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This video is made possible by Squarespace. Hey guys. I’m Lorenzo and welcome to Cinebattle, the show where Jordy fights against Yannick in an epic filmmaking battle. And today we get two hours for our battle because that is what the users vote for in the previous Cinebattle. No, Jordy, that’s not true. They voted, yes, you get two hours, but that’s not for this episode. It will be for the next episode Lorenzo: Because you’ll need the time.
Jordy: Because one of the issues we always run into Is that the final effect or video is not where it should be. We want to create something that looks really good so we want to get more time, Lorenzo. Lorenzo: Yes, you will, next week, no problem.
Jordy: Okay, next week. But for today’s challenge you’ll only get one hour because that’s all you need. So Lorenzo, what are we doing today? Because I can see, like, three cups here and it’s Object, Genre, and Camera. What’s the deal? So for today’s challenge, you guys have to pick one paper of each cup and together all three will determine your assignment. Okay. Is it clear? It’s clear. Currently, the standing is 3-2 for Yannick. So that means Yannick, you can pick the first paper. Isn’t the loser supposed to pick first? I’ll be a sport and you can pick first. Okay, Jordy you can start with camera. Okay, the camera. It’s okay! Just pick a paper! Kidizoom. Be a Kidizoom. The Red Gemini. Nah, he’s lying. It’s a GH4 but I’m happy with that. It’s better than the Red. Now I can pick one? Yeah. Please be a smartphone or the Kidi- We don’t have the Kidizoom anymore. It’s a Sony. Can I pick which Sony? You can choose which Sony. Okay now it’s the Genres. Yeah. Genres. Yannick: Just take a paper Jordy
Jordy: Yes, here. Genre. That’s the trick. Horror. That’s- Oh cool! It’s almost Halloween so that perfectly fits in. I’m just gonna pick one. Horror. Ah, that is easy. No, is it easy? It’s not easy. Horror? I have product video. Can we switch? Jordy: That’s that just boring, Yannick, that’s just boring.
Lorenzo: You cannot. Oh and now comes your object like which product video that you have to make. All right, Objects. Please be chopped off heads. Please be a chopped off head. It’s so much easier Chopped-off head. No, it’s a toolkit. What’s a tool kit? It’s like your tool kit. Jordy: Oh yeah, my box. My tool box.
Lorenzo: Yes. And now you, Yannick. Let’s go. A ping-pong ball. So you have to make a product video? About a ball. About a ping-pong ball. Mine is actually pretty okay. So, Yannick has to make a product video about a ping pong ball, And Jordy has to make a horror movie about a tool kit. Okay, guys, let’s not just waste any more time right here and let’s start the challenge. All right, GH4, Horror, Tool Kit it is. My objects for today. So I don’t think it’s fair because you are using a Nikon lens. Lorenzo is using a Nikon lens. Those are the two best lenses in the kit so I have to do it with what’s left. It’s powder. Some tools! this is the Zhiyun crane, some brand new one that we built, S or something. What are you doing Jordy? What are you doing? This time I don’t need to do some story so I’ll just put on some cool lights blue and redness with some front lights, some smoke. Boom. I got myself product video. Before you use any new products, make sure to read the manual first and I don’t have time for that. Ain’t nobody got time for that. We’ve got a toolbox. Now we need lighting..nice lights. Just gonna make a beautiful product video with this ball here, which is gonna be super hard. And my tactic is put up some beautiful lights, use some smoke, use some movements and then we’ll see what we got. We got blood. Need something to stand on. The balls, not me. He tried to hide my camera. Joe where’s the aperture lights? Oh, here’s the aperture lights. This is a brand-new aperture light – RGB light – pretty cool. This is powder, easy to wash powder. Can you help me? Can you, like, drop the ball? Maybe I should think about a story. I’m just setting stuff up without thinking about a story. We’re going for the flashy speed ramping. It’s so hard to tell a story with just an object. Hey, Yannick, you wanna know something? What? You have 45 minutes left. Perfect. I’m thinking about, like, going for a voiceover. Or just use random shots and then the voiceover tells a story. Go. I don’t really like..or.. Yannick, what are you doing? Well, I’m building a website. Well, that’s stupid. You should go to Squarespace has lots of built-in templates which are completely customizable, which makes it so easy to create your own website. You can add videos, photos, a contact page, everything you want. It’s super easy. And the cool thing about Squarespace is that you can see all of the analytics of your website. Look at how much revenue my mysterious website made. And, if you’re still stuck on something, you can always contact their award-winning support. That’s right. They won an award for their support. How cool is that? Now, Yannick, don’t hesitate, go to, and use the coupon code ‘Cinecom’ at check out or just go to the first link in description down below. [evil laugh] Thank you so much, weird stranger. I’ll definitely follow the link in the description below. Yannick: Get out of my shot, Lorenzo.
Lorenzo: 30 minute left, Yannick. Make me a horror movie Jordy. An idea. Come on, an idea. I don’t know if I have enough shots but let’s do this because I only have half an hour left for my edit. And I don’t want to end up with nothing. The first tip I can give you: look for music first because your entire edit will depend on your music Just find something cool, put it there in Premiere Pro and start editing. I’m going for the rock cinematic. Something that will really sell the product because I’m making a product video so it needs to be like ‘Boom in your face.’ Powerful, like, [battlecry] I’m gonna add a character in it, but you won’t see the character. I’m also going to try to make an intro because, yeah, super cool to make an intro. It’s ping-pong. Ping-pong. [sings song] Let’s go to the editing room. I’m fighting against time and I want to deliver something good this time. Just a voiceover and then some fine tuning with the sound effects and I should be done. Yeah. Yeah So I prepared the text which is gonna be the voiceover. I’m gonna do a voiceover to give some backstory. They say that love is eternal. You care about each other. 5 4 3 2 1 Done, Jordy, come on. Render that stuff. I wasn’t able to, like, look at it yet. Well, just render it. [nervous laugh] Okay. Let’s go to the studio. So guys how did it go? Quite good. Yeah. At first I was quite scared about ping pong, but yeah, it was nice. It’s easy. You just have to take a random epic shots, put them together, and you get a video. I would love to have horror because horror is super easy. Okay guys, so let’s jump into it. We’ll start with Jordy. Yeah sure, let’s have a look at a short film. They say that love is eternal. You care about each other. You protect each other and marriage only justifies that. Or does it? To me, marriage has only locked me up and I want to break free. They say the perfect murder weapon doesn’t exist. But that’s not important. It’s all about the aftermat that should be perfect You were caught into the story. I actually like it a lot. Yeah, it’s nice. It’s good, right? It’s good. I think with the right actress, ’cause I’m not a voiceover actor, I think this this could be something. Well, I think you did a pretty good job for one hour. Exactly. Keep that in mind guys – Team Red. So you can already vote in the corner up there if you’d like to do it now. You can stop watching this video right now because it ends right here. Because you can vote Team Blue because I already won. You don’t need to see my video because you know it’s awesome. I’m curious, yeah, I’m curious. Come on. Come on, show it. A product video. Ping pong. Yeah, it’s nice. Nice transition. Nice shot. It’s short Yeah, it’s really short. It’s really short. I didn’t have enough shots because I was focusing. We only have one hour. I need an intro, I need an outro, I need to edit it. So I choose to go short. Yeah, guys, we want to get two hours. Let these two guys know right here. Everyone in the comments yell out ‘Give them two hours.’ Everyone. Come on. We need two hours, guys. Okay. Well now it’s up to you guys. You can vote who won: is it Jordy or is it Yannick? You can vote in the top-right corner right there who won. Thank you, Squarespace, for the support. Thank you for watching, and as always, Stay creative. Dude Perfect. Go Yannick. Come on! Go Yannick.

100 thoughts on “FILMMAKING ROULETTE: Making a FILM in 1 HOUR!

  1. Calling that one a tie. LOVED the horror, but the ping pong ball was a hard task and really engaging for social media. But let's make it 90 minutes instead of 2 hours. 2 hours might be too much time 😉

  2. The horror thingy is so amazing😻. Hehehez. I'm a grade 12 student and i with our production in enhancing our shortfilm (acting, script writing and editing skills) and i always liks the video you guys upload. And because of the horror thingy i think i already know the next shortfilm that we will make. Hahaha horror about a wallet without having a money🤣

  3. can you copycat the effect from the song Silver Skies by Manila Grey 🙂 i really want to learn how to make that really cool effect. its lit!

  4. Next time :
    Do anytype of challenge
    But a twist
    Don't use Ctrl + Z while editing 😋😂
    In short Remove Z Key from the keyboard

  5. I really like the random drawing concept a lot. Would love to see this implemented more, but I think they should each have the same genre/type of film. It's difficult to compare a short film to a product commercial.
    Great videos though, guys!

  6. This time JORDY did awesome job. Yanick was nice. For Jordy, I didnt like the font used for Horror film. Otherwise awesome work.

  7. A commercial about a pingpong ball in 1 hour? You think it will definetly suck but OMG!!! Yannick is SO creative!! I was until now a 100% Red fan, but today I am turning blue…. 😁 Still, Jordy also got a brilliant thing going. In only 1 hour!!!! Oh, I think the real winners are everytime WE, the audience!!!

  8. I voted Jordy since his story was thrilling, and Yannick please stop using glitch transitions in every clip for god's sake 🤣🤣. Reagarding to time, I think you should have 3 hours in order to make enough shots and have time to edit with details.

  9. Jordy should stop begging for 2 hours give him 30 minutes next time and Yannick 90 minutes because he ain’t begging

  10. i am surprised like HELL how jordy managed to get so much detail and information AND do editing with sound and voiceover in 1 hour. its next to impossible, and the clip was actually storied. bravo. jannicks one was awesome, but for 1 hour work how much jordy squeezed out of it, hands down jordy won.

  11. " 2 Hours But The Video Needs To Be At Lease Min 5 minutes "
    " 2 Hours But The Video Needs To Be At Lease Min 5 minutes "
    " 2 Hours But The Video Needs To Be At Lease Min 5 minutes "
    " 2 Hours But The Video Needs To Be At Lease Min 5 minutes "
    " 2 Hours But The Video Needs To Be At Lease Min 5 minutes "

  12. I was watching this and he said 'lets watch a horror short film" and then i got a gieco ad about horror movies… XD

  13. You guys always make movie using hi-grade cameras. How about a cinebattle challenge using cheap crappy camera, not the cellphone camera, those camera take hi-quality videos. There is a saying that says creativity wins over good expensive equipment 🤣🤣, so c'mon guys, show your creativity by using crappy cameras to make the best short film.

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