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Does Ford v Ferrari raise the bar on high-octane
thrills? “You ready?” “I was born ready, Mr. Shelby. Hit it.” Maybe not. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Matt Damon and Christian Bale star in this
fact-based racing drama about a contentious rivalry between two automakers
in the 1960s. “We’re gonna bury Ferrari at Le Mans.” While it’s nowhere near Fast & Furious-level
action, there’s still a bit of violence on the track — and off. So buckle up for fistfights, car crashes,
explosions, and a few deaths. The language gets pretty rough at times, too,
meaning multiple F-bombs, S-words, and more. “Shut your mouth and let me do my thing.” As for positives, the movie has a muted message
about loyalty, with one friend trying to defend and protect
another. “That’s more like it!” Common Sense says Ford v Ferrari is OK for
teens 13 and up. To read our full review and tell us what you
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