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Closed Captions were added by Moxi team. Recruit – Cleaning Service You’re back Ah Next week I can pay my rent Have you got a work? Um Is your work to serve at some housekeeping company? Um Mum I just want to tell you I’ve found a job and a place to live It’s good How about my younger brother? He doesn’t pay attention to himself I don’t know where he is today I’ve told you to stay home to watch your brother You insisted to make money in the city Zhang Wang fought with someone the day before yesterday I’ve told him a lot but it didn’t make sense for him he insisted to give up study I asked your uncle to beat him Mum why did you let uncle come again? Would your brother listen to a woman? The Housemaid Recruitment Information: Public Relations Girls (Live-in-Housemaid)
Salary:>¥10,000 / Month Who’s there? Is the underwear in washing machine yours? Oh, it’s mine I’m sorry I forgot it Never mind, I put it here I’ll use the washing machine Oh, it’s your turn Thanks Use the card I give you to ride a bus you’ll pay if you lose it Ask client to sign after you finished hand in to me and I’ll pay you with signatures one for 30 bucks Address is on the map You told me it’s 50 bucks before 50 for nursing there’s no such work for you only with housekeeping 30 bucks a day are not enough for my house rent Then you’d be hurry go more places a day I’m going to English classes at night Accept or not? I’ll do it Change your clothes Miss Chen there is only cold water from the water heater You plug it in and switch it on you can shower about in 30 minutes Hello, mum -Hello
-Hey, Zhangwang, hold on -Hello
-Mum Why does brother at home? I asked your uncle to beat him he’ll back to school later Mum, why did you do this again? Did you know he rob someone’s cellphone? Now your brother can’t do anything good totally a bad boy I can’t teach him anymore Let Zhangwang answer the phone His’s left Mum, what are you doing? Your uncle and I have something to talk call you back later You see, I’ve told you this Samsung will be 200 cheaper to the end of this month I’ll consider if it’s 2000 cheaper Are you talking about a cellphone? Yo, you stop learning English? I just want to ask how much is a cellphone now? It depends, the style like yours is 100 or 200 better smartphone is 2000 a ritzy one, like the golden iPhone is about 5000 so expensive it costs more than my monthly salary Zhangpan you really don’t know about it or just fool us if we don’t accept tips what can we earn? It’s forbidden by the company rules You’d better stop talking with her she’s so nervous It’s decided by you You’re here so early It’s good and today you go this place The family is unusual it depends on you Have you finished yet? What’s wrong? Are you annoyed? if so you didn’t do this crap Wangyue, I warn you you dare to do it you deserve to bear it Stop, she is gonna die Die? Who’s going to? I don’t need her life but today I’ll tear up this bitch’s face Excuse me, I’m a housekeeper There’s a guest and my boss refuses to see anyone I’m sent by my company it’s today It’s hard for me to get here It’s ok if you please ask your boss to sign me Who’re you? I’m a housekeeper humph even his housekeeper is coquettish I should come here more often Hey… Go back, if not I’ll drive you away You see your boss’s guests have gone how about ask your boss about this? Mr. Wang, there’s a woman from the housekeeping company, should I let her in? Get in Clean it up, I’ll tip you 100 Ok Hold on Shouldn’t I sweep it? What’s your name? I’m Zhangpan Where are you from? Boss, why do you ask this? I have some special clothes for housekeepers go and change them next time you come change your clothes first don’t dress like this to be here anymore Ok, thank you, boss Boss, I’m not the one… I tip you 200 if you change and I’ll tip you 100 each time from no on Boss, I’m only a housekeeper not any more A housekeeper? alright Hello, xiaochen where does the housekeeper come from? wanna do or not? What are you talking about? nothing important but the tea set she broke up worth tens of thousands I’m relaxed with your words that’s it Your company asks you to solve it tell me how? Who broke your stuff, you’re a shame Is it important? this is your only work Change your clothes here I won’t peek Just do it go Hello -Elder sister
-Zhangwang I injured someone and needed to pay him 600 It’s too much, why did it happen? it’s late to ask, I need to pay 600 for each Sister, when can you transfer me the money? It is hard for me to make money over here I have no money here and I’m hard too Hey, I’ve finished cooking it’s your turn Miss Chen What’s wrong? The rent this month… you’ve paid me half a month in the end of the month you’ll pay the next it’s a deal and is it ok for you? Nothing, thanks a lot, miss Chen Hum Zhangwang Elder sister How can you find here? Mum didn’t tell me anything I give up study Why? I don’t want mother bring uncle wang home every time he came to hit me Uncle wang hit me as soon as he came I have no idea Wangwang He deserved Hello -Zhangpan
-Gaffer Yo You needn’t to come just go to your yesterday’s place Why? He called us and asked you to go Can you send someone else? Don’t be unsatisfied, many people want to Hurry up, he’ll go out at 12:00 Have a seat here Me? I won’t say it again Mr. wang, leave me alone just touch your arm, well I’ll touch your boobs, do you know? Mr. wang, I just come to clean your house I know You didn’t get your 100 yesterday today there’s another 100 bucks Will you change your clothes? if you will, 100 more Mr. wang, I know somebody in my village did this it’s different but almost like this at least 200 one time you think it is cheaper We’ll do it slowly nobody else here, no camera here do it Don’t wear your clothes since now I’ll tip you Do you think she will come back to work? Why does she come back? she got rich will she be back to do this hard job? You’re right, compare with the boss’s tips this little salary doesn’t make any sense How could she be there? You had a chance to go but you didn’t get in remote village has this kind of coquettish woman those rich men alway like new women when he gets tired, she’ll be like us You’re back Ah He didn’t sign me these days I know, he told me about it on the call Can you send someone else tomorrow? I don’t need it You don’t need it Are we need to arrange the work with your demands? It seems they want to go there give them a chance As you’re new I teach you a lesson it is a housekeeping company but we know about each other well So what if you don’t go will they thank you? I didn’t mean that Who cares I send you there, then you go there if I don’t, you can’t go even you wanna go Hello, mum Has Zhangwang received the phone? Yes he likes it very much he can’t leave it even with a moment so what? his teacher often confiscates it and asks me to get back what’s more are those clothes I’ve sent suit you? They’re suitable but I need to do farm work so that I have no time to wear Mum, I’ll tell you something listen carefully What’s it? You see Zhangwang is not a kid anymore don’t ask uncle come to beat him at home he’s young and easy to be influenced by family it’s what I’m worry about Then you needn’t to I’m going to tell you about this What’s wrong He told me when he finish the examination next week he’ll quit the school What? He’ll come to you in Beijing How could he quit the school? Mum, how could you be like this? You think I don’t want him to finish high school
and attend university who can afford this? You can ask me for the money however Zhangwang can’t be out like me So to speak how much do you have? With his academic record he can only attend a private school the cost can build a house Did you forget what my father said? If your father can see this he must kick his ass What’s more, your uncle wang asks me for money as his son gets into middle school this year How can this be related with my uncle’s son? Hey, how can you talk with me so loudly? If Zhangwang is as good as Tiantian I’ll support him to school but the problem is… Be focus the plant is worthless but the pot is worth tens of thousands Ok You’re not in high spirits today Tell me about it let me see if I can help you You needn’t to come tomorrow Why? There’re no more clothes why do you come here again? So what do you want to do? want more tips, right? So, let me massage your shoulders Fine want to massage me then let’s get into the bedroom Mr. Wang, why are you taking off your clothes you want to massage my shoulders but you’re weak how can you do it with my clothes on Mr.Wang, please be good you had something, tell me about it want tips? tell me how much Mr.Wang, please Can you be fucking straightforward? Mr.Wang, my brother is coming to me If I lose my job here he can’t even have a place to stay I beg you please be good Fine, I let you do your job here you and your brother can stay here rooms are enough Look at her, has luxury clothes in a couple of days don’t be surprised she just gets one if there’re more rich men she’ll be more luxury What are you coming for? be seated no, I just tell you I won’t come tomorrow I know Is it ok? I’ve told you we know each other well at here where are the good-looking girls finally go? shouldn’t I know? to get your salary at the accountant 19 signatures this month plus traffic fee you have 700 You can keep it I haven’t finished a month’s job Don’t be sorry with money moreover, it’s not mine you may think it is not important to you now but I give you a suggestion money in the city can be earned and spent fast don’t look down at it I’ve heard those bosses are perverts they even ask the girls to drink urine ah, it’s so disgusting will she… What are you talking about? You wanna go but no man appreciate you How arrogant she is just a pet dog of the rich man Hey, I’m serious how about I help you find a school here to continue study Zhangwang Don’t crap How could I be here if I can study? Why do you come to me? I can’t even raise myself you, a 16 years old boy Without knowledge and experience, who’ll hire you Elder sister, what are you doing here? a babysitter Most of the goods you sent back were taken to uncle’s our mother was very happy and told people you’ve made a big money our family has a hope In my opinion, it’s not a big money everyone in the cars on the street is richer than our family It’s hard to make money in the city Look at you you should have studied at school Actually I know what you are doing here you bought us a cellphone, clothes etc. how long have you been here? what good business you are doing You know shit Quiet, we’re in the taxi I come to Beijing this time is to have a look what it looks like and pay a visit to you Elder sister, you’re cheated easily You are the most unfitted one to be here Zhangwang say thanks to Mr.Wang to treat us Thanks, Mr.Wang It’s ok settle your brother after meal show him the toilet, shower room etc. Ok Do you hear? hurry up I’ll show you around later Why dose your brother quit study? He was expelled because he hurt somebody Should I connect a school for him? Ok It’s me who quit school I think I can’t learn anything at school I’m full, thanks Mr.Wang You have personality so be it to find a job to help with your sister if you have any difficult try to tell me I’ll solve it if I can Where are you going? Roam around What are you doing? Look around it’s so tidy here why does he need you to clean? You needn’t to care about it as you got paid Forget it such a big villa with special drivers and cooks if it needs to be cleaned, there must be a team whatever, don’t be too free at his home be careful I know Elder sister you’re unlucky What? He’s aged and fat What are you a little boy think about? Don’t you know what I am thinking about? Elder sister haven’t you looked carefully at his house? Don’t you really want to know what a man he is We’re so unlucky He named Wang another uncle Wang Stop talking go and find a job tomorrow you’d better go out than stay at home Mr.Wang, I beg you don’t be like this Buy some medicine Fuck you Bro Sheng has been talking with that guy What a jerk let’s throw him out of the back door Well, do it or not Sounds good what do you depend on? tell us Depend on my Godfather Bro Sheng, that guy is bullshit should we do something? Abao, Aliang, you two follow him and find out his location What’s wrong, sister? You’ve been out for a day have a rest I’ll take you to school tomorrow you said you want to learn auto repair let’s talk it tomorrow You can’t do anything without learning if you can study well I can’t be here as a babysitter and be bullied He has no mercy I’m gonna kill that motherfucker He didn’t treat me bad if he didn’t keep me here I couldn’t even pay for your money in school fight and let you stay in this city if you didn’t be a babysitter here I wouldn’t come to you It’s better if you went to school and I came to work Elder sister, actually I knew what you were doing here What did you know? Did you tell mother? I just heard it from their gossip but they seemed careless about this It’s fine you knew about this don’t tell the others you know It’s hard for me to make money here Why do you go back to school? I don’t I came here to accompany you ridiculous, what do you do here? just to see my ridiculous life Sister, why are you still with this man? isn’t there any other job in the city? are you come here to be a bitch? go home if you still be like this I know appointment with her at 2 p.m. no, I’m busy before noon at least 1 p.m. that’s it Who called you this early? My wife I send you two to live in the hotel next two days you’re not a housemaid it’s a trouble if she finds you you are gonna get a divorce It’s none of your business, sleep will you go out? Take my brother to the school to have an auto repair class Auto repair? He always likes cars what he is interested in now is auto repair You’d better leave him alone he is not the one to learn that The money he asked from me was enough
for two months’ classes You gave him money He said his phone was broken I gave him some money It’s hard for a boy to live in the city without money Mr.Wang, how could it be? Let it go, I already gave him I put off my schedule to afternoon continue sleeping or not? Come to kiss me Yo, Zhangwang, you’re early Hey, Bro Wang Bring me some girls 22, as tall as me I want they only at age 22 Ok, a piece of cake wait for a minute Nice lighter Give it to you if you like What about the wine? Not bad Bro Sheng, how about the thing? Don’t worry, will I entrap you? It sounds good totally good You’re gonna play here, aren’t you? My chicks are good Nice, it’s a deal Bro Wang, Bro Sheng, I’m Xiaolu, 22 Bro Wang, Bro Sheng, I’m Wenwen, 22 I’m Mosha, 22 Bro Wang, Bro Sheng, Ok, ok Hey, Wenwen, you two be with him okay, let’s go You two are with me Bro Wang, how are you these days have a drink What’s your name? People here call me XIaoxiao Xiaoxiao Bro Wang, it’s said you’re good at drinking How about show us your capability? Yes, yes, yes, do it yes these girls are young but they are good at drinking Teach them a lesson Drink, drink, drink Awesome, Bro Wang you’re awesome Bro Wang one girl is not enough for you You two, go hurry Bro Wang, let’s drink drink have a piece of watermelon Don’t be like this I didn’t do anything I’m really, really uncomfortable well, let’s have a seat outside What’s your name? Xiaoxiao the real one Luke I’m with dead road and without hope Thanks How old are you? Are you an officer? Just tell me 19 Why did you say you were 22? Bro Sheng told me to You’re really a funny man you are young and ask for 22 girls Do you know what a 22 girl looks like? What are you looking at? Are you the godson of the rich boss? You don’t look like a city man None of your business Are you ok now? if so, just leave How could you be this? I didn’t pretend There must be something wrong with
the cigarette or wine in the cell moreover, I didn’t ask you to send me Where are you living? Fuck off Tell me I’m living with some of my sisters over the corner Your sisters are your colleagues You’ve met them, Mosha, Wenwen, they all live here Don’t you study at school? I got sick in my middle school and failed to get into high school my father disagreed with my repeat then I quitted Turn your head, I’ll change my clothes Where is your home? You don’t know the location It is my home here in Beijing Do you want to play at my home? You’ve been with me for so long and this is what actually you want You’d better to rob, do your daydream This way Are you enough? Don’t play with me If we remarry now is there a position for me in the directorate? Don’t play in front of me before the problem be solved in Haikou factory don’t bluff me with remarriage I’ve no idea to change your mind all depend on you All depend on me? It seems you have a good single life You knew that I left you this villa because you were poor You’d better make up your mind don’t bother me anymore or I will take it back as simple as I took your departments back You can’t hide Are they your godmother and godfather? Why are you hiding? Hush Go Where? Your home We haven’t got in Someday Let’s go This is what it is I never want him get divorced Fucking divorce look at this room he booked don’t even has a LCTV what a stingy man We shouldn’t have lived in his home I won’t do it anymore when we find your school I can live beside you and cook for you What did he do to you is over? Did he do you without paying? Stop talking, I’ll forget it when I move out I can’t fucking forget The motherfucker peed on you I can’t forget He bit you with so many wounds I can’t forget He brought you here as his slave I can’t fucking forget What do you wanna do? He marries you or I kill him Zhangwang, it’s my business It’s my mistake You know it’s hard to make money in the city You’d better go back home don’t be with me Sister, would you listen to me carefully I’m listening I’m bullshit You won’t listen to me whatever I say I go to school and you are here as his slave I go to school, the fucking school Close the door! loose it! You don’t know what you’ve done Don’t pretend, loose it! Loose it, open the door! Zangwang, you bastard do you force me to die? The bastard Wang fucked me and you were shooting just tell me if you are a jerk Sister, open the door Zhangwang, just go I beg you the further the better Open the door! This is hotel, what’s wrong with you? Fuck off or I’ll fuck you Zhangwang Hello, wake up I’m fine you can get back What’s wrong Can’t have a talk Zhangwang Thanks Zhangwang your dumplings have some just a quarrel why did you get out in this deep night? You don’t understand You called me out at this time you don’t talk I ask you and you say I don’t under Hey Are you kidding me? You can’t help me even I tell you I called you cause I couldn’t find anyone else This is my sister Is the man your godfather? You tell me if my sister is a bitch? What are you talking about? However, you should know that what your sister do is for you You don’t try to protect her but quarrel with her Could you not be so naive? She asked me to go home Wherever you go you should get her out of this life I want to kill that son of bitch Don’t be silly How old are you? Can you kick your godfather’s ass? Don’t feel you’re good as they called you brother in KTV behind you, they all laugh at you pretend to be a big fish as a virgin How could you know? How many girls have you met? How many men I have slept with? Your sister was right you should go back to school She didn’t talk with me She’s angry Sister and brother are not enemies I’m sorry Forget it When bro Sheng called me yesterday I was thinking who’s such disgusted look at you now, just a kid Let’s go Where? He must leave I told you to take you home to play Hello Mr.Wang, the boy lives here brings a girl back should I stop him? Leave him alone Ok These are his belongings Are these good when a girl puts on? You can have a try Me? Needn’t I to send you back? No, I needn’t See you next time Ok Bro Sheng It’s almost there Are you sure? Trust me If it’s succeed We needn’t to do this damn unprofitable business Absolutely Hey, send someone to pay a visit to him He hasn’t come here for days I’m afraid he can’t walk well Straight You lose Come on, stick on Stick it on Phone call Hello? Where are you? Waiting for me and I’ll be there Wenwen, help me ask for leave from bro Sheng Zhangwang Who can offend bro Sheng here? It’s not a simple question if he can stay I agree, just for that bastard As you didn’t find him What a poor guy as he’s only 16 years old! Thanks, Mr.Wang Brother’s Tuition Mum Pan Did you call me just now? Mum I pressed the wrong button Is uncle Wang here? How could he be here everyday? I went out to pick Ay Tsao and I got a basket of You didn’t raise pigs why did you get it? I cook cakes with it Zhangwang doesn’t like my cook but he likes the cakes Mum, what are you talking about? He is in Beijing with me Qingming Festival is coming in days I have checked the tickets You can buy tickets in afternoon or in the evening the next Tuesday Have a look at home and then you can go back in the morning on Thursday Mum Don’t tell me you can’t go back You haven’t come home for a long time What a mean boss you are working for? Even construction worker have holidays I have prepared the fish and I’ll cook the chicken when you get back It’s bought by your uncle Wang and tastes good to stew Hello? Pan? Mum, you didn’t negotiate with me It’s my decision I give you an order this time If you can’t be back both, either of you come back You can have a new job if you lose one but don’t forget where your home is Hello? are you listening? You tell Zhangwang that his uncle is not here this time Hello? Do you hear me? Mum, my signal is bad I hang up Hold on Your aunt Wei said… Mum Xiaoxiao You wake up I’m sorry, Xiaoxiao Why are you calling me Xiaoxiao? This name is suit for you You’re very beautiful when you smile Zhangwang, listen to me Go ahead, I’m listening Zhangwang, you may be addicted to drugs Impossible Have a think Every time you went to KTV and did you smoke Bro Sheng’s cigarettes? When you finished did you feel very comfortable and very high? I smoked one he gave to you and felt it’s not good at that time It should have been good if I could find out Why are you crying? I haven’t died yet You’re very serious now Bro Sheng must want to threaten your godfather by you You should go to Bureau of Drug Abuse Control Your sister called you when you were asleep I didn’t answer Again, you see Hello, sister Hello, Zhangwang, where are you? Outside what’s wrong? Get back we are going home Zhangwang, what’s wrong? I’m fine Are we going home? Hmm, come back and we’ll have a talk how to tell mum about this? and say farewell to Mr.Wang he helped us a lot Keep quiet What are you doing? Hey, Wenwen Why don’t you use facial mask tonight? Why are you here? We come to inform you that bro Sheng is looking for that guy Do you remember? Hmm, you’ll be rewarded if you find him I don’t tell you more Why do we find him out? He’s a money tree if we get him Understood? Hey, Xiaoxiao why do you fall asleep so early? I’m tired today I’ll go asleep after some reading Well, how about I sleep with you tonight? Fuck off How about me? My period is coming don’t bother me Shit, I can’t breath Let’s talk outside I’ll go home Your countryside home? Yes, I guess How about you? I can’t go home just hang out here Hello, what? It means I can go to Haikou next month That’s all right Thanks Sister, I have packed Well, are you tired of this packing? I didn’t have a good rest You are weaker after you got in city How can you do the farm work when you go home? Sister, how about we stay and go back after we have no jobs? It’s not the place for us I’ve considered What we need is not money Go home Mum is waiting Sister, can we go back if we go home? What else do you wanna do? Nope That’s it After your study you can do what you want Zhangwang, what are you going to do at home? I’ll find some suggestions from bro Bai and Liang They are not good people Don’t ask If there’re no jobs we can have a try in town Hmm, it’s ok Where do you get the watch? In the study You can’t do it Put it back The bastard did that to us just gave us such little money It’s easy for him Well are you going to leave? Thank you for taking care of us so long It’s good My wife is coming back You are playing my sister since the beginning you motherfucker You kid shut up Such a little thief Do you know how much it is? Take off right now Excuse me he just forgot he didn’t mean to Why are you leaving in such a hurry? None of your business Is it none of my business? Both of your cellphones were bought by me Moreover you like shooting if there’re some dirty videos leak to the others it is not good for your sister Fuck off I can show you to the others but not my sister Indeed you won’t show your sister to the others I feel sorry to her so that I find her another job in the city Mr.Hu has broken up with his wife he needs a housemaid his son was graduated from high school and needs a cook I recommend you Mr.Wang We’ve decided to go home You can’t go I promised Mr.Hu and he fired his servant he’s waiting for you Mr.Wang, excuse me We really don’t need the jobs in city You don’t need the job while the job here needs you How about I send my guard to drive you there? your brother can go with you Mr.Hu has a relationship with military background If you work at his place you brother makes any troubles I can find you What do you mean? Kid, don’t bother me it’s not your turn Zhangwang, are you ok? You go first Sister, are you insane? He asks me to do a part-time job I’ll be back some day later Is it a job? These bastards just want to keep a whore at home Zhangwang, If you are here it is inconvenient for me They won’t hurt me I’ll come back someday You go home to stay with mum That’s good I send a car to drive him to the bus station and you prepare to go Mr.Hu’s home Hello, Chen Wait and see I must kill you Don’t crap It wouldn’t happen if you didn’t shoot us You go first Don’t miss your classes Sister, how about I stay you go first Zhangwang My life is worthless now but you’re young and our family depends on you But I… Almost there I’ve prepared you the car time to go Elder sister, thank you Zhangwang Zhangwang, what’s wrong with you? Sister, you go first Don’t be silly I won’t go Sister, I’m serious If no one stay here police will catch us sooner or later I’m totally a useless man now Waiting for me I’ll find a car Hello Xiaoxiao My sister and I are on our way home Brother’s Tuition

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