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100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Five Nights at Freddy’s SCARIEST Monster is You!

  1. Is it bad that I've watched this series(playlist) so much that I can quote the whole 1st video? 😂😂

    Also, I started watching this series when I was 10, I'm 15 now and this has brought on some serious nostalgia.

  2. i'm sure someone has said this before in a fan theory, but i believe FNAF is hell. you're the killer, and this is your hell–your punishment for committing those terrible murders. you're living in hellish eternity, tortured and terrified by these demons.

    all the terror, anguish, anxiety, and fear is part of it. it's why you can only shut one door at a time, why the power is limited…why would a building have such limited power? doesn't it have the power running all day?

    it's also why Golden Freddy is invincible. he's the deus ex machina, the unbeatable x-factor…no matter how good you get at this sick, phony farce of a "game" you're playing in hell, you know there's ALWAYS the chance Golden Freddy will show up and eat you…yet you have to start all over again, and again, and again.

    what is humanity's greatest fear–the one thing everyone is always afraid of, from childhood through death? being alone in the dark. it's closely followed by being chased, closely followed by being helpless and unable to protect yourself or run away.

    your personal hell offers ALL of those primal terrors.

    anyway, i'm sure others have thought about it before. but it's what i believe is the case.

    sleep tight, kiddos >:D

  3. 2019 and this is still pretty solid. Do you think Scot Cawthon really knew about the real life murders or is it a spooky coincidence?

  4. Fnaf 1: Scott: I'm gonna add some news reports to make it scary


    Fnaf 3: Scott: lets make an f ing storyline to annoy matpat

  5. If you think about it, they don’t stuff you because of the endo thing, they do it to show the night guard how it feels to be stuffed in a suit, like them.

  6. False

    I Don't Care If I Spelt It Wrong You Know What I'm Trying To Say, Not Being Rude But Thats What It Means…

  7. Its purple guy that killed them and they think U are purple guy but u are INNOCENT a INNOCENT EMPLOYEE and purple guy tricks u to work there because he wants the children to kill u and he cuased the murder so this theory IS FAKE

  8. 2014: Golden Freddy: The one who got away, the one you never expected.

    2019:Golden Freddy: The one you should not have killed.

  9. I’ve always been afraid of chuck-e-cheeses now I have another reason to be scared of it and it gets even better I live right next to one

  10. Past MatPat: What I found was some of the most interesting storytelling, most intriguing mysteries, and most disturbing events I'd read about in a long time.
    Present Me: Glad you like it, cause its going to eat up at you for at least the next five years. 🙂

  11. Matt: was that is bunny, was that a bunny?
    I think that was a bunny
    Me: who else laughed soooo hard after watching this after all his theorys?

  12. Even now coming back to this after a while it's still unnerving to me knowing I might be related to a murderer

  13. Me in 2020 looking down on this as MatPat used alternate universes, the books, FNAF world and even merch to construct his “”final”” timeline.

  14. Just came here from Ro's channel. Wow this game has been out for so long. This is my first time watching this, I think I'm in for an adventure since the comments say that there is a lot of theories. I hope I won't be too addicted to watch all the videos at once

  15. i didn’t know there was a flag seven so i’m going through every video and theory again after like three years. ALSO THE FACT THE HE DOESNT EVEN BLINK AT THE FIRST JUMPSCARE BAHAHAHAHhhah

  16. Now I'm sitting there wondering if this was made before ASMR was a thing and Matt was actual the true founder of ASMR…

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