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*Song playing That’s what you get when you hire a con man. I can convince anyone of anything. You see there’s a science to getting people to trust you. I want in. With your current skill set, you don’t. Maybe… you could teach me. In your room… That is so bad. Is it? Does it feel sexy on your face? A little. It does? Okay let’s go. We’re about thirty strong. Everybody gets a percentage. Make it quick and get out. Who’s the girl? She’s our intern. You hittin’ that? I’m right here. No Farhad, I’m not hitting that. You should hit that. We never drop the con. Never break. Where are the black people!? I got this. What? Oh! Oh, sorry. Congratulations. You’re a criminal. You might be one of the best I’ve ever seen. So what about the big con? I thought you were all big time. You mean the one where we make so much money we all retire. This needs to be discrete. No holes. You seem trustworthy, but you don’t know me. Is he your mark? That’s fantastic. He’s not a guy you want to cross. All of it. 1.1 million. Nicky, that is my money too. For now, you make things interesting. There’s no room for heart in this game. It’ll get you killed. How does that feel? Wooow There’s two kinds of people in this world. There’s hammers…. and nails. You decide which one you want to be.

100 thoughts on “Focus Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Will Smith, Margot Robbie Movie HD

  1. Just in case you want to get your brain fixed after watching Suicide Squad. 10/10 I recommend. This movie is probably one of the best ones made in 2015. Plot is amazing, actors and acting are amazing.

  2. Tbh i dont understand why so many ppl hate Will Smith these days? I find him very respectable actor/person. Im guessing respect is in short supply these days especially in youtube.

  3. Just finished watching this movie…. I really liked it. Had me gasping and exclaiming quite a few times. I loved the many twists and turns, and Will being one of my fav male actors …. bonus 👍🏽

  4. Great movie. This is a kind of movie that makes me guess whats happening next. Too much of the unexpected watching here in 2018

  5. I dont like that iphone ad😂
    Whats the point …..other phones r insecure..blaa blaa…blaa

  6. I don't get why people think interracial couples are bad. My parents are an interracial racial couple, and im a bi-racial child, and I think my family is great. The colour of two peoples skin should not determine whether they should be together or not. Love is love

  7. Margot Robbie is the SEXIEST thing walking 😍😍😍😍 OMG!!! Her and Beyonce are PERFECTION

  8. It's funny that so many people are talking about the mix racial in this movie. But I first watched it that didnt come to my mind at all. I thought they were fine together so can y'all chill tf out. Cant believe this crap is still going on.

  9. a movie depicting a 50yr old black actor and a 28yr old young white actor in a relationship….yeah the direction movies these days are going is a joke.

  10. Συναρπαστική ταινία απ τις καλύτερες που έχω δει τόσο σε σενάριο αλλά και σε ηθοποιούς!!ευχαρίστως την ξαναβλέπω!

  11. I love this movie but I think he's really apart of Illuminati in this film I think this is how lower branches move in society…shhhh quiet as kept…

  12. This movie is one of the few movies which are more fun and thrilling when u watch it the second time, which is rare for these days. Hats off

  13. Just saw it today can't believe I missed this one. What an awesome movie. Way good then the trailer. Once it's over leaves you mystified and in awe. Love it

  14. This movie is not a horror one, but it is entertaining. There is action, romance and a bit of psychology behind. I recommend.

  15. This movie is one of those movies where Mr. Smith gets shot in the chest, puts some ducktape on it and walks away. And his dad is white. Seriously, how dumb can it get??

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