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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: The Avenger That RUINED Dark Phoenix!

  1. There would not be a dark pheonix if it wasn't for him because thanos would have said I am….. Inevitable then he would have wiped out half of them anyway, of anything he saved them, wait… did I just outsmart MatPat?

  2. people be like hey have u seen captain marvel? people that seen it yes person did u watch dark pheinox person no "people u kinda just watched it #two for the price of one yay!

  3. movie script:we also should add a little secret
    Movie :gets to the theaters
    Mat Pat: “after finding the secret and thinking some more”
    Mat pat:finally! I have them all

  4. Terrible theory. Anyone with half a brain can give you the correct answer in seconds. No one wanted to see Dark Phoenix because the last X-Men movie sucked, the last movie with Phoenix sucked and now that Marvel has the rights back, no one cares what happens in this movie cause this series is over and everyone is just waiting for the MCU X-Men.

  5. ITS A MULTI VERSE!!!!! Same plot. Same ideas. It’s a multi verse. So like dark phonix is earth # and captain marvlre is earth # so if they merge people will have similar abilitys

  6. Xmen movies aren’t as great as they should be, they didn’t give quicksilver any character development and he was in a body cast like the whole movie! I wish he could get a solo movie

  7. Lol dude, no one bothered to see either Dark Phoenix or Captain Marvel. If you don't understand why might I suggest cutting the soy out of your diet.

  8. Is it just me or is matpat watching a lot of The Flash. He mentions meta humans and doppelgänger which are two different phrases used in the first season of The Flash. Welcome to Youtuber theory

  9. One Movie I'd like to See one day is the avengers Fighting along side a Live action Mickey Mouse. MAKE IT HAPPEN DISNEY. YOU KNOW YOU WANNA. Mickey Donald and Goofy. With The Avengers.

    Iron Man: Aren't you a Talking Duck?

    Donald: Aren't you dead?

  10. I saw your fucking lame introduction and now I don’t want to watch the rest of the video. Not funny at all. You should stop showing your punchable face

  11. I don't think having Skrulls in dark phoenix would have saved it. Nobody cares if your movies are a little similar. There are plenty of action films with similar details in their climaxes released close to each other and they can still succeed.
    Dark phoenix has plenty of problems on its own.

  12. I remember my friends were going out to see this movie and invited me and I was like

    "… Haha.. hahaha… HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa…


    When I was a little young I watched a X Man movie… It traumatized me. For. All. Of. My. Life.

    No joke I have hated every X Man movie since then

  13. I hate that Captain Marvel is do similar to Jean. It’s such a scam and kinda kills Dark Phoenix’s build up.

    Dark Phoenix was definitely the original, it’s supposed to come out first 🙄

  14. the mystery around Fan4stick and how SImon Kinberg threw Josh Trank under the bus by cutting his major set scenes from the movie and blaming him for the movie by saying his dogs were the problem, Josh's idea had them discovering Galactus in the Negative Zone and battling the Mole Man in NYC, that would have been awesome, so that shade followed Kinberg back to Dark Phoenix where being a retread of the Last Stand beat for beat made people just say why go when we've seen it before and also, you're a douche to Kinberg

  15. Is it just me or does the Captain Marvel aliens (forgot their names, sorry) look like Dragon Ball Evolution's King Piccolo?

  16. Okay now, Bohemian Rhapsody And Rocketman we’re both equally good and both did well despite being months apart. The power of an artist is stronger than you think. Don’t at me in the comments. I said what I said. Period.

  17. It's complicated enough for non fans to understand why Superman or Wolverine and Deadpool isn't out there to fight Thanos with the Avengers

  18. Hey just thought if the skrolls are shape shifters and can take the ability’s and powers of the person they copy if one copy’s thanos can they get the gautlet and the stones and do what they want

  19. It doesn't end there, Matt. Dark Phoenix comes back as Ms. Marvel after she is destroyed and has amnesia. At least in the comics. From what I understand, Ms. Marvel is Captain Marvel. But then, there are multiple timelines and reboots in the xmen comic universe as well.

    EDIT: Welp, you covered it. 😉 There was confusion about Jean Grey being Ms. Marvel.

  20. But you have to admit, Dark Phoenix had way more of an emotional storyline than Captain Marvel did. I feel like Captain Marvel didn't really do good enough of a job to show a developing character in any of the movies she was in, it just seemed like endless action, which yes is good, but didn't express enough emotion to really draw in a watchers attention. However, Dark Phoenix, we see Jean Grey actually have emotions, struggle with accepting who she was, and all out give a story, not just action. So yes, I agree that Dark Phoenix did make more than a few mistakes with the film, but if your a person who watches movies for character development and a actual story that you can connect to, Dark Phoenix did a lot better than Captain Marvel.

  21. 10:45

    Which is hilarious considering, of all the big 3 intergalactic empires, the Skrull, Kree, and Shi'ar… The Skrull are the ones who are objectively the single most mustache twirlingly evil, and considering what the Kree and Shi'ar have done, THAT is saying something.

  22. hey i have a theory which you might like and that is that days of future past is the first movie and all the others are showing what happens that logan doesn't remember which is why he didn't appear until Xmen which is the third to last movie before the end of future past making the order ….. begging of future past then first-class then apocalypse then wolverines solo movie then Xmen 1 then Xmen 2 then the last stand then the end of future past then dark Pheonix then the new mutants and logan is way later in the series pls do this cuz literally just figured this out like twomins ago

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