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100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Dear Nintendo, I FIXED Your Timeline! (Zelda)

  1. I think botw is just another branch in the timeline, something different that happened during or after ocarina of time or maybe something different with skyward sword.

  2. What if when the timeline where merged then ripped apart the made a new timeline that raced at super sonic speed to present date and boom breath of the wild is made.

    By the way i hade a more detailed version but acidentily erased it.


  3. We should all send the Link for this video to Nintendo, so they can finally make some sense out of the timeline.

  4. Poor MatPat we all know that after Breath of the wild 2 there is going to be another game probably The Legend of Zelda: The Great Baseball match

  5. So, it was a Dragonbreak?

    Actually, that's an interesting and obscure lore-journey to go down.
    Vehk and CHIM – wrap your brain around that, Theory-man

  6. Ganon didn’t turn into calamity ganon calamity ganon is his malice and breath of the wild is connected to twilight princess

  7. you know most of your theories seem like a bit of a stretch or it feels like you very conveniently overlooked a piece of evidence that proves it wrong but I got to say, this one makes a lot of sense. good job

  8. I had always assumed that Link's Awakening and the Oracle games were supposed to have occurred at around the same time, mainly since Link's Awakening is the direct sequel to ALttP. Either that, or the version in Hyrule Historia was just a typo.

  9. Hello u might not see this but when I was playing the legand of Zelda breath of the wild king dorephan gives hint in the dialogue

  10. …but there weren't any Lynels or Spectacle Rock in HW. Also in regards to Faron Woods: anything that existed prior to the timeline split in OoT has the potential to exist AFTER the timeline split in any three timelines.

  11. I don't know if i'm the only one who notices how weird it is to have a timeline where link dies considering if that was the case, you could make an argument that theres a chance of link dying in every single game, splitting the timeline again in every game. personally i could see the 3rd timeline existing due to the first time link would go back to the past in ocarina of time. If Zelda can split the timeline by sending link back to his childhood then what stops link from also splitting the timeline when he is forced into going into the future and back again.

  12. To be fair about the blue in the tunic, Link in Wind Waker had a blue shirt before gaining his tunic (at least I think? It’s been years since I played Wind Waker tbh)

  13. Wait wait wait I remember watching this video already and I don’t remember a new epic intro AND WAHTS THAT YELLOW COLOR ON THE RING IS THERE A NEW CHANNEL

  14. Think about this… If Hyrule Warriors merges the timeline back together, the events would have to happen in all three timelines at once, right? So would that mean that Hyrule Warriors isn't just cannon, but Legends and D.E. are independently cannon as separate instances of the same events in each timeline?

  15. well that would also explain the theory of Ganondorf's sealing in botw2 because while never shown in the final cutscene, in all likelyness, once Ganon was defeated in hyrule warriors final battle, he reverted back to normal, giving way to be sealed by a green magic hand. Not to mention if the supposed Ganondorf in the botw2 trailer is the same as the twighlight princess one, that also means he still has his stab wound from his botched execution and since he gains new armour in hyrule warriors, the wound would still be on his skin and underneath his new armour, which is why this theory connects to several others regarding that of botw2's supposed Ganondorf's sealing under hyrule castle

  16. Now I'm confused. If you lose ocarina it's the prequel to the first one? Majora's mask is in the winning as a child line despite the fact that you're dead and going through a metaphysical grieving process? You were a kid in Twilight Princess? Finally, if BOTW is supposed to be at the end of the line, does that put it after DOOM? Apparently I have a lot of LoZ theories to catch up on…

  17. One problem on the clothing theory. The champion garb you mentioned is the second time Link wears blue. Link obtains a blue mail suit in the Ice Palace in Zelda: A link to the past.

  18. I think the idea of breath of the wild is that no matter the timeline, Ganon will eventually be consumed by rage and Demise's power and become the mindless Calamity Ganon (or possibly given the BotW trailer, Ganondorf intentionally purges it from his body to regain his independence from the triforce cycle), in other words, all roads lead to calamity. Also I'm surprised you didn't draw the connection between HW ganondorf and BOTW2 ganondorf's design cues

  19. I like you pat. I really do. But this timeline ahit just needs to stop. Just let them all be stand alone games. Nintendo is sick of it. And a lot of us that just want to enjoy a single game are sick of it too

  20. me: how do people find that much time to play games? I want to do that
    also me: watches game theory until i pass out

  21. Nintendo: “Everyone can use their imagination to enjoy this story”
    MatPat: “I have the RIGHT timeline and you’re all gonna listen!!!”

  22. All history changes overtime.
    Also (I think) LA comes between OoS/OoA.
    Also, Ganondorf exists in ALttP, but seems to be a separate entity.

  23. I don't know if MapPat will ever see this comment but if he does then I am sorry to say but the Nintendo timeline is wrong, in fact, BOTW should be at the Top of the timeline to make hyrule warriors cannon, In BOTW the Top left there's a place called the "Forgotten Temple" and I believe that the temple is the same one from Skyward, the the master sword is at. At the end of temple there is a statue, but not any statute, it's the statue where the master sword was first at. Not only that the name gives a HUGE hint, it's called the Forgotten Temple. Nintendo put that in like as if we were supposed to know what it was. Not only that but if you explore the temple you see carving and statues that look exactly like the ones from SkyWard sword. I'm sorry to say this but I don't think the time line CAN be fixed.

  24. Other evidence for the Downfall timeline includes Marin as a playable character (she is from Link's Awakening, in the downfall timeline)

  25. I just want to set here in quite for a few minutes to appreciate how much this makes sense. Mat pat. I give you a 1+up man! I can finally feel at peace. Until Nintendo pushes mix on there blender again and mess it up again. They could do something in botw 2 to chang every again.

  26. 😂😂😂 the answer Nintendo gave about the breath of the wild timeline is such a Japanese answer LOL! Living in Japan I've noticed that nobody wants to make any conflict so they're just like so it can be whatever you want it to be and that's okay with us👍 😂😂😂 to funny

  27. I bet that guy that made that "epic of Stew" game totally tried to get that girl he was working on it with. She probably thought he was some homosexual nerd though.

  28. Everything he said is so true, but I wish he mentioned the BOTW 2 trailer where there seems to be a sword in the "ganon's" chest… which is how Twilight Princess ended. Just sayin… cause that supports it even further if not helps solidify.

  29. The Ganon skull with the hole in it, at the bottomless swamp, would support this going at the end of the child timeline.

  30. I thought the blue tunic was reference to Wind Waker where you wear blue in the beginning, and you know, as time goes on, legend gets mixed up.

  31. After watching this I feel like I wrongly judged hyrule warriors based on the WiiU. I should probably try it on the switch

  32. If Hyrule warriors becomes Canon then a game prior would need to be made that splits ganons spirit into the timelines being the game that connects the timelines

  33. Well i mean…. it was 10,000 years GOD knows how many world ending events and time travel mischief could have happened in that ammount of time, they could have superhero comic'd everything into one universe

  34. Man what a great time to become a nintendo fan, money was tight for a while and the wii and wii-u weren't really jumping at me and handhelds never really appealed to me but goddamn, Franchise redefining games that bring everything that is a Mario, Zelda, and Super Smash Game to the switch. Nintendo IS "THE" Video game company

  35. At the end of the day ganondorf is only left in the child timeline in fallen timeline he is Gannon not ganondorf and in adult they have moved on from him altogether the last game in childtimeline featured both ganondorf and Ganon! Just like botw-botw2

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