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“bird calls” “bird calls” “bird calls” “bird calls” Aaaahhhh!!! Uh! “bird calls” Gaahh… Yeah, yeah, yeah… Yeah, yeah, yeah… Heyaahh! Heyaahh! Alright “Enemy approaching” The Master awaits. Mm, there has been many years Simon Yes, Master. How may I serve you? It is I who serve you. Your sister’s fate has become
known to me. Your actions henceforth, will alter the
Karmic debt she has paid. You’re now between an anvil and a hammer One truly forges ones true destiny The dove is a gently creature. Full of good. But if it encounters forces
greater than itself it can be transformed. Even my powers are limited. And you must find your own path. But I can’t assist you in this way. Mika. Seek, who wears this sign. This will be the first step of
your journey. Wisdom must come, from within. Ha, ha, nice to see you… What brings you here? My sister’s misfortune. Seen this before? Yeah I’ve seen it, it’s a restaurant. Come on, I’ll show you. Here it is, see. Hey, what are you guys doing here? What do you want? Hey, we’re closed. Come back later. Hey, no pictures! Heeyaaahh!!! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! “Simon” “Simon” “Simon” “Simon” “Simon” “Simon” “Simon beware” “Beware” “Beware” Urrghhh! Ugh! Arghhh! Arghhh! “bird calls” Riiighhhh… Quickly. Your fight is over son. Your journey has ended. Your sister’s death has been avenged. A group of monsters were perpetrators. And now, her soul rests in peace. And you too must return to
your peaceful ways. Go home Simon. Go home. Go home. Go home. Go home. Go home. “Simon beware” “Simon” “Simon beware” “Beware” “Simon” “traveling in the spiritual void” “can be dangerous” “Simon” “traveling in the spiritual void” “can be dangerous” “traveling in the spiritual void” “can be dangerous” “Simon” “Simon” “Ha!” “beware of Chan” “he’s evil” “Simon” “beware of Chan” “he’s evil” “Chan is evil” “beware of Chan” “he’s evil” “Simon, beware of Chan” “he’s evil” “Simon, beware of Chan” “he’s evil” “Chan is evil” “Evil” “Ha, ha, ha…” “Simon” “Simon, beware” “Simon” “Simon, beware” Mm, Simon is more powerful
than I ever thought. I want you to take this tusk and guard it with your life. I fear he will attack me. He’s made fools of my men. He must be stopped before he
does too much damage. He may ruin my entire operation,
if we’re not careful. I’ve trained these men for years,
and look what he’s doing to them. I can’t afford to loose any
more fighters. Do you realize what these radicals
are costing me? I will not be made a fool of. And there must be an example. Bring me my brave fighters. Ha, ha, ha… “intruder alert!” Ha, ha, ha… Stop him! Cut him off! Grab him! Ha, ha, ha… It’s working. Finally working, ha, ha, ha… Ha, ha, ha… Yes! Ha, ha, ha… Kill him! Yes, kill him! Ha, ha, ha… Yes! Ha, ha, ha… Grab him! Oooaaah! Aaahhh! Oooaaah! Oooaaah! Aaahhh! Left hand out. Left hand out. Shut up. Left hand out. Do you know what a left hand is? Let’s go! nnyaehh Ha, ha, ha… Foolish mortal. Ha, ha, ha… Simon Simon… Come closer. Oscar is evil. You must stop him before it’s too late. He turned evil, efter learning
western ways. You know, Capitalism, and… fast food franchises. He even used me to use sorcery to lower his overhead But now he seeks the old power take the task from inside my coat No, not the medalion. The enchanted tusk. It will leave you with
forbidden Mongolian caves. There lies the key to the Universe. Good luck, Simon. His powers are unlimited. And the fate of the world is in your hands. Only you can stop him now. For I am no… longer… out of this world… So Master, everything has come full circle. Ha, ha, ha… You see Simon. I had to bet more against mortal to concentrate each medallion with the aura of death. They will be my key, to the Astro plane. The source of ultimate power. And now, you, you too must die. Aaarghhh!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha….. Aaaahhhhh!!!! It’s sapping my power. Sapping my power. Ha, ha, ha… Aaaahhhh!!! Come down, for me. Down… Aaahhh. Down…

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