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100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Did I Find Fortnite’s SECRET Lore? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. Me and my friend were in fortnite and we discovered two phones with (possible) real numbers and we thought you would be able to help us with this situation we are in…

  2. Wait, so if Venus is the host planet of the game and in Save The World they attempt to escape from the first planet (Mercury) to the second (Venus) what are they escaping from? Planet 1 (Mercury) isn't the host to the acidic storm. Or am I missing something?

  3. WHY ARE YOU CALCULATING THE ISLAND'S DIMENSIONS???!!!!!!!!!! Put a marker on one end and go to the other end. The island is about 2,500 from corner to corner I think. (And no I didn't watch the whole video first.)

  4. but why are they rocketing off of mercury to venus in the diagram then?

    am i missing something obvious or what

  5. This comment is from 4 minutes in but I think br is a virtual simulation from stw to train soldiers to fight the storm

  6. I want to to reply and make a joke about Edventr’s comment but there’s too many apparently; like seriously YouTube, get your game on

  7. I think epic games didn’t say earth becuz they wanted to make it to where people would have to use their imaginations to solve it

  8. Wouldn't it be actually cool if Fortnite BR actually made a lore and a decent story about life on Venus, not just giving us random snow or volcanoes?

  9. I'm Commenting here to let you know that Pewdiepie says that (No Offence ) if you play Fortnite in 2019 you're Gay

    P.S. I didn't say that in the first place I'm just here to tell you that that's what Pewds said Blame him, not me

  10. I've seen 0 comments about how the fortnite moon is the Earth's moon so it can't be Venus, it has to be on earth

  11. Ok so my theory is that the events of save the world are happening and the battle royal is a simulation and Homebase in save the world are trying to recruit the best of the best in the battle royal as they are experienced in avoiding storms and shooting stuff in the simulations

  12. My cousin told me that in a season, Epic might destroy the entire island in a cataclysmic event. Then, we are introduced to newer worlds and that's the last season of Fortnite. You can always go back to the old island but all you see is ruble and few remains of the old island. The Visitor comes back to save us and take us to other worlds. If you don't know the Visitor, He is an alien robot that comes out of the meteor in S4

  13. they do say earth in save the world its much later in canny valley they say the storm king will destroy the earth but good job!

  14. So the failed experiment combined with venus' atmosphere making "The Storm" far more dangerous than if it was just on earth.

  15. Everybody lets all yell “LETS GO GAME THEORY LETS GO!!!!!!!!” In comments on this. He just roasted rice gum 😂😂😂😂🤣

  16. I found the image of terraformed Venus, but the part that should be the STW area is completeley different. Why do you fake something to prove your theory? It's still isn't bad, so why?

  17. (making my reply a comment cause of the 479 replies in Edventr's comment)
    Sadly not, stands for vindertech bucks, probably a joke though haha

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