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I was asked the other day how do you direct film first thing is you need a good scripts now is even if yourself someone’s written it for you or you’ve got it from one of the sights
that give you copyright free scripts and there are some good ones out there I’ll put some links in the description below fot you to have a look at When you’ve found the script make sure the you read it thoroughly over and over and over and over
again get to know it, get to know the characters put yourself in the characters positions wha,t where, why if someone intention to starting show is nobody should own cafe and and shannon too a man who’s got a cup of coffee he’s bringing up to drink slowly things yourself wise up and there wind and table what i call three isn’t just working by itself way just you and the camera get into the practice of refusing storyboard even if it’s just little stick man don’t
worry if you can’t forecast statement no problem it used to using it because we still
working with crew in taxes is essential to put your vision of descriptions of
the story over to them well chris your actors especially if you
know one of them before goes to the lines with them have script
meetings with them go over and over really all could lines camera angles at a certain spice to your
story but funnel to overdo daring camera
angles when you first start balanced amount and get to know them for a heroic shop have become a repeat
out actor actor for what to look and you can drop all-party as a racism
belarus will cc tv camera but don’t forget to use a little basic camera angles fuel production wide angle shot gives you ordinance nice view of the
surrounding area is calls over called establishing shops a medium shops is good to crowd scenes closeup shot is good for seeing
expressions and key element for props and you’re
saying remember one musical also louisville production present from using lohan’s slows to
suspend its used heart pace will be seen use it to actually and for comedy using lighthearted
melodic music when correcting your actors the phone but does small upon branding you need to actors to respect
you taking acting lessons can also help
directors what better without action is and make a
better production listen to your actors member then the ones ripped a corona part and putting their
they sold into their performance how this is helpful any questions comments broken down in
the comment section if you like it hit the light bulb lamp
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