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100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Could Tails Really Fly? (Sonic the Hedgehog)

  1. I have a question now we know you said sonic isnt as fast as they say he is but lets say he is and the boosting in the modern games makes him faster exactly how fast would that be and would it be deadly to him?

  2. You forgot to mention, Tails has another friend called Cream the Rabbit. She can fly with her ears, but I’m pretty sure she can’t go as high as Tails.

  3. Wouldn't this mean that every time Tails flies he is ripping his own body apart? If his tails spinning one way means his body spins the other, and you know, screws tell us that if two attached devices go the opposite direction, they detach.

  4. can you explain how rose(black pink) turning her hand not trying to be rude, your theory is true but tails could have that

  5. see there's one thing you didn't catch matpat, is that what if tail's left tail is going left and tail's right tail is going right? I've finally beat you matpat >:D

  6. what if one of tails tails is spining twice as fast,and the other is the counter acting proppeler so he can fly

  7. you can see that effect of out of control in GTA V when you shot the helicopter in the back roter (is that right?)

  8. Every action has an equal opposite reaction,
    thanks to hamilton our parties are breakin' down like fractions.

  9. So I get that you're saying about Trails needing a second rotor to counteract the habit of autorotation in helicopters (the counter-spin if the body relative to the rotor). My idea centers around the concept of coaxial-rotor helicopters that have two counter-rotating sets of rotors on a single mast. No need for a tail rotor because the spin of the second rotor in the opposite direction to the first counteracts the force of the other. It's less stable than a traditional rotor arrangement, but it offers far superior maneuverability and speed. So… if Tails does function as a helicopter and can spin his tails that fast, would it not be possible for his twin tails to counter-rotate as a coaxial rotor helicopter would? After all, we don't ever see the direction of the individual tails, just a blur that indicates they're spinning…

  10. I feel like you are focusing on the wrong flying character here I always felt there was some explanation for tails but meanwhile cream never made sense her ears can make her fly and it’s just weird because how do those small things hold her up

  11. I know a lot of people that take your theories seriously and I'm just like "do you even HEAR what he says at the end of EVERY VIDEO?!?!?!?"

  12. There is a helicopter that has no tail rotor called a K-MAX. It is a very funky looking helicopter and thin as well. It has 2 blades spinning at an angle. Still with tails only spinning both tails the same way as in the game he could not fly. Maybe if it was more like how the K-MAX then it would be a maybe.

  13. Dude I’m not going to lie watching that part where tails was spinning around while flying, made me laugh harder than it should 😂

  14. Average weight of a 6 year old? Isn't tails cannon age 6 years? Sega does more research on real life things than nintendo. Then again modern sonic games are meant to be more realistic

  15. What if one of his tales spins in one direction and the other spins in another? Would this make sense?

  16. Hey MatPat you didn't not mention that Miles Prower practice his tails for years, that makes him a little bit of weight. Have you even noticed Miles Prower can still fly even though he is still a child since he was created, also have you noticed that Miles Prower practice his tail for 18 years?

  17. I have a theory tails can't die so when sonic dies he respawns so does time reset to when you hit the last check point A-does the checkpoint control time B-when sonic dies does time reset C-can tails die

  18. MatPat, if you see this comment:

    I did the research, and on the low end, helicopter blades are 40 ft long. Multiply this by pi for the circumference, and then by 60 for feet per minute. Then for Miles per Hour, divide this by 5280, and you get that a small helicopter blade spins at approximately 14.3 miles per hour. Tales has, on the low end, 1343 MPH…

    Now divide this by 2 for the average for 1 tail, which will be 671.5 MPH. For one tail. And he has 2. He has more than enough Miles per Hour per tail to have one act as a front propeller and one as a back, especially since in both cases his tails AT LEAST are as long as his body…

    Please reply if you have a reason why this is wrong, I am no university head scientist, so please correct me so I can see what I did wrong. Also, I only did the calculations for Classic Tails, the faster of the two, then later found out it even works for Modern Tails. So, MatPat, if you see this, and it turns out to be right…

    Game Theory: Could Tails Really Fly? (Sonic the Hedgehog) (PART 2)

  19. 8:37 I heard of the story of Tails' (Miles Prower), it was in real an birth mutation, that caused his two tails and propelling ( and fly ) ability.

  20. Where’s the Knuckles theory? He can glide, climb walls, and punch open walls with a single punch. You have a lot to look into

  21. Me : oh math time!
    Matpat:u know what I'm going to skip the math!
    Matpat:go check the link
    Me : left the vid

  22. I have a theory, could tail's twin tail's might have a special piece of bone or organ in his butt that allows him to fiy???

  23. yet you wold be right but tails tails spin won way and then anuther… like he twist them up then he untwist them and then twist back up and so on.

  24. Look I'm not a Sonic fan, I'm really not. But I played one Sonic game in my childhood…
    It was Sonic Adventure. Here he gets an upgrade to his shoes. The jet anklet. So with jets attached to his shoes he should be able to counteract the spinning out of control. Meaning he can fly… In one game and one game only.

  25. This suggests that Mobius is unlike planet Earth, and that this universe in which Mobius is located does not obey the same scientific laws that our universe does.

  26. Now just saying it may not be possible for tails to fly but what about using his tails for horizontal thrust like he does when he is fallowing Sonic in some games.

  27. Actually you could fly with one rotor, but you have to keep going forward, and have aerodynamic design, the wind rushing pass the aircraft would keep it straight. This is a tactic used in the event of tail failure.

  28. So according to you tails would 2 rotors two fly. Doesnt he have 2 tails? Couldnt he just spin them in opposite directions to stabalize himself? Like a drone?

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