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Alright, listen up! Thanks to Fiona’s report, we do know now That we will be dealing with the force
that is ready and willing to fight So get ready for the worst Our target is William Afton His present location is somewhere
in “Fazbear’s World” amusement park Mission is simple We enter and take him out Chapter One: Hunted Soul He tries to run away… Go around him I wonder… Why do you hide from them? They are the one who should be scared of you! Not the opposite… Don’t worry… I am not your enemy… At least for now… But… they are… Allow me to give you a small advice… Instead of hiding… You should give them a fight! Otherwise, you might end… Like an old friend of mine… This is what they do with your kind… Trust me, they are the real threat… And they are here with only one goal… To kill all of you… And they will not stop… Unless… someone will decide to fight them back… And that someone can be you I suppose, you don’t remember who you are? Or your name? As I thought… That always happens to the newcomers… But there is a chance… That we might restore all that you have lost Yet, before we do that… We must deal with your pursuers… Kill them… And when you do that… Find me… And I will be glad to help you… My new friend… Where are you hiding? Alright then… Go ahead… Finish this! Anyway… I don’t have anything else to live for… Stop! Please don’t hurt him! Chapter Two: Defending Your Family Anna My dear girl It seems I’ve missed all the fun I have to admit,
bringing you and Silver back Was not an easy task Especially helping you
to get used to your new bodies But right now, looking at the results I can say it was 100%
worth the trouble Since, the passion with which
you accomplish your work Is admirable Joshua should be proud But anyway,
I have an assignment for you As you’ve already noticed We have some uninvited guests to our park Who are here to harm us And I bet you don’t want
anything bad happen to your father Don’t you? As I thought Then help me to prevent that There is one particular person
who I need you to take care of The Police Chief Burke Though, I’ve already sent
one individual after him I have my doubts that
job will be done correctly So, go out there and make sure That Mister Burke’s life
definitely come to unfortunate end Your skills fit perfect for this assignment And remember,
failure we will not be tolerated Is that understood? You know Anna, the way you stare With that deathly look Sometimes even I feel discomfort And that is wonderful Well then, go out there, and have some fun In the meantime,
I need to speak to your father I have some assignments for him as well Also, I think it is time to let Fritz out What the heck happened here? Where is everybody? There should be hundreds of people
in this theme park right now… Hey…Hey! You alright down there? What? How do you feel? Can you move? Yes… Just… My head hurts… What happened to you?
How did you manage end up here? I… I was trying to restore electricity
in this amusement park… When my team got attacked… By that crazy woman… She was so strong and fast… And that mad laugh… We tried to fallback… But then… Ah… My head… And what happened to the others? Seriously? Are you going to annoy the poor girl
with those kind of question? Look from what height she felt! Ask her if she hasn’t broken anything!? Thank you… Nothing is broken… I am just in a shock and… Whoa! Whoa!
Easy there lady! No need to shoot me! Trust me, you don’t want to
make any more loud noises in here… Because of your loud fall
we are already in a big danger What? I know this situation looks weird
and confusing to you But please put your gun down And let us to explain everything… If we still have time for that… Trust me, we all on the same side
and right now, we are in a big danger… If we heard your loud fall… Then he might have as well… Which means he is already on his way here! He? Who are you talking about? It is a long story… Right now all you need to know
is that it is not safe Something very soon will come to this room,
with one goal, to kill us all So we should either run or hide He is telling the truth… I’ve seen that thing And believe me
we don’t stand a chance against it And here he comes Here, grab my hand!
Get up Alright listen up!
We need to hide! And no matter what happens,
make sure you don’t make any loud noises! Especially no shooting! As bullets will only make him angrier! You got it!? Yeah! Yes! Great! Now spread out and hide! Common…Common… Where can I hide… What the hell is that!? What are you doing there Joshua? Found something from an old…
Forgotten past? Just please, don’t get too sentimental… As right now I need you in a completely different mood You see… At this important day… When we are so close to achieve our goal… Unexpected guests showed up at our door… And somehow… They are starting to become a real annoyance Still can’t believe in what they’ve
managed to do with poor Michael… This situation is getting out of control And we can’t allow ourselves to fail… Because if we do… Well… She will be send here… And trust me… This will mean a really… Really horrible end to all of us… That Is why, I need your help… Track Fiona and her friends… And make sure that all of them… die… Remember, we can’t allow ourselves to fail… Otherwise… You will be separated from your daughter once again… But this time, forever… And we definitely don’t want this to happen? Don’t we? Good… Come, let us discuss further details… Chapter Three: Sad Truth Stop! Please don’t hurt him! I know, you are not a bad person… Just please, don’t do it… It is all big misunderstanding… He thought that you were planning to hurt me… And that is why he attacked you! But we both know,
that you are the only person here Who will do everything he can, to protect me A true friend! Who gives me hope and confidence… Please… Please… Don’t attack him… You got everything wrong… He is not your enemy… Let me tell you what really happened A true story… There was once a little girl… Who always dreamed to visit
this amusement park… And finally her dream came true How happy she was… But then something happened… Emergency sirens started screaming And everyone was asked
to proceed to the safe shelter I was told that a hurricane was approaching But as soon as everyone reached a shelter
and safe doors were closed A strange person appeared on the balcony… His eyes were glowing with purple color He didn’t say anything… He just looked at us with an evil smile… Then suddenly lights went off And out of the ground, those things came out… Pure darkness… screams… panic… I was scared and all alone in that nightmare… But then I noticed the blink of the flashlight Somebody grabbed my hand
and pulled me out of that nightmare… That was him! He was leading a group of people to the exit But one of those things saw us…
And started the chase… I… I can’t remember, for how long we ran… One boy fell down…
And… We… we couldn’t do anything… That thing straight away attacked him… I still remember his screams… Eventually we’ve managed to reach a shelter… Where you found us! But sadly… Those things found us first… Bravely with no fear he tried to protect us! What happened after… I… Can’t remember… When I opened my eyes I saw him… And then you showed up That is what really happened… But he… I am confident… Is the only friend I have and whom I can trust! So please… Don’t hurt him anymore! But… Why… Why does he look at us like that? Is there… something wrong with him? Or with me? Oh no… I’ve become one of them as well… This means… In the end…
We didn’t manage to escape… What shall I do now? Thank you! At least I have you by my side… And I know that you will not abandon me You can count on me as well Maybe the first impression about me
was not the best one But trust me – I am not a bad person And I’ll do all I can to protect you Thank you! We sure will need help… As for you big guy Well…. I have to admit I was wrong about you
and I’ve rushed with my judgments Hope you can forgive me… But on another hand, now we know
that you are a good fighter And that might come in handy Considering our enemy… The person you’ve mentioned,
the one with purple eyes That is William Afton He is responsible for this nightmare And many other evil crimes But fear not! That is why we are here To stop him! And together, we will make it happen! Now we only need to find Fiona
and others to… What the hell was that!? Oh no!!! It is back!!! Don’t worry Whatever that thing is I bet me and the big guy
will be able to take care of it! Am I right big guy? That’s what I thought! Yes, you are right! Together we will be able to fight it back! Is that the one, you are scared off? No… Not him… I am… scared of her… Ethan!!! Alright!!! Let’s show them that it is a payback time!!! Chapter Four: The Memory Remains I think it is safe to come out… Damn! That was close… Well luckily they didn’t spot us… True. Alright, now let’s get out of here. Wait a second… Can at least somebody explain to me,
what is this place? Who are you and what is going on down here? Yeah… Right… Sorry about that… I am still a little bit shocked Yeah… I bet from her perspective we
look like one heck of a weird team… My name is Logan I am a roller coaster maintenance specialist And one of a few remaining
survivors in this amusement park But what happened to the others? They were taken… By those creatures To be fair…
I am still alive only thanks to this small fella If I hadn’t come across him…
I definitely would not make it this far Likewise… If Logan wouldn’t had freed
me from my prison, I’d still be locked in there… As I had been for the last 30 or even 40 years… 40 years!? Yes! I suppose, it can be said… I was part of this nightmare right from the start… I still remember times when… Joshua and Henry where young… And Anna was still alive… Thought now… It feels like it was a completely different life… It might be hard to believe… But I used to be a human once… Before Afton took away my life and locked my soul inside of this animatronic body… But why he kept you there for all this time? Because Afton needed a smart slave,
to do paper work for him Someone who will help him bring his plans to life And who will also cover up his evil crimes… Of course Brian also did his part in that… But mostly I am the one, who should
be blamed for this nightmare Due to my cowardliness and blind service to Afton I allowed this nightmare to continue… For all this years… If not you, I bet this Mr. Afton Would’ve found someone else to do this work for him… So don’t blame yourself that much… Thank you! Right now…
Honestly, for the first time I’ve had a glimpse of hope That I’ll be able to escape and… Once again to see the sky… It’s been so long since the last time I saw it… And no matter what,
I’ll no longer serve to Afton! I better get completely destroyed Rather than allow myself to be returned
back to my prison cell… Don’t worry…
I bet you will not have to Since police is here,
I assume Afton days are over You will just radio others
and we will be saved in no time Am I right? I am afraid… Situation is not that bright as you might have thought… How to say this correctly… This Police Raid is… unauthorized It is a black op mission
that was secretly organized By Fiona and Burke with a goal to take out Afton And only 20 of us volunteered to join them So officially… Nobody knows that we are here And right now due to the hurricane Radio communications are completely down… I won’t be able to contact neither other teams
nor the mainland… So for now it’s just us… I am sorry… I see… But in case things go wrong
we have instructions to fall back to the ship There should be plenty of
armed men guarding it We only need to get back to the surface
and then I’ll lead us there You mentioned, that you were restoring electricity
to this amusement park Did you manage to restore it? Wonderful! Then I know how we can get out of here. Are you ready to leave this doomed place? Hell yeah… Lead the way! Chapter Five: Point of No Return Ethan!!! Alright!!! Let’s show them that it is a payback time!!! What in the world!? Chapter Six: Goodbye Stranger Stop… Take… take cover… Oh no… This is bad… We don’t stand a chance against him! Alright…
It seems that we will have to fight our way out What if we distract him?
And then run to the elevator? Sadly this will not work… Elevator doesn’t have any doors and
at the same time moves very slow and very loud… He will reach us in no time
and then grab us one after another Then we need to come up with another plan You are right, there definitely
should be other options… There is one more option… I’ll go and distract him While you will escape What? No! That is not even a topic to discuss She is right…
We aren’t going to leave you here… After all these years you finally
have a chance to obtain your freedom… Thanks to you I already did… Even if it was for the short amount of time… Let’s be honest with each other… Look at me… Even if we manage to escape… Where would I go? My life ended a long time ago… I was just to scared to admit it… All what is left of me is just my soul… That is locked in this old rusty animatronic body… The time has come for me to end
this miserable existence And receive a long deserved peace… I ask you to honor my decision
and let me do this Allow me for the first time in my life
to have a moment of courage and be a hero… This airshaft should lead you straight to the elevator Also, I’ll need those for my plan to work? Of course… Do you know how to use them? Yeah…
Seen it in the movies… Good luck my small friend… Thank you!
Now go! Time to face my old friend
and set us both free from this nightmare Joshua!!! My old friend! Do you even remember, what it felt like… Being a human? When you your self controlled of your life and faith… Or did Afton completely erase your personality? Just look at us…
Look what we have become! Can you even call this a life? I don’t think so… The time has come to end this… And bring us a well-deserved peace… At least one of us found courage
to fight back And end this… Dang… That didn’t work out as was expected… Well…
Anyway… Soon it will all be over… At last… Goodbye my old friend… Shame thought… I wasn’t able to see the sky again… What!?
What! What is going on? Did you really think we would leave you there? Not a chance… You still haven’t seen the sky, have you? Thank you!
But please put me down… I feel embarrassed,
that you carry me… Sure…
Can you stand on your own? Well…
A little bit of practice is required But I’ll manage Here, use this… Thanks…
This sure will make things easier So, are you ready to see the sky? Chapter Seven: Twisted Duo Captain, are you alright? Chapter Eight: In the Beginning Anna! are you trying to give me
a heart attack?? Ha, ha! Got ja! You sure did Now tell me, why are you still awake? Weren’t you the one who taught us That in order to have a productive day tomorrow
you need to have a proper sleep today? I know… It’s just… The opening is soon and
we are way behind the schedule I was just trying to finish Henry’s work Though his hand writing doesn’t make things easy I have my suspicions, that he used to
work as a SPY back in the days Hm… I see… So that is your excuse
why you forgot to feed Silver… Did I? Oh… Sorry pal…
My bad… Don’t worry, I’ll back you up with this one Thank you Anna But… Why are you not asleep? It’s way past your bedtime I am just too excited and at the same time
a little bit worried About tomorrow’s ballet dancing competition The one you promised to attend to Remember? Of course I do! That is number one in my priority list And I would never miss it Well… Since we are all awake… Even Silver Let me show you some
of my new dance moves Sure Oh! Sorry! Sorry about that! I didn’t mean to… Here I’ll pick it up I hope I didn’t break it… Don’t worry Anna…
It is just a tool… It can be easily fixed or changed What is more important, how is your arm? Does it hurt? Ah… It’s nothing… That’s good… Well I guess it is a sign
to pack things up and call it a day You go ahead and feed Silver Okay! I’ll be on my way soon as well Hey Silver!
Are you ready to go for a run? The first one to reach the fridge
will get a snack! Okay, ready! Steady… And… Go! Are you alright there? Here, let me help you Thank you Sofia I am glad to see that you are alright! Thank you captain… Sadly that can’t be said
about the rest of my team… I see… Can’t believe it is over!
We’ve won! Who was that anyway? I would count on that It is definitely
not the last time we see her He is right… She will be back…
And will be more furious than ever… Then we will be prepared for that Look, we are being watched Afton Finally, he sees,
that there are those who can stop him It is about time Fair point… But at the same time
now he will be more causes and dangerous Correct…
You should never underestimate Afton We will not! And as long as we stick together…
And work as team I believe we have a good chance to win this fight And stop him once and for all You hear this Afton! We are not scared of you! And no matter what you throw at us…
We will not stop! We will fight and we will prevail! Know this! We are coming for you! And your time is coming to an end! Fools! You have no idea what is coming for you… Last Chapter: All Hell Breaks Loose Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Twisted Movie Created by Secret4Studio Story will Continue in “FNAF: Twisted Series” You

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