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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: The Horrific Reality of Toy Story (Toy Story 4)

  1. I have a toy just like forty from i was going to bed and i making sleep from the morning i saw him stand up but he's not even stand up sit down from the meantime that is so scary that is true i saw it the whole time every night and everyday

  2. You had me at 2:00 because toy story fricken ruined my whole childhood the maroon bear yeah I couldn’t look at a bear the same

  3. I believe a toy die when you stop to see it as a toy. I mean, things get life in this movie when a kid play with it, so…

  4. You guys know that guy who says that forkey is transgender? It makes no sense right? It would make more sense if forkey was non binary. But, now follow me if you will, forkey if he is canonically trans, what if he’s in the middle of transitioning from a spoon to a fork? It would make more sense. (Not trying to make everyone lgbt, it would just make more sense if that were the case)

  5. Youtube Theory: This Film Theory video is just an attempt to get you to buy razors from Dollar Shave Club and a good example of how anything can be demonized.


    and he was pinned on the front of a truck for it….

  7. I feel like bringing out my spiderman action figure and take it out for hours and play with it again… although I'm 14

  8. I remember now!! I have a buz light year at home… but… I never tortured him or broke him… hes still alive… with me.

  9. The idea that a child's love/imagination/spirit/whatever is what brings a toy to life is false. In Toy Story 2, when they're in the toy store, the toys there are alive without being owned/loved by a child. In some cases they're aware that they're toys, while in other cases they don't.

  10. you can kill a toy by destroying it all completly by chopping it up into 1cm cubes or just hoot itor give it to my dog

  11. The toys have free will. The rules of not revealing themselves are self imposed and not enforced as shown with Sid. It is their instinct to comply and to want love. Which is why I wanted Toy Story 4 to go into this mystical aspect of the toys. Also, the laws of thermodynamics exist, where does their energy come from. I realize this may be the actual ending of the the series if they go this route, but would be interesting. Like if the B&L conglomerate is the root cause, reason, and source of energy of the toys.

  12. Hey so i wanted to mention something. There are cars at the bottom of the ocean in the marine life and I was wondering if those were the bugs from cars. I think that would connect cars, a bugs life, and nemo. What do you guys think?

  13. Before watching the 4th movie: It's returning to bonnie.
    After watching the 4th movie: {WARING: SPOILER!!!} He went to live with bo peep. I LOVE THAT PLOT TWIST!!! >:3 {srry I spoiled it but whatever…}

  14. The problem is, the toys are stupid. if they were to reveal themselves, it would likely be the case that people would in fact recognize them as sapient beings and stop with all the shit done to them.
    I mean manufacturing toys would probably become illegal in the same breath, but I don't see humanity violating their rights if humanity actually knew they were alive.

  15. Toy story was my faverute movie growing up i even have my own woody doll and pjs😂 1:11 i strongly dissagree but i do love your cospericy theries

  16. Actually i forgot to comment this but oh well if you listen closely listen in WALL-E you hear the captain say this "Regenerative food buffet" so yeah there is no caniballism in WALL-E then again we do hear this too "Passenger count. Unchanged" so maybe there is murder and mass killings in WALL-E.

  17. Pssst…



    1. The toys are a metaphor for creative humans and the kids are just the "illuminati",

    2. ToyStory is basically /X-MEN/ for (other) kids,

    3. Mind you that Lenin – was not a proletariat, but a bourgeoisie.

  18. And so the courier that chated death in a cementary near Goodsprings, cheated death once again and the mojave wastland was forever changed.

  19. The concept of toys being alive is a little fucked up remembering that my friend used to rip the heads off Barbie dolls and play baseball with them using their bodies as the bat.

  20. matpat was right about the war part tho, that blue bunny and chicken were tots bouta start a civil war on that poo grandma lmao

  21. Sorry but i always freaking hate your channel because you lied on your half life theory…

    But pushed the like button

  22. MatPat: Woody will go back to Bonnie
    Mickey: not on my watch
    MatPat after watching movie: DARN YOU MOUSE! DARN YOU!

  23. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zer-

  24. Jeez, how sad would it be that when Andy stopped loving woody, if woody died
    I would love how sad that made me

  25. If toys are only alive because the kids give it to them then how does Forky know that he's meant to be used for food and then thrown away? He must have be aware before hand to even realise what he is and his purpose.

  26. Hold on Mathew we should have power over toys yeah i guess they did have to come alive by force but we did create them like how they look there head body arms legs we created them we have power so turn your theory around.

  27. Hopefully in Toy Story 5 there will be a rouge Toy that raises the veil to the Humans. Maybe with the power of the Internet.

  28. The Army Men were under water for who knows how long? Stinky Pete is still in his package. All the sudden, the toys are put in garbage bags and they start suffocating? Ha

  29. If a kid plays with their food and then eat it, are they still alive until they're broken down and turned to waste

  30. woody says in toy story I was made in the late 50's So hes had about 4 owners But who? Possibly Andys mom? ANDY GRANDMAS?

  31. 6:51 Oh sure with a toy it's perfectly normal but when I do that to my girl and she blows her whistle….😒😒 Women…

  32. This was a shower thought I had back in the fourth grade. I couldn't really enjoy Toy Story after that. So I have to ask, are you scanning the brains of all your subscribers looking for theory fodder? Because I came to the conclusion that Toy Story was effed up years ago and just never explained to my friends and family why this kid's movie skeeves me out.

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