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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Stranger Things – IS ELEVEN THE MONSTER? (Stranger Things Season 2 Prediction)

  1. I found out that one el was reaching her right hand out and the monster with his right hand out that the monster was destroying el too

  2. If you were Mike what would you so?

    Be with your love of your life ,but a monster hauts you forever


    Sacrifice your girlfriend and end the trama.

    I would if el chooses to Sacrifice herself, would Mike have the balls to kill her?

  3. U guys remember when will got captured? Before he did the Demogorgon was actually able to unlock the door from inside the shed…
    sO eL mIgHt Be ThE dEmOgOrGoN

  4. What if this is true and when they disappeared el appeared somewhere in the upside down but got out in Hawkins, but what if the demogorgon appeared on the upside down in Russia and the Russians found it in season 3

  5. U r Wrong yes I only know this because I watch season 2 and 3 but in the trailer of season 2 the door knocking is 11

  6. i don't like thinking she is beacause i told my dad to put an eleven on my wrist and also she's my fav charcter

  7. She wasn't kidnapped the reason 11 the person that took her was actually her father she calls them Papa for a reason

  8. Elevens gonna be the villain in season4!
    She lost her powers when the piece of the mind flayer entered her body. That could mean the piece of the flayer is starting to take over her body and she will become infected like billy was. And with this theory like bruh…

  9. If eleven's the monster then what about the other characters in the upside down & who would be the mind flayer

  10. Just watched season 3 OMG crazy good. I am going to say a spoiler so keep scrolling if you don’t want to see it.

    The Demagorgan, The demedogs are back for season 4!!!!!!

  11. And it was after watching this episode that i discovered 1 in every…..let’s say 20? Of matpats theory’s are correct….

    This wasn’t one of them…..

  12. so i watched this theory when season 1 was the only one out ans was so convinced. now about two months after the release of season 3 i watch it and i just go 'lol not even close' cant wait till season 4!!!

  13. You know what half of your theory might be right also spoilers are ahead in this comment stop reading if you don't want spoilers from season 3 OK so you said that if eleven is a alive wich she is she never died they may not be as connect as in they share the same ideas no I mean if it dies so will she since at the end of season 3 there's a teaser for season 4 the demogorgen is still alive its there and this supports part of your theory that they will both die if one dies so you might not be completely wrong here but everything else is wrong here

    Wanna hear a joke?
    What's a demogorgans favorite event?

  14. i think the demegorgon is just a diffrent number for example el is 11 what if the demegorgon is 2 and the mind flayer is 1

  15. Massive spoiler for season 3 ending:

    I was thinking the whole time like, "nah, that ain't true, in season 2 and 3 she's very much friendly" until I remembered the ending… The Demigorgon still exists…

  16. Film Theorists: explains theory of 011 being a demogorgon
    Stranger things S2: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  17. Now that we know it's not true, I think I can save a part of it.

    When Mat said that the Demogorgon was targeting Dr. Brenner because it was a reflection of Eleven, and thus knowing him, and attacking him because it knew he tortured her.

    Maybe, instead, it was attacking him because he is the one who created the only thing capable of stoping and destroying the Demogorgans and even the Mind Flayer himself.

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