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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: What is Detective Pikachu’s Secret Identity? (Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie)

  1. Uhh YOU are all wrong in the description of the movie it says Tim's father Harry Goodman. And that is not Ash. Why can't nobody know but me.🙄

  2. I thought this was a really cool and detailed theory, but while I was watching the trailer I haven't seen any pokeballs, and pokeballs are more than a big part in the anime.

  3. Ok after seeing this the first theory is right BUT they did hint a lot who he was. It was also a film that Ryan’s daughters could go and see! Plus it was a FAB film

  4. On Pokémon the series Sun And Moon Ultra Legends Pikachu was wearing a detective hat to help Rotandex prepare for the filming of Alolan Detective Laki. And I called him detective Pikachu, but I didn’t think he was really detective pikachu. Because he was detective Ash’s Pikachu, and someone called him Deadpool, because Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool.

  5. Matpat: “Maybe pikachu IS Tim’s father?”

    Me a time traveler: “Oh, so you watched the movie?”

    Matpat: “No not yet- wait I was right? I WAS ACTUALLY RIGHT?!”

  6. I do think that it is ash’s Pikachu, that somehow Tim’s dad picked up along the way, and it still Tim’s dad inside the pikachu

  7. Before I watch the movie: omg there is no way Pikachu is the father.. That's just weird.

    After I watched the movie:…………….. Omg

  8. I like how everyone in the comments is surprised that you new pika was his dad when it's obvious I mean from the very first trailer when he said he's looking for his dad I was like tada you found him he's a pika now even my brother called that one and he's the type of guy that was surprised tobi was obito so yea the real theory is why is jiggilypuff from the anime in the movie that's based off the game Canon yes we know it's game Canon because mystery dungeon humans into Pokemon that's a game Canon only never is that in the anime so detective Pikachu is in the same universe as the games meaning the theory should be if he's reds Pikachu and not ashes but again to the main point why is the anime jigglyjiggly in the movie if it's clearly gameverse???

  9. This is the best thing I watched! And my favorite channel is pokemon so this is awesome and I'm from India🇮🇳

  10. that's a good theory and all but as a looked back at this after watching the movie for the first time. you are completely wrong about it being ash's Pikachu, it turns out to be tim's father as the Pikachu. also what seems scuffed about this theory is that tim does not seem to have any special relationship with the Pikachu nor did talk to the Pikachu in any desperation…so how could he talk to the Pikachu. the only explanation is the purple mist he accidentally inhaled before he met the Pikachu. it has been explained that the R serum makes the pokemon that inhales the gas will get mildly aggressively, but they don't explain what happens when a human inhales it. the R serum was made with Mewtwos DNA, so it would make sense that Tim would be able to understand pokemon such as Mewtwo or Pikachu or any other pokemon that were effected by Mewtwo's powers. of course, there is no evidence to prove this but it's the best I got. I find it really hard to believe that this Pikachu specifically would be ash's Pikachu even if there were some similarities. this is just because people Tim's dad(aka Rion Renolds) is probably addicted to coffee as a side joke. it would also make sense that the Pikachu would be addicted to coffee because Pikachu is an electric pokemon, and as such he needs energy in order to use his moves, and I mean a lot of energy. the pokemon anime and games have proven that there are more Pikachu's in the wild, so it is possible that Tim's father just so happened to have a Pikachu during the time of this movie. sorry for the essay, I just had to get some stuff off of my chest even if this theory was 4 months ago at the time of typing this. p.s. the father was the Pikachu.

  11. We now know that Pikachu was basically possessed by Tim’s dad, but what if he is also Ash’s old Pikachu. Maybe something happened to Ash, and the Pikachu could’ve been passed down to Tim’s father?

  12. "we're going to ignore the game"

    ….yeah okay, ignore the source material that this is based from

    next time don't ignore facts that are already out

  13. Anyone who had already played the detective Pikachu game that came out in 2016 already knew pikachu was his dad. He didn't make a genius guess… He played the game

  14. Funny thing is I’m rewatching this after watching the movie: he completely pushed aside the theory that Pickachu is Tim’s missing dad…

  15. As you said that detective pikachu was tim’s father Pokémon you said he was also ash’s Pokémon I have a theory and you can see right there

  16. Mewtwo: Your father has been with you the whole time
    MatPat: throws popcorn I KNEW IT! FINALLY I INVENTED A THEORY THAT WORKS! kinda…

  17. puts a picture of picachu with full yellow tail yep looks right.
    puts ears and tail with black tip on silhouette MANDELA EFFECT

  18. I'm laughing so hard though this whole video xD I so wish I watched it before I watched the movie xD I wonder what Matpat's reaction was to that joke he made about pikachu being the dad xD

  19. You know just because Pikachu in the movie turned out to be Tim's dad, that doesn't mean the actual PIKACHU can't be Ash's

  20. pat: pikachu is his farther.
    me: yess he got i-
    pat: but i found a more interesting one.
    me:*face palms* hhhuuuumm

  21. What is Pikachu is STILL Ash's pokemon. What if Ash is Tim's dad. You may say Ash's last name is Katchem but that can also be his middle name that was also his dads middle name. And [I forgot her name} could be Misty's daughter. This may seem farfetched but think about it and look at the evidence. 1. She has a Syduck. 2 She has around the same shade of orange hair. And even Mewtwo can indicate that Ash is Tim's dad Mewtwo meet Ash and seeing Ash in danger he helped him. Well this is my idea and congrats for reading all of this and hope you enjoyed my thought on this. :3

  22. In this theory i came up with a theory my self if the pikachu we are seeing is Ash's pikachu maybe just maybe that ryan reynolds is Ash? Look in the other theory that i watch 1st is that the mewtwo is the cannon mewtwo we see in pokemon anime movie because 20 years have past maybe Ash Ketchum grows up becomes a Detective

  23. What IF ASH IS HIS DAD AND PIKACHU HAD TO CHANGE HIS LOOK Different So No one suspects a thing That would be a good movie

  24. i like how you got the theory right on the first 2 minutes but just wrote it off and went on for 10 moreee minutes lmao

  25. There's also the anime Like episode 5 maybe where Someone asks ash he can understand pikachu and he says something along the lines of Kind of I more just understand what he means

  26. Pokemon sucks Godzilla the series was 1000 times better then this garbage why do people choose this lame tv show to awsome cool GODZILLA THE SERIES

  27. THEORY
    A point you missed is that this movie is set 20 years after the first series. Which was when Ash was 10. Now Ash may be 30 years old, he might have had a child whom he gave Pikachu to. That child may have been very clumsy with Pikachu, got into trouble with a Pokemon (lets say Onix), then the Pika hit its head and forgot many things.

  28. I debunk this theory, sorry
    That pikachu is basically his dad
    As we saw in the end as mewtwo shows what happens and turns pikachu back.

  29. Hello Game theory, I am from the future SPOILER ALERT FOR PPL WHO HAVENT SEEN THE MOVIE

    You were right in the beginning, Pikachu is Tim’s dad. Mind Blown

  30. ouch… lol glossed right over it at the start haha but a theory isn't always about being right! its about exploring the what ifs and the maybes!?

  31. New theory ash and serena had a child named tim and the missing one is ash think about it a pikachu missing a trainer much like a child missing a father

  32. It would have been awesome if they also made him like ketchup:p in the begining of pokemon he was crazy about ketchupXD there somewhere might even be a scene on youtube of him loading his rice omlet with ketchup:p

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