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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. AD 1402, Princess Zhudi launched Jingnan Campaign, and captured Nanjing with the excuse of ridding the Emperor of evil ministers then burned the palaces. Finally he usurped the throne from his nephew who was called Emperor Hui of Ming Dynasty. Then Zhu Di became the new emperor of Ming Dynasty. After that, He was afraid of the counteroffensive of Emperor Hui He even couldn’t sleep well for that Mysterious disappearance of Emperor Hui becomes the eyesore of Emperor Zhu Di. In order to consolidate his power Zhu Di orders Imperial Guards to massacre former loyal ministers Then the whole country is in a bloody storm No more peace Imperial Guard: Qing Xia Imperial Guard: Qing Cheng Imperial Guard: Qing Mu We shall meet again some day. My lord, don’t bother to see me out. Imperial Guards: Qing Shuang and Qing Ying Imperial Guard: Qing Yan Imperial Guard Girls (14 Blades) Censor Chenqing ask to visit. Call Chenqing in. Your Majesty. The list of rebel forces had collected completely. Present it to me. Take him down. You are the anti-king and rebellious minister. A uncle took the throne of his nephew, similar with a father raping his daughter-in-law. You betrayed Zhu Yuanzhang. Everyone has the right to punish you. How dare you! Cut out his tongues firstly. And tear his body limb from limb by five horses. Pu his head hang on the Changan Gate and put it before the public. Zhudi, you usurped throne. That’s thoroughly perverse and unprincipled. You’ll die like a dog. Your majesty, because of my fault, it almost makes you in danger. Please punish me, your Majesty. Pass my words on. The censor Chenqing want to kill me, dismissal his public office and kill his whole family. Qinglian. Protect me from getting hurt. I nominate you to imperial guard commander. Thank you, your Majesty. I also award you don’t need to kneel down anymore. The weather is dry and things are flammable. Take care not to catch the fire. The weather is dry and things are flammable. Take care not to catch the fire. I accompany you. Your Majesty, I have a secret sport. They found Emperor Wen is with Erhou and hide in a whorehouse. Don’t let others know this news, let imperial guard handle . It’s not necessary to bother imperial guard. They’ve to guard the Palace, in order to protect you, your Majesty. I can handle such little thing well. How dare you! Who do you think you are? Decide for me? Please forgive me, your Majesty. Make my edict right now, call Qinglian in. Yes, your Majesty. All of you are lacquey, dogs of anti-king of Zhudi. All of you are rebels, traitor ministers control affairs. You incite Ming Huidi to monstrous crime, persecute good and loyal men. Everyone has the right to kill you. Father. Father … Father. Qingcheng. A child of traitor is no useful. So killing him is not bad. Warlord. These kid are collected from various regions? Yes, your Highness. What’s your name? His Highness is asking you! Well, I’ll give you a name, Qinglian. Warlord. Train them well. Yes, your Highness. Sister, sister, I’m sacred. I’m here. Don’t be scared. Hurry, hurry! Hurry up! You need to be quick. Faster. Good, ready to squat. Come on, faster. Fight, excellent. Fight, terrific, fight. Sister. That’s terrible. Let’s get out here. There are many soldiers outside. How could we leave here? Let’s run soundlessly. Good, fine. Go. We don’t run away. Who? Don’t run! Stop! Ten years ago. Emperor Yan took you in, carefully cultivated you for ten years. Now Emperor is doing a big deal. It’s your time to return him. All of you gathered at the training hall. From now, you will be personal imperial guard of Emperor Yan. But you need to resolve the task in front of you. Then you can go. Kill them. Kill them! You. Kill them, I’ll let you go. Go, go. Really? Go! Go! Go! Go! Do it! You, go. Yesterday all of you had a good performance. Your ten-year training didn’t waste. Beginning from tomorrow, you can leave. It’s also cruel outside. When you are in trouble, you need to work together. Cookers, hurry up! Come on, let’s drink. Your wine is coming. Hi, guest. Hurry up! I’m coming. Landlady. Landlady. Drink well. Let’s drink off. There is enough wine. Landlady, give me more wine. You’re so naughty. Drink. Drink. Are you drunk? Do you believe or not I castrate you? Then I sent you to the Palace and serve his Majesty. Castrate us together. Don’t leave us alone. Right? Yeah. Come on. Top up! Pour the liqueur. Come, let’s drink off. Landlady? Come, have a drink with me. Drink with yourself, I’m busy. Good wine. Welcome. dear guests, come in. What would you like to eat? Although my store is small, it’s perfectly formed. We’re hurry on with our journey, three bottles of beef noddles are OK. No problem. Beef noddles is also our specialty. Crap talk less, get noddles ready now! Sure, coming soon. Aha? What is this? I’m sorry. Get dishes ready. OK. Come on, have a drink. Come on, come on. Come, drink. Come on. Come on. Good wine. How’s going? Wangbo? How is the dart going? Not bad. Recently, I got a good job for you. Really? Come, don’t you propose a toast? You’ve earned a lot of money. Come! OK, OK, come, come, come. Yeah. You’ve lost your dart. If there are no friends working in government, you’ve already been caught. You’re right. It all depends on you, my brother. Really? Thanks, thanks very much. Thanks to you. Come, come, come. Guys, let’s drink off. Top up. Good, good, good. Come, come, come. There are some new guys downstairs. They do not have friendly intentions. It seems they’re not normal people. No matter who is coming, I don’t care. I’d rather be dead than living like now, worse than death, always in dark. Who do you think you are? What can you do? I kill you today. Bro, bro. Calm down. Don’t fight. He would kick your ass. What do you mean? He helped yo, you’re working together now? What do you mean? None of your business. I tell you, today … Don’t go too far! Screw you! Today, I’ll kill you. Bro, you force me. You’ve gone too far. I’ll kick your ass. We’re brother, so what? Who do you think you are? I’ll kill you. What happened? I’ll kick your ass. They are beating me together! Yeah, so what? I stay here … I feel shamed. You helped again and again. How could I ever repay you? Don’t think too much. Eat something first. Yeah, I’m hitting you. You two hit me together! Guests, noddles are ready. You must haven seen the world. Such little thing, don’t worry. Please enjoy your meal. They will be fine after fight. Let’s go. Let’s drink another day. Take care, guests. Go. Slow down. Master, come on. Long time no see. I miss you so much. Come on. Come, let’s drink. Come, come, drink. Come, come, come. It’s a good day. Master. Good, good. Play with me. Come on. Let’s play. Don’t go. Welcome to come again. Go, go, quickly. Catch her, hurry up. Catch her. Qinglian, go, quickly. Who? I’m coming to save you. You finally wake up. You? You had slept for three days. Slow down. You are injured. Lay down. Thank you. My host saved you. The lead of anti-enemy, Luan Shixian has been killed. The rest of enemies in Jiangzhou has all killed. Traitor Fang Xiaoyu has been killed. Good. Predecessor governor in Xuzhou had cleared up. Good. Qinglian and Qingshuang has arrived in capital. It’s hard to judge if they are safe. Warlord. They all have good Kungfu. I believe they will be safe. Don’t worry, my Lord. Report to warlord. Qingshuang, Qinglian and Qingyan had been ambushed by enemy. Qingshuang and Qingyan were die. Qinglian disappeared. What? Warlord. I’m fine. Go ahead. Yes. I’ve to leave now. After today, I don’t know when I can see you again. I carried this jade for many years, It’ll make you safe. Take care of yourself. Your Majesty, Qinglian is back. I let you down, your Majesty. Please punish me. I had order that you don’t have to kneel here. Qinglian, this time you didn’t get hurt. Why should I punish you? How did you get this? I was hurt seriously by enemies. This jade is given by a man who saved me, when I left him. So, I have to thank him. Your Majesty, I guess Qinglian had betrayed you. Stop! Qinglian is cultivated by me. And you are also fond of her for many years, your Majesty, please don’t listen his one-side words. Maybe Qinglian don’t know that jade’s origin. Your Majesty, put the country first. You can’t softhearted. As long as you order me, I’ll remove out the source of trouble, to avoid all any further trouble. Your Majesty, I think it’s not suitable. Why? Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang ever had order that eunuch can’t attend the affairs of state. Your Majesty, would you like to be against his iron rule? Will you let an eunuch interfere politics? If you let him interfere politics, what’s different between you withe the Emperor Song Zhaoji. Enough! Wang Yanbin, how dare you! How dare you compare me with the Emperor Song Zhaoji? Your Majesty, don’t be angry. Enough. You go back now. Thank you, your Majesty. I’m leaving now. Your Majesty, I have words, may I say it out? Eunuch Wei, just say the word. Wang Yanbin, he is arrogant. Look at his attitude, he didn’t respect you. Enough! Enunch Wei, don’t sow discord between us. I do not dare to do. Alright. Leave me alone. Let me think carefully. Qinglian. Do you know who saved you? I just know his name is Li Gexiao. For the rest, I do not know. Well. Now I’ll tell you, he is a traitor. He saved you, having ulterior motives Do you know that? Now I order you to get his head for me. So you can redeem yourself. Would you like to do it? Your Majesty … If you don’t go to kill him, I’ll order others to do it. I’m willing to catch him. Good. Follow Qinglian to find the traitor. Don’t wake a sleeping dog. Yes. Qinglian, why don’t you kill me? Your Majesty, Qinglian betrayed us, what should we do? I’d like to catch Qinglian. Please allow me to catch her, your Majesty. Don’t be angry. It’s none of your business. Warlord. She made mistake, she should be killed. How can you say that? We are sisters. You help me kill warlord, I promise you, you’ll be conductor of imperial guards. It doesn’t bother you, eunuch. If I can be conductor, you can’t decide for me. Warlord, I ask to give me the chance to solve this. You? Will you give her a chance to live? Find Qinglian and bring her back. Remember, don’t kill each other. Yes. Guests, please come in. Why don’t Xiaoqing deliver food? Qinglian, eat an apple first. Host. Xiaoqing. Run! Xiaoqing … The imperial guards are coming. Run! Xiaoqing … I can’t serve you anymore. Xiaoqing. Xiaoqing. I shouldn’t let you be with me. I make you in troubl, Xiaoqing. Even though, I was your host, these years, I treated you as my family. If I were not such weak, to bring my body base and low to live, that’s not going to happen. I, Zhu Yuwen, owe you. Qingcheng, we must persuade Qinglian, don’t be obsessive. She had betrayed our country. We don’t need to soft-hearted. Qinglian. We are sisters. Why are we killing each other? Qinglian, go. Go! Qinglian, let’s go. Because we need more people, otherwise I’ll kill you now. Our Ming dynasty can’t be destroyed by a woman. If you can’t bear to kill her, I’ll do it, your Majesty. I’ll kill them all, to avoid further trouble. Yes, your Majesty. The warlord ran away, he’ll send news to Qingcheng. You must find them before the daybreak. Qinglian, take care. Hurry, Qinglian. Hurry, hurry up. Are you alright, Qinglian? This way. Qinglian, take a rest. Is your wound hurting? I … I’m useless. I can’t protect you. I even make you in trouble. I’d rather they had caught me. Since I know who are you, I never regret. Because you are a good man. Now that you know who I am, I want to tell you the truth, for me, I don’t care who is the Emperor. But you shouldn’t have suffered this. Life or death is all painful, the most important is we are together. Slow down, Qinglian. Come, sit down and have a rest. I’m the man who you are looking for, please let Qinglian go. After all, you were sisters. Eunuch. Stop! Put your sword down. Put it down! As sister, you must be united. You’ve to protect Zhu Yuwen well. Now Zhudi can’t control the situation. I can’r protect you well. In order to strengthen the imperial power, Emperor dowager has ordered Dongchang to kill you all. They had almost killed me. Oh my God! I don’t know how many how many loyal ministers will be killed. Pathetic! You must remember, girls. Warlord … Stop! Traitor, don’t try to frighten me by this jade. Don’t you think I’ll be scared? Emperor can’t catch you, I can. Today I’ll kill you all! All of this because of me, I hope you can go easy on them. I’ll be back with you, you can do whatever you want to with me. Whatever you say, you must die today. And all of you, do you think I’ll let you go? Kill them. Yes. This is my nephew’s jade. Many years ago, my father divide the whole jade in two, one is given to my elder brother, another is for me. Where are the others? Your Majesty, the rest of traitors are all killed. Good. Go down. In AD 1420, at the instigation of eunuch Weizhong, Emperor Zhudi broke the prohibition of Zhu Yuanzhang, that no eunuch can interfere any government affairs, he put them in an important position, and set up a secret organization controlled by eunuchs, called Dongchang. Weizhong is the head of it and is raised to Silijian, the seal-holding director. Therefrom, the Ming dynasty stuck in the darkest period.

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  1. Wtf .. Carried a small dagger challenged with the guards with swords.. What kind of plot? Knowing there are many guards beside emperor yet insist to kill the eunuch.. What kind of director setting the story line

  2. Eunuchs were very powerful at ancient China, for this reason, they would cover up many things from the emperors.

  3. It's happened only chinese movies..
    Surround 7 .8 people's
    And easily fights with all.
    if you not really fight in real life u can do it.
    This stupid things

  4. imperial guard with perfect lipstick and penciled eyebrows…jeeez…did not think they are allowed to be thAT VAIN. EVEN IN THiER BATH…they have make up lol…

  5. Okay I will not watch it till the end cause I feel bored 😴 and sleepy 😆 sorry that's what I feel 😔

  6. ซับไทย พากไทยมีรึเปล่าค่ะ

  7. Thank you for uploading this movie. True, the print is small, but a 2nd larger print appears if you turn on English Captions.

  8. Upload kasuba kasube ge Cinema oina yaragade ieai manipur da GE nay noi khang a bare khangdrade khang zillu Hui-sa … Nupe pamay .

  9. 武打动作晃得我头晕,几个女主演,化妆都一样的,搞得跟韩剧一样傻傻分不清谁是谁,还绝色锦衣卫,这姿色两眼无神冒血丝,皮肤暗黄,男主角根本没有气场,发际线看着尴尬!暧昧激情戏,演的是抚摸吗?浪费钱拍烂片

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