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98 thoughts on “Film Theory: Spiderman is DEAD! Web Swinging’s Tragic Truth (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

  1. The venom did go into his blood stream which could have made it more like hemoglophin but what that do explain pls MATT

  2. I'm pretty sure that one of spider-man's unstated powers is resistence to G-forces and being able to swing and fall from really high

  3. But… he has spider strength. We don't know how much it gave him. Don't question something we see to actually have worked.

  4. why not swing upside down then? sure the blood goes straight to your head but wouldnt it be better than a large amount of it going away from your brain?

  5. Spidersense doesn't let him see the future, it simply tells him where danger is coming from, maybe a little more research and you'd know this instead of trying to make a cheap joke and having it completely flop

  6. I'm not sure you know what the proportional strength of a spider means, but every aspect of Peters body is excessively strengthened, his bones, his skin, his internal organs, everything, you say that g-force would've pulled Peter's blood from his brain, well I respond to this by saying his proportional strength of a spider also counts for his heart, his heart would pump blood much stronger to adapt to the g-forces, it doesn't take much time to think about this, it's already been stated in comics that Spider-man is strong enough to break somebody's hand by just standing still and taking an enemies punch, his body is so strong that he breaks people's wrists by simply taking punches, do you think that the man who can break wrists by standing still would be killed by swinging on a web?

  7. Failed to consider massive physiologic changes like the organs being webbed tightly together so they don't swish around

    Also, maybe spiderman real power is super regeneration

  8. I assume thats what the spider swinging “position” where he raises his legs so that blood stays around the vita-

    His organs will WHAT?

  9. Matpat breaks down and discusses what is wrong with marvel movies, includes insulting it with arrogance


  10. But u don’t know how strong spider-man super strength is hahahhaahhahahahahahah I have casted another theory on u

    Wtf am I saying also please pin din

  11. I like to think he has an endoskeleton AND an exoskeleton under his skin, above all the vital organs? So he’s useful to society?

  12. you know matpat he maybe gain the power from the spiders so he can survive falls and the power to distribute the blood like a spider

  13. I just have to say that a spider bite that modifies your DNA may actually be able to modify your internal organs to sustain what it takes to be a spider man. You take spider man to be a man with spider abilities not a man and spider at the same time. Remember when he was more spider than man in the 90's TV show. You're making him more man than spider. Thanks.

  14. Um actually, before slamming into the wall after swinging from that roof, he tried to put his feet on the ground and stop which most definitely slowed him down and as we see in the next scene, he hits the wall WAY slower.

  15. I suffer from the slightly higher end of moderate homophobia and my hands can’t type as good as they should I feel like I’m about to pass out and this whole video is killing me, sorry matpat I won’t be able to watch anymore… remember my sacrifice 😭

  16. While I applaud your scientific theories about Spidey, you are slightly mistaken, in the comics Peter does explain, that the spider bite did indeed alter his human physiology somewhat. He explained, that his human skeleton was made quite a bit more resilient, and elastic, and that his tendons and ligaments, were made into the consistence of a rubber band. If that is true, then it would be conceivable for the rest of his body to be adapted for his new life-style.

  17. Wtf you didn't get invited, and you're like one of the best YouTube video producer hands down. The amount of editing, and infirmation you go through is astounding.

  18. You've talked about splicing DNA now you have to tackle this

  19. I mean I agree ALMOST you know how we have skin then the outer layer of bones that protect our organs well you know how spiders have the outer layer and the inner layer which is soft and squishy well what if when his DNA was changed by the Radioactive spider that it gave him the soft and squishy layer able to take extreme fall damage before it hit his bones which would mean in half of these cases he may have been able to survive

  20. This video dismisses Spiderman's "spider strength" as only applying to lifting capacity and other arm/leg strength tropes, but doesn't account for the idea that such strength would be distributed across all internal organs and connective tissues, probably right down to increasing strength in every cell in his body. Spiderman's heart (a muscle) would have increased in proportional strength as well to whatever degree his other muscles did. So would his diaphragm and any peristalsis-related muscles. And, finally, this "strength" may also have been applied to his bones. Thus, if all parts of Spiderman's anatomy also increased in "strength", then it's possible that this all compensates for the g-forces and impacts that are talked about in this video, including allowing for the superhero 3-point landing not breaking kneecaps and leg bones every time.

  21. Matpat: Spider-Man is dead

    Me: fRiCk U mAtPaT!!! HiS dNa WaS aLtErEd!!! WhY cOuLdN't He GeT tHe PoWeR tO sUrViVe AlL tHe WeBsLiNgIn AnD sTuFf

    Matpat: Hold my diet coke

    Dionysus: C-

    Matpat: NOPE WEIRDO (Who are you anyway)

    Dionysus:I'm Dionysus, Greek God of wine, but I've been banned from wine by my dad Zeus, Greek God of thunder and king of the gods, So I live on diet coke instead

    Matpat: Didn't want to know that tho but ok…. still…. YOU CAN'T HOLD MY DIET COKE!!!!!

  22. one thing WRONG MatPat: Spiderman can heal faster than say captain america so his body would re heal after he got out of a swing

  23. Witch versions of spider man is better at swinging with all those cones Peter the spider man or man spider

  24. One thing that caught my attention was when MatPat talked about fighter pilots wearing special compression suits to protect their bodies from harm. It's not like Spider-man's swinging freely with just his clothes, he, too, also wears a suit. Who's to say that his suit isn't made of the same, if not, similar material to protect his body? I might be mistaken, just a random thought.

  25. How would you explain his spider-strength then? If the bite didn't change his cell structures, his muscles wouldn't be able to handle such feats. What says the bite didn't give some sort of protective wrapping around his organs and the ability for his veins to contract at will and redirect bloodflow during those g-force moments?

  26. Remember John Wick survived being shot off a 30 story building. (I know he has a bullet proof suit and that he was extremely injured, but still.

  27. I love how Mat just assumes Spider-Man has regular human levels of durability and pain tolerance. For example, in one of his earlier runs, some thug punched him and completely shattered his arm, while spidey didn't even flinch. He's stated several times in the comics that he pretends to be hurt to prevent criminals from unnecessarily hurting themselves. He doesn't just have super strength.

  28. Well spiderman as
    1:faster regenration (not like deadpool but still fast)
    2:incredibly high impact resistance

  29. Cries about never being invited to events
    Continues to try and figure out ways to kill and ruin things that people love and the movies these events are for
    Jeez it's like your telling them to reward your actions

  30. I love u so much mat pat but u need to rethink some of this.Maybe the bite from the spider actually gave him a exoskeleton on the inside.Like the one u said absorbs impact.Or maybe in the new movie with Tom Holland the suit gives him an exoskeleton and protects him. Sorry if I came off to harsh love ur vids matpat👍

  31. I just thought of something, if Spider-Man had a child, would his child have any possibility at all to have spider powers as well

  32. Wait ,wait ,wait… he’s talking about organic webs, not the web shooters? And I know if he can lift a whole entire car , That means the spider probably didn’t even do much meaning that peter’s parents might have a tampered with their child?and if his body is stronger then most humans that means every hit he takes is like being punched, And we don’t know if Tom Holland’s Spidey has been bitten by a spider , His parents could’ve been gifted with power one with spider powers and one with a very hard exo-skeleton, “But hey! that’s just a theory a film theory!”

  33. wait what if one of the powers that spiderman got from the spider is that his skin become an exoskeleton that just looks like skin

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  35. Ummm matpat i know this is late but ypu can see sam ramy's spider man slow down when he starts fraking trying to walk on top of the build he would still get hurt but not die

  36. Matt you know that spiderman isn't actually adhesive he alters gravity could he not change his bloodstream to keep his brain from just dipping on him

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