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Closed Captions were added by Moxi team Get out! Now! Did you hear me? I said “get out”. Who? Ye Long! You want to die? I just want to ask Did you kill Mr. Tang? Tang Jun deserves worse than death! I wanted to kill him ages ago. Sin City (City of Chaos) Ten days ago. Great! Bro! It looks like that I don’t have your experience. Let’s go out another day. We’ll have a good time there. It’s my treat today. I’ll take you to a western restaurant. Let’s go! It’s Mr. Tang. Hi, Mr. Tang. Yes. I gotta go back to company and get some work done. Alright, go. After you finish your work, then you come back. Mr. Tang. You are in good health. But please quit smoking. Chen, thank you very much. Mr. Tang. Tian Le Group has been eyeing project 203 for a long time. Should I take care of it? Let Ye Long deal with it. I’m afraid you can’t handle those terrible person of Tian Le. I’m afraid some people will have complaints, if you always let Ye Long handle so many thing. Chen. Have a health check up for Gao Jiu later. Mr. Tang, he is your personal doctor. How can I accept such a gracious honor? Come in, please. Mr. Tang. Project 203. We’ll definitely get it. I heard that Tian Le Group wants to step forward. I’ll take care of it. Long. You have been with me for many years. You always do everything by yourself. But you have to pay attention what happens around you. Yes. Madam. Brother Long. Madam. Brother Long. Who? Ye Long? Why are you here? I’m here for project 203. You almost scare me to death. I’ve taken many projects. Do you want me to give them back? You should comply with the rules. Rules? Bullshit! This is my rule! Light up the Castro. Brother. I specially bought it for you. But you should smoke fewer cigarettes. Health comes first. Mr. Tang. Uncle. Long. Your recent business acumen has grown with leaps and bounds. Mr. Tang. I think highly of you, Ye Long, especially among this group of young people. You flatter me, uncle. You guys carry on talking then. Remember, smoke less. Take care, uncle. OK. Mr. Tang. I’ve finished the Tian Le issue. I trust you the most in this whole company. Oh. You have to keep your eyes on the project in Jun Lin Hua Fu. Never be careless. Yes. Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang. Wake up! Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang. Ye Long! You killed brother Jun! Quick! Quick, is there anybody? Mr. Tang. You killed him! Brother. Mr. Tang. Uncle, Ye Long killed brother Jun. What happened, Ye Long? Uncle, I was talking to Mr. Tang and reporting… You are lying! I just saw him he had his hands around Mr. Tang’s neck. Uncle, you see this… Come, catch him! Ye Long, you are a murder! Why did you kill Mr. Tang? Ye Long, why did you killed Mr. Tang? It wasn’t me, uncle. Stop lying! It is you! Catch him! Go, get him! Stop running! Stop! Stop! Stop running! Catch him! Brother Long, take it easy… Is there anybody who asked you about the Tang Group recently? Nobody, brother Long. It’s true, brother Long. There is nothing that escapes my eyes in this city. Even a little rustle in wind. But… nobody asked about the Tang Group. What on earth happened? Mr. Tang died. Tang Jun died? What did you hide? I don’t know. A few days ago, the man with glasses from the Tang Group, came here and asked about this. But… But what? “Yellow hair”? “Yellow hair”? Brother Jiu, we’ve lost him. Hurry up! Nothing, brother Jiu. Nothing, brother Jiu. Such a waste! Find him! Yes. Madam, uncle. I’m sorry for your loss. Come! Ye Long, how dare you come here? You scum! Don’t you dare touch him! I’m going to kill you. Brother Xiong. This scum killed Mr. Tang. Did you really see that he killed Mr. Tang? You’re covering up for Ye Long. Are you an accomplice? Stop! What are you doing here, Ye Long? Uncle, I want to show my respect to Mr. Tang for the last time. You are a ungrateful bastard! Stop! Uncle, please let my father go peacefully. Brother Long, I want to ask you just one question, Did you kill my father? No, I didn’t. Lies! Wanning. I saw it with my own eyes. Ye Long killed your father. Uncle. You watch us grow up, You know better than anyone else what kind of person brother Long is. Okay. Everyone, Wanning just came back from overseas. She lacks experience about company’s things. So I’ll take the chair of this meeting. I’ve called all of you here, because I want to talk to everyone about two important things. First of all, the actual cause of Mr. Tang’s death should be discovered. So far, Ye Long is the primary suspect. His name has been removed from the company. Secondly, we have to find someone to succeed the position of CEO as soon as possible. Definitely, we, old members, are not in a position to assume this position. As for suitable candidates, we shall come to a conclusion at the board meeting next week. For the next couple of days, Gao Jiu will act as CEO. If there are any objections, please put it forward now. I object. Gao Jiu has no contributed enough to the company. He is thus unfit to be CEO. Brother Xiong, what do you mean? Brother Xiong, Gao Jiu has been loyal to this company for many years. How can you said he hasn’t contributed enough? As for my choice of CEO, it can only be Ye Long. Xiong, I always respect your decision, but you are protecting Ye Long, what do you on earth mean? What do I mean? Alright. Uncle, I just want to find out who killed my father. Wanning, I saw it at that day with my own eyes, Ye Long killed your father. Ye Long is the murderer. Uncle, I believe that brother Long will never kill my father. It is important that we find Ye Long as soon as possible. That’s done. Brother Jiu. Jiu, how many people like Xiong in the company now? He? I’ll have him taken out tonight. Don’t be stupid. If you killed Xiong, everyone in the company will know you did that. The most important thing now is to find Ye Long. Everybody is looking for him. But on one can find him. If you can’t find him, why don’t you let him come to you? Tang Wan ning. Dad, I don’t want to go abroad. No way. You must study hard when you go abroad. Remember to ask doctor Chen to come regularly. You have to listen to him, don’t smoke too much And here, in this place, you can only put my photo. You can’t put photos of anyone else here. Just yours. Let’s make a pinky promise. OK. Deal! Get out! Get out! Did you hear me? I said “get out”! Who? Ye Long! You want to die? I just want to ask Did you kill Mr. Tang? Tang Jun deserves worse than death! I wanted to kill him ages ago. What can you do to me if I really killed him? Ye Long, you bastard! If I really want to kill your boss, I would do it in front of everyone. You wait and see! Follow up! Be careful! Le me go! I’ll be waiting for you in the old place, brother Long. You must come. You keep eyes on her all the time. Yes. Here you are, brother Long. What’s the matter, Wanning? I’m wondering how my father died? Go on! I was reporting work to Mr. Tang at that day. Brother Long. I’ve been looking for you. I didn’t expect to see you having a date here. Gao Jiu, are you following me? Thank you, Miss. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to find this murderer. I have already said that I didn’t killed Mr. Tang. The video surveillance already shows everything. You are still trying to cover up the truth? How dare you hit me? Come! Hurry up! Come! Hit him! Catch him! Stop! Uncle, you skill has improved significantly. But this move is not that good. He hasn’t collapsed yet. It will be more interesting later. So what are you going to do next? A sure catch. Long. Are you okay, Long? Where have you been lately? Don’t worry, Gao Jiu is trying to kill me. Bastard! I’m gong to get someone to take him out right now! Brother Xiong, now is not the time. Sit. Brother Long, how actually did my father die? At that day, I was reporting work to Mr. Tang. Suddenly, he felt his chest tighten. And… you must deal with things according to rules. You must take care of the opinions of others in the company. When you are dealing with… Mr.Tang. Mr.Tang. Mr.Tang. You all know what happened next. I knew it! You didn’t kill Mr. Tang. What are we going to do now? Investigate! I must figure out the real murderer. Brother Long. You said my father died with the froth in the mouth? It could be some poison there. Poisoning? I’m just guessing now. I’m not sure. We don’t have proof now. So… I’ll check the video surveillance later. Maybe there is a clue there. I’ll go with you. No, it’s too dangerous. If you were alone, weren’t there no danger? It’ll be easier if I go alone. You wait for me here. You useless idiot! Is it so hard to find a person? What can you do right? Brother Jiu. Why are you following me? Can you find Ye Long here? Find him! This is the case report of Mr. Tang. All video surveillance was deleted. It must be Gao Jiu, asshole! He never liked you. There is no evidence to prove anything. The weird thing is that all medicine bottle in Mr. Tang’s bedroom were empty. Empty? I found this under the lamp holder. This is my father’s medicine. Brother Long, is there anything wrong with it? Well, we have to go and analyze it. Where are we going to analyze it? It’s too late. I got an idea. You’re really useless. It has been so many years. You can’t even catch one person. He is lucky. In Tang Jun’s eye, no wonder you can’t compare with Ye Long. I promise I will catch him tomorrow. I’ll let you know I’m better than Ye Long. Look at yourself. Use your brain, okay? Where can Ye Long go? I’ve been looking for him all over the city. You can take advantage of someone close to him, to push him. Oh, I see. Good. If so, you wouldn’t waste my hard work on you. It looks like the position of CEO will be yours. Don’t forget to get down to business. Go. Little fox. Shall we get down to business? You wait for me outside first. Brother Xiong, why can’t you be a peaceful stockholder? What kind of hero are you pretending to be? You are so stubborn. Remember to follow Mr. Tang with all your heart, when you get there. Don’t be like this anymore. Dad is gone. My family is not a safe place for me anymore. Don’t worry. I won’t let anyone hurt you. After finding out what happened to my dad, what will you do? Never think about that, I just want to find out the truth. I transfer shares to you. We can ask uncle to support you to be CEO of the company. I don’t want the business my father built with his whole life will fall into hands of others. This is your family business. I don’t have the rights. Who said that? As long as we… Brother Long. I’ll go out for a while. You wait here for the result. Let’s go. Yes. Ye Long. Finally you are here. Everyone, come! Come! Ye Long, don’t move! Don’t move! Let brother Xiong go. Let him go? All right. Get down on your kines! Right now! Get down on your kines! Nobody expected me to have you by today. Kowtow to me! Brother Xiong. Brother Xiong! Brother Xiong! Long. What’s wrong, brother Long? It’s okay. Has the result come out? This tablet is poisonous. Poisonous? Yes. Tetrodotoxin. That is highly poisonous. Zero point one milligram is enough to kill a lot of people. This is illegal drug. I… I don’t know. You don’t know? You are the private doctor of Mr. Tang. You prescribed all medicines. Mr. Ye. Please trust me. The medicine I prescribed can’t be poisonous. Tell me what’s going on. Brother Long. Brother Long, calm down. Uncle Chen. Please think it over again. Is it possible that you prescribed wrong medicine. Miss Tang. I’ve been looking after your dad for more than ten years. I have never been careless. And this medicine is banned. Oh, I remember that it was on the day of Mr. Tang’s accident. I saw a girl. Who was that girl? I don’t know and have never seen her before. And she has red short hair. It was conspicuous. “Yellow hair” If I’m not guessing it wrong, That’s the same girl we saw the other day. Brother Long, you also saw her? But security has always been tight. It’s impossible for a stranger to get in. Is it someone in the family did that? Let me ask uncle. You stay here and wait for me. If the meeting of the board of directors starts, baby, we’re done. Oh, how about that guy with yellow hair? You said that talkative guy, now he has already… Hello. Comfortable. What a pity! My silly brother can’t be so lucky. Yeah, he gave all luck to you. Naughty. Boss, Ye Long is here. Alright, go and wait for me. Okay. Uncle. Ye Long, are you alright? I’m fine. Hua, keep your eyes carefully. Yes, follow me. Come here, Long. Long, I heard you killed Xiong. That was Gao Jiu. I’ve been unhappy with him for a long time. I’ll go and find him. Uncle. Let’s not say that now. I doubt the death of Mr. Tang is relevant with a girl with red hair. A girl with red hair. What happened? Mr. Tang always took his medicine. It contains tetrodotoxin. You mean you doubt that girl put the poison. She had the opportunity. At the day Mr. Tang died, I saw her at the door. It’s very suspicious. And doctor Chen also saw her. Doctor Chen? Long, this is a big thing. We can’t accuse a wrong person. You haven’t told about it with anyone else, right? No. Well, that’s good, that’s good. By the way, Wan Ning is missing. I’ve been looking for her for a several days. Have you heard from her? Don’t worry, unlce. I left her in Doctor Chen’s house. Let’s go, hurry up. Don’t cause any more troubles. Hua, drive faster. Yes. Long, don’t be so upset. I know exactly what kind of person yo are. I don’t believe you did that any all. Long, don’t worry. I will definitely uphold justice for you. Brother Long. Brother Long, here you are. Where is Wanning? Your little princess has already sent to castle by me. Play with me? Who do you think you are? Ye Long! Come, go! What are you doing here? Go and hit him! Hit him, kill him! Get up! Uncle. Brother Long, I’m wrong. Brother Long. Brother Long, I’m wrong. Brother Long. Brother Long. Brother Long, I’m wrong. Brother Long. Uncle. Uncle, save me. Uncle. Brother Long. Brother Long, I’m wrong. Please let me go. Uncle, go quickly and save Wanning. OK. Ye Long. The murderer who killed Tang Jun can be you now. Go! Brother. We will count on you from now on. Darling. The board meeting will start soon. But there is still one signature missing. What should we do now? You’ll know by then. Miss Tang. Is your life more important or your equity? You have to think it about. I suggest you give me your equity as soon as possible. That will be good for you and me. You can continue being a rich princess. Otherwise… Go away and dream on. It’s okay. Just think about it. You two watch her closely. You can’t let her go anywhere. Yes. You finally wake up. Let’s sit over there. Lie down. I have to go out and buy more medicine. You just lie down. You must give me your equity. You father isn’t here, just listen to me. Otherwise… Come. Let me go. Tear her clothes down. Your bitch! Uncle, what do you want to do? Take her out of here. Go. Wanning. I’m sorry you were treated like this. I never thought that that women dares to lock you down. Uncle. Where is brother Long? He is dead. Wanning. Long. You want to die? I just went out for a while. You are exercising now? Just want to keep active. Increase blood circulation. It helps self-recovery. I understand your feelings. We have been friends for many years. I know who you are. I advise you not to go. Don’t be silly. If you didn’t save me that year, I wouldn’t only break a leg, maybe even lose my whole life. The Tang family has mercy on me. It’s obvious now that someone killed Mr. Tang. Wanning has been also captured by them. We don’t know if she is alive or not. I understand what you said. But now in the Tang company, there are not so many loyal people anymore. I have my rules. You rules are just suitable for the man who obey rules. Uncle. Thank you for avenging for my father and brother Long. Wanning, don’t be so sad. You have to cheer up now, the company is waiting for you to be governed. Here… to me, there is nothing worth missing. I want to transfer shares and then go abroad. No, this is your father built family business by himself. How can you give it to others. Uncle, you are not “others”. I’ll transfer shares to you. That’s even worse. When your father was alive, I’m not interested in company affairs. You give it to me, I’ll consider it as a burden to me. And… Uncle. You’re the only relative to me. Even if it’s for my father’s sake, Just say “yes”. Uncle. OK. Now that you made your decision, let’s make it clear, the position of CEO will be always yours. I’ll manage temporarily for you. Come back when you want to. Thank you, uncle. Everyone knows there has been many problems with company recently. It has made everyone worry. For the smooth development of company, I asked everyone to come here, and have this shareholder meeting today. Before the meeting starts, Miss Tang Wanning has something to say. Thank you all for supporting the Tang Group for so many years. Now, as the largest shareholder of the company, because my personal ability is limited, I’m unable to take this great responsibility. So the position of CEO still has to be handed over to the others. I decide transfer all my shares to Mr. Tang Qingshan. Give it to me! Give it to me. Get out of the way. Brother Long. Brother Long. Brother Long, why did you fight again? Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. These are my rules. Rules? Do you have to fight when you have your rules?

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