You and the villagers are fundamentally different. It’s almost as if you’re a different species. This fact is even supported by zombie attacks. When bit, a villager doesn’t transform into a normal zombie. It turns specifically into a zombie villager. Regular zombies and zombie villagers are different. In fact, the only times that you ever really see anything that looks even remotely like you, it’s always in the form of undead enemies. Zombies, Drowned, Husks. It implies that once upon a time there were other humans here. But they all died en masse. It’s a strange detail that you probably noticed, but you shrug it off and you continue on your journey.
Then you start discovering pre-existing structures Mineshafts. Temples in the desert.
Monuments underwater. All abandoned. All of them lost to time. Again, you’re the only person who can build things in this world, and you certainly didn’t build any of these things. So where did they come from? Making things even more suspicious is the fact that ruins like desert temples are protected by cleverly designed booby traps,
elaborate fake floors complete with pressure plates & grids of TNT. It all points to one thing: An advanced society of builders once lived in The Overworld. But have since disappeared, so that begs the question. Where did they go? Maybe they all died which in turn led to
the armies of the undead mobs that we
have to guard against every night. And while I certainly think that that’s part of it, it’s not the whole story. Because we know that they went somewhere. Teleported somewhere. And while they could have gone any number of places, we know for a fact, that one of the places they ended up was The End. How can we be so sure? Strongholds. Strongholds are the hidden ancient ruins that contain massive portals to The End. Whatever this ancient society was, they were so advanced that they could figure out how to build these things. Which in turn makes them more
advanced than even you the player. In Survival Mode, you can’t craft the end frames necessary to construct this thing.
In order to travel to the end, you must find these portals hidden within the stronghold. And let’s stop there for a minute. I mean, have you ever thought to question that name? Stronghold? It’s a pretty odd choice. Personally, I would think it to be like the portal room or the Gateway room or the altar or something, anything like that. But instead the designers of Minecraft named it “stronghold.” A term that refers to a highly secure structure built for defending against attacks. And there’s that idea again. An ancient civilization of advanced builders that was quickly dying. A group of builders just like our player who were being threatened in the Overworld, and needed an escape. And what they created was a portal to another dimension. The End, where wouldn’t you know it, they built cities to store the items and armor from their previous world. But there was one thing that they didn’t expect: That this would be a one-way trip. That the portal would close up behind them, leaving them stranded in a strange and barren wasteland. Sure, they were safe from whatever was killing them in the Overworld, But now they were trapped in a wasteland. A wasteland guarded by an unstoppable dragon. And they came unprepared. Based on what we see in the chests, they came in with
swords and armor and horses. Effective weapons to be sure, but not against an otherworldly foe. A giant foe that flies around and attacks with towering beacons that restore its health. They couldn’t defeat this thing. Hence why it’s still living when we arrived, and as we know from the game, the only way out of The End is through defeating the Ender Dragon. And since they couldn’t, they were stuck. Trapped there for generations. They learned to live in harmony with the dragon. They make a new life with whatever limited resources they have. They’re building homes using the strange end stones and purpur blocks. They run out of food and soon have nothing to eat, so they turn to the strange chorus fruits found there. Chorus fruits, which funny enough, have teleportation properties. And over time, they begin to change.
They adapt to their new surroundings. Oh sure, they retain some human features. According to the diagrams in the Mobestiary, their brains are very human-like, and they have the flat faces and wide eyes, indicative of humans. They still do vaguely look like our player character, but they evolved to grow taller, which makes picking the tall stalks of chorus fruit easier, similar to how [the] giraffes’ necks got longer to more easily reach higher up leaves. The fruits teleportation abilities starts to rub off on them, so instead of having to rely on Ender Pearls to teleport around, they instead naturally gain the ability from their diet. Over time, they slowly forget their ability to build. I mean, why build when there’s no escape?
When there’s not even many resources
with which to craft? But they still retain the ability to pick up blocks. Though their skill for speech gets forgotten, they do retain a rudimentary language still speaking in those distorted words. This once great, builder society slowly, generation after generation, transforms into the Endermen. Even some of their memories may still remain. One odd detail of the Enderman, is that wearing a pumpkin on your head prevents them from becoming aggressive. Maybe it reminds them somewhere deep down, of a simpler time or of the friendly golems that they would construct back on the Overworld. Regardless, the civilization is stuck there. Oh sure, some are able to teleport out into the Overworld or into the Nether, but most are forced to live there under the rule of the dragon. And we know this isn’t by choice, because when you finally arrive in The End, when you finally defeat their oppressor, The achievement we receive is Free The End. The Endermen at this point are so far gone from the people they once were that they’re no longer able to appreciate what’s happened. But in defeating the dragon, you as the player have brought closure to this oppressed civilization. One that was forced to flee to a new dimension in order to survive, only to wind up trapped yet again. And that my friends, is the story of Minecraft. You’re a builder and you follow in the path of the great builders who came before you, discovering their work, learning of their enemies, unlocking their technology, and ultimately freeing them from their greatest oppressor. Now admittedly, there are some difficult things to explain here, like how this ancient civilization got access to the ender pearls necessary to craft the eyes of ender, required to build a portal to the end, if they themselves become the Endermen. It would require some sort of time loop, which honestly there isn’t a whole lot of evidence for. Instead, my thought here is that the ender pearls are items that they learn to create before becoming Endermen. Before going to The End. I mean, think about this. We know that this ancient civilization was able to access the Nether. End Rods and Eyes of Ender both require
Blaze related materials to craft. So this civilization had definitely visited that dimension, and thus knew how to access the powers of teleportation. So maybe they learned how to harness that in a smaller portable form.
i.e. the ender pearl, before ever making it to The End. I’m not 100% sure. It’s honestly just speculation to try and solve for this Theory’s biggest problem. Anyway, I want to know: What do you think? Did you like it? Did you not? Let’s build it out from there. Why do they hate endermites?
Where’d the villagers come from? And seriously, what is the deal with the Zombie Pigman civilization? Like I said the Endermen are just the start to the puzzle that is Minecraft, but there are still plenty more here for us to discover. So until then, Remember, that’s just a Theory. A Game Theory!
Thanks for watching. Hey, If you enjoyed that, start picking away at the box on the left to check out my video on what Minecraft Creepers really are. It’s an older video and it’s more scientific, But it’s one of my favorites. Or heck, chip away at the box on the right to watch as I prove that Minecraft’s block world is actually round. I’ll see you all next weekend for that FNaF episode you requested. joy…

100 thoughts on “Game Theory: The LOST History of Minecraft’s Enderman

  1. This is a possibly pointless detail, but when you look from the enderman's eyes in spectator mode, the colors are reversed. So end stone looks like cobblestone.

  2. Another thing to prove this theory:
    In Tobuscus's "I can swing my sword" music video, at 0:24 you can see that Tobuscus has killed two Steves and burned down their house.


  3. 1)obsidian is made from water and lava, two things that are not found in the end.
    2)Ended towers are made with obsidian.
    3) when you enter the end you are on the island were the end dragon is.
    Mabye when the people first made it to the end, there was a way back, so they somehow build a defender, and towers to heal the defender, built with the strongest thing they new of, and far up to keep them from being attacked. (And in cages to keep them from being shot).
    The defender was the end dragon. They lost control of it, therefore could not get back.

    The egg the ended dragon drops might be part of the heal systeam, so if there defender dies, it will come back after a time.
    Mabye the resion some of the cages on the end towers are not there is because they were damaged in a fight, and iron is not found in the end.

    Also to note: the end portal is off when you first find it. Mabye something killed the end dragon opening the way back, so the end people used it to close the portal to the end so more of what killed the end dragon could not get into the end.

  4. Look, man. I just wanna know why I once saw villagers throwing bread at each other

    I'm not kidding

    They were throwing bread

  5. But best question is, "What was killing the original builders/endermen?" If they had the necessary armor and supplies, what are they running from?

  6. bruh do an audio sensitivity warning :,,,,) i'm gonna be up all night just from hearing the enderman speaking with english captions

  7. What if the reason the humans tried all escaped to strongholds and eventually made it to the end was because of something they created? Withers, well, wither things. What if, when accidentally (or not accidentally) creating the wither in the overworld, it's the reason for all the steve-looking zombies and other undead mobs, and the reason the rest of the humans evacuated the overworld. (idk the relevance but there's also specifically a painting COMPLETELY focused on the wither and nothing else in it, so…)

  8. What I found interesting is the End Portals. The ancient people found a way to get to the end via Eyes of Ender. But the portal isn’t open when you arrive. So either a person or a group of people had to stay behind.

  9. They probably hate endermites because they may just be a natural creature from the End that eat their chorus fruit.

  10. 0 – The Universe is created by the Blue and Green gods seen when you exit the End, as the Nether, it is unstable and incredibly hot.
    1 – Life begins in the Nether, like using the hot air below them as a way to float, they can also push out some of their food and hot air to create fireballs. These are known as ghasts.
    2 – The Overworld is created
    3 – Life begins in the Overworld, with animals and such.
    4 – Humans and Villagers evolve, Wither Skeletons evolve too.
    5 – The End is created, along with the Ender Dragon.
    6 – Wither Skeletons become intelligent, and build massive fortresses, they use Blazes to guard the buildings.
    7 – Villagers are enslaved by Humans as a workforce, the Humans live in mansions, while the Villagers are put in small houses.
    8 – Humans discover the Nether, some Villagers escape and become the Illagers and Pillagers, living in abandoned Human buildings.
    9 – Humans invent Ender Pearls, and Eyes of Ender.
    10 – Life other than the Dragon appear in the End
    11 – Chorus Fruit, Endermites, and Shulkers appear in the End. The Endermites eat the Chorus Fruit by crawling up the branches, while the Shulkers attract bacteria floating in the air using glowing orbs.
    12 – Humans combine pigs with humans and wither skeletons, creating a zombie-like pigman.
    13 – The Zombie plague in the pigmen's DNA spreads to humanity, starting the zombie apocalypse,
    14 – Eventually, Humanity is pushed to massive strongholds underground, hiding from the Zombies. They use their ancient technology to build a way out, though they have no idea where the portal leads.
    15 – They find themselves in the End, immediately, they wish to turn back. The Dragon ignores the Humans, seeing them as weak and pathetic, the Humans accept their fate and begin creating cities out of the endstone.
    16 – Villagers return from their hiding, seeing their owners have left, and they are free.
    17 – Humanity runs out of food and begins eating chorus fruit
    18 – Humanity begins to resemble endermen, with long arms and darker skin due to the constant exposure to the bright and glowing endstone.
    19 – Humanity officially are Endermen
    20 – The Dragon sees the Endermen as a workforce, and hypnotize some to build it towers that will grant it immortality.
    21 – The Blue and Green gods decide they must intervene, as without doing so the Universe would end up as a sad wasteland. They create Steve/Alex.
    22 – The Player runs around and kills things with their bare hands to eat, eventually, in their adulthood, they find an ancient crafting recipe book
    23 – Minecraft Takes Place.

  11. what about multiplayer because when using it you have lots of people that can join so when using multiplayer your not the only one

  12. I can imagine Notch watching this and saying to himself
    "He figured it out before I did."… That is if he doesn't already have the cannon stuff stored away somewhere

  13. 10:50 swords are actually great against the Ender Dragon,Wither,Ravager,Elder Guardian,Pigs,Sheep,and literally everything else.
    Check the gameplay MatPat.

  14. Think about it…. if they visited the nether they gave access to teleportation like pat said he also says they harness the ability to teleport from the nether. Now think of this. They harnessed that ability with the ender Pearl's then when they turn into ender men they gained the ability to teleport from the nether portal because they used the portal to create the Pearl's and theirs proof
    The nether portal required obsidian which is black and when the portal lighrs up its purple. What mob is black and purple that can teleport? Ender men aka the civilization that harness that power

  15. Umm i mean if they all had armor and swords plus the ability to craft and they amount to how many endermans are in the overworld when you teleported in it. Its very unlikely that they couldnt defeat it since they could destroy the beacons by building up and sacrifice and sacrifice a few people and i would understand if its only two people but a handful is enough to kill an enderdragon with the help of potions enchantments and golden apples. Welp if they are a the kind of craft only civilization and ur only the one who can fight i would understand but i mean tnt and potions is a way right?

  16. Wait but who made the towers in the end,because if they tried to beat the dragon they wouldn't make those towers and the beacon things for the dragon because it heals the dragon and how'd the portal get there???

    Also the enderman make the ender pearls so wouldn't they need endermen to get the ender pearls???

  17. What if the dimension where enderman lives in. Is the former world of human that has been corrupted when ender dragon appeared? As well as the villagers lives there has been corrupted too which turns them into enderman

  18. 12:50 this still doesn't make any sense, if they are stuck in the "end dimension" and they can be also find in the normal dimension that means they aren't stuck

  19. so as for the endermite thing: they're created when you throw an ender pearl sometimes, right?
    if your theory is correct (the endermen were an ancient race who knew how to create ender pearls but were trapped and slowly became the endermen through adaption) then maybe they don't like the endermites because they are bugs: literally. ender pearls could be extremely advanced technology or magic, but either one would possibly be susceptible to bugs in the way they're made.

  20. What if villagers had a huge kingdom, full of advanced tech which helped them build the temples, dungeons, and mines. This nation of peace loving villagers main punishment was banishment, a “humane” punishment that shedded no blood. Over time, so many people were banished, these people came together. These are the illagers. They were fueled by hate for their “friendly” counterparts. One day, these illagers had enough. With the growing number of banished outlaws, the illagers now have an army and they attack. Like the Bronze Age collapse, society falls in a blaze of death and destruction, caused by these illagers. In the real world, Minecraft Is created, and the player him/herself has spawned. In the beginning of the game, there weren’t any villagers. When villagers were added, this represents the small groups of surviving villagers settling down. Slowly, over updates, they begin to have a culture and become more advanced. Nowadays, the villagers have grown so advanced, the illagers discover them! Their old foe had arisen again! This is when the raids begin. They want the villagers gone. Completely destroyed. We may only see these attacks increase.

  21. What if herobrine was what the ancient civilization was fighting and the only way they could escape was through the portal and maybe herobrine used the people he killed as an army and that’s why the mobs look like Steve and maybe Steve and Alex is the last surviving people of that civilization

  22. Heres is my theory about minecraft and i dont expect it to be good.
    Im not sure how the world was created, but because the default terrain choice is infinite, instead of creating space, ill say it created the infinite world of the terrain the play sees.
    Animals were born, they evolve, and soon enough, the “builders” were created. They had enough intelligence to build, collect, craft, and destroy objects. But on the other side of intelligence, the villagers were created, as well.
    These were less evolved and less intelligent than the “builders”. Builders, instead of ignoring them, helped them create villages to created truce between them. They were fascinated by emeralds, and started to get their jobs for them.
    But as time went, not everyone agrees on the same thing. Part of the builders ran and made their own group of people. Part the villagers also did not like where the builders were heading. These outcasts made truces, and thats why they don’t attack each other in-game. Villagers were soon known as illagers, trained to fight.
    As the “builders” started losing people, they fought a war. The builders had studied more and had better weapons than the “mobs”, so they went on the fight. Some of the illagers ran away and studied magics and battle skills. Built mansions to live in.
    When the builders found about the dimension, Nether, they went and collected materials to study they never had. The part of villagers who were held hostage found out about this, escaped and soon became witches.
    Then suddenly the undead mobs came alive, and the builders were unprepared for this. Then they soon closed up all the studies they made, closed the portal to the nether, which were raided by the wither. They barely won the wither, but they were left alone while the portal was sealed. They attempted to get out but they died. Then the wither effect we have now made the bones burn, reborn as the wither skeleton. While at the overworld, they now packed up all the studies and moved on to the “End” dimension. They stored all the items, like Matpat said, and they began eating chorus fruits. They soon became the enderman. When morning came in the overworld, the undead was burnt to dead, soon reborn. And that repeated, while the villagers lived. Then, one overworlder, you, came to existence, to make anther story.

  23. Well, I would argue you can't claim the villagers can't build like you, because their houses, tools, beds, workbenches, etc had to have come from somewhere right? And they certainly don't look like ruins, so they are freshly built in comparison to the actual ruins you find in Minecraft.

  24. I don't know why people are trying to find out the story of Minecraft. Minecraft doesn't have a story and it doesn't need one. It's up to the player to create a story and that's the beauty of Minecraft.

  25. I have a theory. Maybe the ancient people built the villages. Villagers aren’t able to build. Also strongholds are usually in villages

  26. I am intrigued into why an endermen becomes provoked to attack you if you stare directly at it, perhaps this could be covered in a future episode?

  27. maybe the hostile creatures somehow helped create a zombie virus, and once it was created, the zombie virus wiped out all civilization. The builders needed to escape, so different builders from different biomes built different strongholds to defend against the mob hordes. Overtime, they ran out of supplies and defenses ware out, so they escape to the end dimension. They do all of that thing that mat pat explains. They traveled around the end looking for different things or an escape using the flying ships, but find nothing. They attack you when u look at them because they don’t like what they have becom, but if wear pumpkin, they remember their friends. For the villagers, they could of mined and lived deep down in the mine shafts when the zombie horde arrived. Soon, different mobs arrived so they went to the overworks, which was less populated with zombies. They quickly build up the villages (or reclaim them), so they can defend against zombies. They use iron from their mine shafts and build golems. Pigmans were failed experiments to create alternate life to replicate the old builders, but were banished to the nether because they were failed, but when they see you, they don’t kill you because you are what they were supposed to become, but they think they were succesful and see you as equals. Also, I think sponges were common which is how they built sea temples, but things changed when mobs over took the oopulation, so the once almost extinct species of guardian may of retaken their home, and the fallen ship wrecks were villager ships looking for other civilization, but struck by drowned or guardians. Also, the pillagers were villagers that were too in the mineshaft, but abandoned and left alone fighting all the cave spiders and other mobs by themselves. They turned more gray because severe lack of sunlight. They kill villagers because they seek revenge. They can actually fight because they were more experienced because they fought the mobs, and they had more materials because were in mine shafts longer. The witches are the ones who created the pigmen, so when they banished them to nether, they explored and found things to create potions, hence why they have glow stone and potions. Also, have a theory where there are endermen in the overworld because they eventually tried adventuring below them, and if they teleported at right time, they would avoid the consequences of dying in void and teleport to the overworld.

  28. What if a ender pearl is just a miniature nether portal that takes advantage of the "fast travel" thing with the nether

  29. Endermen: "hey"
    Me: ?????? HOo dAt??!
    Endermen: "What's Up?"
    Me: oh hey!
    Endermen: "look for the eye"
    Me: (takes out stone sword and starts starring at Endermen?)
    Endermen: "THE OTHER EYE NOT MINE IDIOT!! >:O"

  30. maybe (including the info from the newest vid on the disks) the zombies are those former people
    sorta like a zombie apocalypse-ish thing
    and skeletons are just zombies with their flesh completely rotten off

  31. Maybe Mojang should add in a feature, where if you kill the dragon, over time, the enderman begin to take on more human forms, with the ability to build and such

  32. I believe the insanity started when people created a literal gateway to hell and it also affected to overworld with bipolar spiders and creepers

  33. Questions.
    Who trapped the enderdragon?
    Why do Creepers are scared of Ocelots/Cats?
    Why do Endermen are scared of water?
    Why do birds suddenly appear, everytime you are near?

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