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70 thoughts on “[Full Movie] 绝色锦衣卫 The Blades Girls, Eng Sub | 动作电影 Action film 1080P

  1. Wtf .. Carried a small dagger challenged with the guards with swords.. What kind of plot? Knowing there are many guards beside emperor yet insist to kill the eunuch.. What kind of director setting the story line

  2. Eunuchs were very powerful at ancient China, for this reason, they would cover up many things from the emperors.

  3. It's happened only chinese movies..
    Surround 7 .8 people's
    And easily fights with all.
    if you not really fight in real life u can do it.
    This stupid things

  4. imperial guard with perfect lipstick and penciled eyebrows…jeeez…did not think they are allowed to be thAT VAIN. EVEN IN THiER BATH…they have make up lol…

  5. Okay I will not watch it till the end cause I feel bored 😴 and sleepy 😆 sorry that's what I feel 😔

  6. ซับไทย พากไทยมีรึเปล่าค่ะ

  7. Thank you for uploading this movie. True, the print is small, but a 2nd larger print appears if you turn on English Captions.

  8. Upload kasuba kasube ge Cinema oina yaragade ieai manipur da GE nay noi khang a bare khangdrade khang zillu Hui-sa … Nupe pamay .

  9. 武打动作晃得我头晕,几个女主演,化妆都一样的,搞得跟韩剧一样傻傻分不清谁是谁,还绝色锦衣卫,这姿色两眼无神冒血丝,皮肤暗黄,男主角根本没有气场,发际线看着尴尬!暧昧激情戏,演的是抚摸吗?浪费钱拍烂片

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