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I don´t want to fight you Pekisee You are the same coward as always. You can´t pass by me! You stupid idiot, he´s just using you ! Shut up and fight ! Is this the best you can do? STOP! You kill us all! This is no way to talk to an old friend. Look at me the last time, before you die. This is !… I… I was… It´s okay I´m sorry I was… How could you…?! How could I? It´s easy the strong ones live and the pussys die. I was your enemy, not Pekisee! Good to see you in anger, Ceth. Fuck. It´s such a pity Why don´t you join the dark side and get some free cookies? Your jokes are bad. Shit, I can´t beat him. Pekisee, why did you have to die? What are you starring at? It´s over now! Pekisee: STOP! Ceth: I´ve never learnt to die. This can´t be ! I… I was careless… It´s ok Pekisee. It´s just a scratch. You will die now Ceth. Why did you give your life for mine? You were the one who told me to not use black magic! Why did you use that spell?! I´m the one who deserve to die! It´s ok, Pekisee. I´ve spent many years fighting. I´m glad it´s over now… Ceth, you Idiot. See you in the next life. You will never be just a memory… It will probably makes you sad hearing this… but this… is the last story I will tell you… (sound of blood splatter) I know you love a good story with a happy ending… but I don´t have the power for this anymore… and nothing is gonna change, if I lie… So the last story is about a boy called Keiss… He acts like every day not in kown… that in less than 2 weeks… he´s the one… who will destroy the world…

18 thoughts on “Final Fantasy: Untold Story (Anime Fight Real Life / Life Action Movie)

  1. There is a little easter egg hidden for all you hardcore Final Fantasy fans.
    Almost every special attack in this movie, was thought of and redesigned after an original special attack in the original Final Fantasy 7 game. Can you find and name them all? Solution is in the video description.

  2. Ah da ist ja das angekündigte Remaster, cool. Bin gespannt wie eure neuen Sachen dann aussehen. Ganbate!

  3. Ha ha, wonderful man, I grew up playing FF7, such an awesome game. What did you use for the motion track for the swords and stuff? I'm learning how to use Hitfilm 2 now which has Mocha, man that planar tracking stuff has a steep learning curve, props on the edit bro.

  4. Like and share from me.The video is very good.
    Great quality and content, keep up the good work.
    Check my channel if you have time.

  5. Schnitt und Effekte sehen echt ziemlich klasse aus!:)
    War bestimmt ordentlich Arbeit das alles zusammenzuflicken…
    Is das mit AfterFX oder Hitfilm gemacht worden…?

  6. Heii mein bester 😀
    wollte mich für dein abo bedanken 😀
    mein like hast du mach weiter so werden gelegendlich vorbeischaun:D

  7. Yeah cooles video !! Super gemacht und ich finde den "Film Noir" Stil der teilweise durchkommt echt top 🙂
    Daumen hoch !

  8. Mega nice gemacht!!! Habt ihr die Kampftechniken geplant oder nur so "spontan geplant"? (Wenn du verstehst was ich meine)

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