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100 thoughts on “Game Theory: How Bendy EXPOSES Disney’s Cartoon CONSPIRACY (Bendy and the Ink Machine)

  1. I like that the Fleischers are getting some credit. I, like most, had no clue about them or the company.

  2. Because
    Disney is dark dark Disney with dark secrets

    Disney =nazi
    Disney =evil
    Disney = illuminati
    Disney = racism
    Disney = sexism

  3. A time before FIDGET SPINNERS GaSp No NoT fIdGeT SpInNeRs! HoW cOuLd YoU lIvE? (I’m sorry. I had to)

  4. I remembered even before this video symptom part of the 1% if people didn't know that or knew that before the video isn't he also the person who created Betty Boop the only reason I know this is because of my grandma once again other than this video

  5. While I was watching this I had on a Betty shirt that I've had for some long, and now I know who she came from

  6. When i first saw bendy i thought he was main OC from "that animation company wich rivaled Disney like in medieval times"

  7. Mat I know I’m a little late but, before the Great Depression, which started in the 1930’s, was preceded by the booming 20s which was a great time in america

  8. What….what if Henry from bendy…is the one from FNAF? Like if this was his job as a tween and building animatronics was his second job? I have no Proof of this but I think about it alot. Sry if this a waste of time im just wondering

  9. I was at my computer programming class and I watched this video yesterday of that day and I believe I answered some questions he didn't think we knew.

  10. B e n d y s G i r l f r i e n d A l i c e
    Welcome to the future children. Where Alice is evil, she hates bendy, killed 5670 Boris's, and gets stabbed by Allison Angel. Yaaay

  11. Couple months later, Joey wanted to use people to make IRL cartoons, an ugly, deformed faced Alice who used Boris clones to become beautiful, and Sammy being a victim to Joey's manipulation and snapping from being overworked, worshipping Bendy in the long run. Who knew?

  12. Honestly i was born is the 2000s and I had an old casset player and I watch bimbo or well Betty boop (I still do)

  13. This video made me love matpat even more when he made the reference to Good Mythical Morning, because its been my favourite Web show for a very long time. Thank you for reinforcing my love for this show and your team including yourself. Once again, thank you.

  14. 1:33
    Hey dude! Does this seem farmillier!!? “5 parts”! Make another theory cuz I happen to think this could be related to Five Nights at Freddy’s… BATIM and Hello Neibor cuz of some song lyrics I found “I worked at Freddy Fazbears Pizza and moved to another town”

    Me: cough cough cough Uh WHA XD I just spit my drink. right now i remember how he tells in some newer theory that in bendy and the dark revival you have to pick the demon or angel side BECAUSE THEIR ENEMIES and now i just want to laugh XD

  16. Mat: Anyway, she's also the matching species of her love interest, just like the ink machine's two little devils.
    Me:*remembers that one comic: I DESPISE HER* HMMMMMMMMMM TOTALY

  17. What I don't understand about the plot is why Henry even tried to put any of the pieces together, I don't think I would have even stepped though the front door of that building if the one who invited me wasn't there to invite me in.

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