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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: The Matrix has NO ESCAPE

  1. The Matrix is very real
    Check out the theory of E8 Lattice or E8 Lie. It's a good start to understanding how it works.

  2. Maybe it’s just a poorly thought out and needlessly convoluted pile of contradictory bullshit that just sounds complex, and there is no actual right answers.

  3. Wouldn't Agent Smith have been aware of this fact though? He never gave any indication of this fact when he was in the real world in the body of Neo's crewmate. He also had no special powers in the real world only Neo.

  4. I pointed out at the end of the Matrix series that everyone was and another construct that they perceived was the outside world but we're still apart of The Matrix and that no one wins the war Neo goes back to the source in that all starts all over again

  5. This theory is good. But as we talk about the matrix, we must concider the timeline. In the matrix, the computers choose the end of the twentieth century to place the human mind.WHY. Because it was during this time that humans invented A.I. The computers know that this is when it was created. But what happened next. The animatrix. The machines were used as slaves to the humans until one machine decided that it had enough of being a slave to an inferior species and decided to unite all the machines into one singular mindset. A war between the humans and machines occured where the machines won and created the matrix. My theory is that I Robot, The Terminator and The Matrix are all the same story occuring in different times. These three movies go togather in the same time line but not at the same time. If you put these three movies togather you wind up with the history of the machines and how they took over humanity. This is why the machines decided to place humans at the end of the twentieth century. Before the creation of A.I. Any time before or after that and the humans would reject the program. The mathmatical precision of the matrix is keeping its own existance hidden.

  6. They obviously are still trapped in the matrix

    Think about it…if we were in a simulation, we could never escape the simulation.

    That would be as possible as 2-dimensional depictions of "The Sims" on a computer screen, walking out of the game and out of the screen, into our lives, and somehow being 3-dimensional and not needing code

  7. so maybe not the humans made the sky cloudy, it was the machines itself as kind of storytelling, so they can't just leave the planet and find out there is no code so to realize its still a another layer of matrix…. fucked up shit I feel pity for us humans.

  8. They wouldn't need to make a Matrix, to pacify the human mind if they harvested something else, like horses, or pigs, or elephants.

  9. If this were true, then why would choice/freewill be a problem? If Zion was a MWM, then the Architect wouldn't care if people rejected the Matrix because they would end up in another trap of the Matrix which would be Zion…..

    matrixreSolutions . c o m

  10. It's exactly the point that both "real" worlds are just layers inside the Matrix. When the Architect said about the Matrix "reloading", in computer language it's pressing the reset button, but because it can't run forever it needs to be constantly reloaded since it's missing the code of the One and therefore it "lags". So when Neo returned to the Source, he inserted the prime program, like the operating system of Windows and the Matrix reloaded to the 7th version and upgraded version.


  12. If the machines really wanted to eliminate their dependency on the humans, couldn’t they have just figured out a way to get rid of the thick black smoke blanketing the Earth’s atmosphere to get access to the Solar Power again?

  13. Ever wondered why the Matrix film was MADE? No? Look around you! The film itself is a clue to our existence, and maybe, a key! Someone just the otherside of that mirror is telling us….this IS a Matrix. More complex than a simple movie can convey, but a reality molded by concious thought. A God’s thought…or our combined thought….or maybe just yours! I can’t tell you and if I knew…I wouldn’t. Sometimes…inexplicable things happen, we all hear anecdotes of weird occurrences and pass them off as nonsense, but once in a while weird shit happens, or seems to, and you KNOW why. Dare to think outside the box….go on, do it, just once try to see beyond……

  14. I feel like this theory is on to something but misses the point. I mean, does this film theory fit with the fact that the brothers required the cast to read, "Simulacra and Simulation" before they started doing any acting?

    A lot of things that don't make much sense are the way they are because the directors are trying to force the viewer to confront certain philosophical questions.

    For example, let's look at the, "Real World". What is even meant by saying a world is real? This question is clearly addressed in the beginning, and it's a motif that continues throughout the movie. What is it about the real world (zion) that makes it any more real than the Matrix? How is your reality different from that in the matrix?

    The fact that the matrix is made up of code is incidental with neo's a abilities to warp reality. The reason he's able to do what he does is because of what that spoon bender told him. Think about what the child meant about everything he said.

    "Only try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. It's then that you realize it is not the spoon that bends; it is only yourself"

    This has nothing to do with them being in the matrix. They even made his reflection in the spoon as clear as possible to drive the point home; Ultimately, the only thing that he ever sees is literally a reflection of himself, and consequently, the only thing he can prove to be real is his own mind. Rene Descartes, a French philosopher, was in the pursuit of truth. To build a solid foundation for his research, he wanted to find things that were fundamentally true; things that don't depend on anything else being true. He started doing this by assuming nothing is true, and saying something is true only if it's truth is independent and self evident. He almost gave up, given he could not find one single fundamental truth that wasn't dependent on any other. After some despair, he realized that there was actually one thing he could undeniably say is true. He said, "We can not doubt our existance while we doubt". That's the meaning of, "I think, therefore I am". In the movie, Morpheus brings up the fact that reality is just electrical signals being interpreted by our brains. The fact that they can experience a new reality by being plugged into the matrix, is a paramount attempt to show us that reality only exists in our heads. Our concious experience is a middle man to whatever could be beyond out bodies; it's a middle man we can never bypass. This is why Neo could see when he was blinded. It was meant to be a metaphor for him seeing the truth after losing the hallucination driven by our eyes that we're compelled to see as being real.

    How can anyone watch this movie and not be compelled to study philosophy? Did anyone here even read the literature the cast had to read to be allowed to act?

  15. Silly, The Film Theorists: the matrix is an allegory of our one world mind control/govern-ment. We supply the matrix with power bc w/o us, the system won’t run.

  16. Hunans raised in vats would be WAY worse off than just some weak muscles… the eyes will not develope right, nor will the lungs, hearing… disconnection would be a slow, terrifying death.
    The 'mayor' or whatever his title was of Zion showed Neo the underpinnings of the city and straight up told Neo: "we need them as they need us"

    I like the theory that the machines are actually the good guys. Morpheus told Neo "we scorched the sky". That is death to pretty much the life cycle of the Earth. The machines are doing what they can to preserve humanity.

  17. "And everything blows up in your face" Alanis Morissette got her face blown up 😂

    Also, there is no briefcase full of money, so just hand it to me.

  18. They need the people there to observe them so they will exist I.e. Einsteins theory of relativity that's my explanation

  19. What if the Oracle and the the Architect are people in Zion that just plug into the Matrix to mess with Neo Morpheus Trinity and friends.

    Also, the default of the matrix is the most interesting, neo starts breaking laws and boom agents are there. Neo leaving the matrix was the only way he could get out of trouble. He's a troublemaker.

    Also, I still don't get why the fact that they are in Matrix is a tough pill to swallow. If the architect would just say "hey you're in the Matrix" by the 18th birthday of human, there would be no anomalies.

    Also rogue programs are cool.

  20. Our blood vessels are pumped due to electrical impulses our brains send to our heart, that explains how it's possible for impulses from the Matrix are affecting their bodies in the "real world", and with him being Neo perhaps he has the ability to generate more electricity than normal people thus allowing him to jump-start her heart in the Matrix, sending electrical impulses to her brain in the real world that starts her heart again.

  21. Haven't watched the video yet but I've always wondered… How could you possibly confirm you were ACTUALLY out of the matrix? Like why would the machines only put the humans one layer deep? Maybe the video touches on this too, let's find out…

  22. Its funny I knida had the same theory. Also whtever doubts u showed in this theory I have the theories of them as well….I just saw a Lizard crawling the wall twice!!!

  23. Agent smith: mister andersan I’ll give you money and power only for your mind
    Neo: how about you give me the money and I give you the finger
    Agent smith: you give me no choice >:)

  24. You can take this Theory even further…. are the people just more programs? Perhaps with no real people or a very limited number even one baring witnessing to the simulation

  25. MORPHEUS: Where did you hear about the laws of thermodynamics, MatPat?
    MATPAT: Anyone who's made it past one science class in high school ought to know about the laws of thermodynamics!
    MORPHEUS: Where did you go to high school, matpat?
    MATPAT: …in the Matrix.
    MORPHEUS: The machines tell elegant lies.


    MATPAT (in a small voice): Could I please have a real physics textbook?
    MORPHEUS: There is no such thing, MATPAT. The universe doesn't run on math.

  26. The "you" was a Royal You … not aimed at Neo specifically, in that context, but in fact referring to all of those who had "freed their minds".

  27. Damn…Wouldn't it e great if the came out with another…only to find out, that our theory is 100% true. It makes sense! Good vid!

  28. I bet the jack to the matrix is not real that y neo can switch matrix , he doesn't need a jack to enter his brain, to get from Zion to the real world.

  29. What if I told you that the terminator was ment to be a sequel to the matrix and the brothers didn't even write the movies also both movies are in court atm being sued by a lady that wrote both in the 80s

  30. That was a good theory on the Spoon in the real world discussion. I and a few other people have talked about the Matrix within the Matrix idea.

  31. yup if only this consent that Zion is still in the matrix was into the 3rd movie it would t have sucked so much and would have been bold and actually a good trilogy over all but nope its not in the movie so its just a theory

  32. I'm lost I thought everybody knew zion was part of The matrix. At the very end with the Oracle and the old white dude said it was destroyed several times before. That's because it's the matrix I thought it was a given like the whole trop of the series. And he will be back like when he died he was going to it was going to have it all again

  33. Okay a lot of stuff to be written off electro feed back. The whole defibrillator thing. And blood vessels the same. Over-stimulated causes a electric feedback loop hyper stimulating the blood vessels causing ruptures I guess I can still buy it

  34. Thank you for this theory and the previous. I’ve always thought this is exactly what the movies meant and was so surprised when I found out that not too many people had that same interpretation. Glad I’m not the only one. You rock Matt Pat!

  35. Fuck yeah! Great theory. I still want to see connecting the Terminator franchise as a prequel to the Matrix and then the Matrix franchise as a prequel to Dune (where the Matrix serves the role of the Butlerian Jihad)

  36. Finally! Finally!!! For so many years Ive been waiting to hear that from another person! The Architect has explained this so clear! This is exactly how I have seen in the movie and thats the way Ive explained it to my girlfriend! Oh, all this years feeling alone…

  37. It's simple, the matrix is a simulation inside a simulation, the "real world". No one, even the program itself, knows this. Take "the pill" in the real world, and see where you end up.
    They were allowed to win so they will be too preoccupied rebuilding and become complacent and not try to escape that layer.
    This is an old theory.

  38. Still blind not seeing the truth still to what this movie is all about in truth I see.

    Not seeing why biblical teachings are used in the movie complete with names and perspectives of all religions as parrelels.

    Manipulation of your minds to pick a side, to control your freedoms and minds.

    Neo is a parrelel to Jesus, yet in truth is Lucifers pawn with teaching to bow to the accusers laws.

    Until he is free of the illusion of the world decieved by Satan.

    Neo yet a pawn that is devoured in the end by the machines.

    Ursurped by the Anti-christ devil.

    Sual of Tarsus Anti-christ is Agent Smith, free.

    Yet completely illogical and aggressive to change you all into him.

    Devouring your minds as much as Jesus.

    Cults of Satanic trash religions of Paul.

    Mankind still enslaved by the decievers of the matrix paying tiths.

    A system of devouring of that character and your individuality.

    The parrelel..

    All religions all cults, all society and control systems slowly killing those who serve them.

    Catholic faith, Jewish faith, Atheist, they are all paracites.

    Paracite organism devouring stars and peoples lives, time, soul in essence.

    Yet calling laws evil and breaking them, which are also part of control systems of deceit and false authority systems of deceit and destruction of human existence.

    Jesus aka Neo fighting against the first beast system became lunch.

    Realizing he was controlled from aspect by prophecy of the fallen stars in rebellion against that of God alittle to late.

    Lucifer Samuel Ra rebellions in vanity against God almighty.

    Ergo, Satan is the false god in the very Matrix pulling the strings and trapped here as the archetype of the Architect trying to control the nature of mankind who still has a connections to the source.


    To feed on and manipulate mankind as a black hole star cults of Satanic Islam.

    God is the source, the one creating this reality where Satan Lucifer Samuel Ra black hole star cults do these things.

    And all control systems enslavement of others intentionality.

    The false gods and goddess cults vs God almighty and the creation.

    The one that brings true freedom and knowledge to defeat the paracite organism of Satan is you.

    Hope you are up to the task, yet understand balance or you will be devoured by god as much as the world is.

    By the way you bought the movie franchise and became merchandise to the controllers selling it to you.

    Another system of deception and control harvesting your time with your money.

    Don't expect me to save you as the light of the world.

    I see the whole damn world decieved and decievers of evil snakes, devils, demons, etc.

    One giant paracite organism that is evil.

    I am tired of dealing with decievers and liars reathoring books.

    People in general rewritting books to decieve and lie right to my face.

    Arguments completely illogical and invalid to me.

    Becuase it is all a crockpot of shit to me now designed to devour life and light.

    Myself full of hatred to everyone who follows blindly or wishes me harm in speaking truth concerning it all.

    Full of hatred that can truly see it all.

  39. I can apreciate your search for logic and views but if you watch the movie at face value as it should have been, you would accept the concepts and explenations. The beauty of the rabbit hole is that you can go as deep as you want and so you have vidoes like this and others but the rality is far more simpler. Nice work though.

  40. You don't use a defib paddle to restart a heart.. You use CPR.. Defib is only used in real life to fix a heart beat that is out of rhythm.. Just a FYI

  41. You can escape the matrix when you realize its the UNIVERSE …Universe means ONE VERSE …its a book or script ….and GALAXIES can replace UNIVERSITIES ….thats why in DR STRANGE …Doormammu was coming back because he is the GALACTIC EMPIRE ….MAMMU is a name for an Elephant specifically the MAMMOTH


  43. I agree with this and I thought of that possibility the first time I saw it. Even on the surface, if you can change someone's perception of reality then you can change it to anything you want including a fake win. Also if the Matrix is aware of Neo why doesn't it "delete" him? If nothing else fry his brain while he is jacked in.

  44. Morpheus was wrong! About the prophecy, So he could be wrong about the battery thing!

    Also note that true that Neo pulled that bullet out of TRINITYS body in matrix, but you had Morpheus and others working on her real body, even after she flatlined it was only a few seconds later that she started back up

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