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It was September of 2015 and the world fell in love… with Pizza Rat. This determined little rodent served as a symbol of many things to many different people. Some saw themselves, struggling with dreams so big they seem impossible. Others saw a reminder of how gross New York City’s Subway is. And for the nerds of the world, A.K.A. me, I saw Splinter, carrying home a snack for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. *Film Theory Theme* Hello Internet! Welcome to Game… Ha ha! It’s not Game Theory, It’s Film Theory. Ha ha ha! That’s the first time i screwed it up. Hello Internet! Welcome to Film Theory The only show on the internet that can talk about Mole People, radioactive isotopes and kids movies, all in a single episode. Don’t believe me? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED And so it goes, another summer another go around with everyone’s favorite radiation infused superhero no, the other one no, the OTHER other one Who is that?! Okay, let me be more specific here everyone’s favorite superhero who
was doused with radioactive chemicals . Ahhh! it’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ok! though
it is worth mentioning that the TMNT were originally meant to be a parody of
Daredevil: the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Why? To protect the kitchen. I can totally see the resemblance there
since the nineteen eighties this franchise has been cranking out comics,
cartoons, live-action movies, action figures, and breakfast cereals and
nothing has been able to stop it, not even megan fox’s acting. and yet, I have
a confession, in all that time I still can’t figure
out the proper occasion to use the word “cowabunga” one day, one day, this longevity is doubly
impressive when you consider that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has to be
one of the weirdest most far-fetched concepts ever. I mean really sit there and think about
it for giant mutated turtles raised by a super-intelligent rat in the sewers
under New York City become pizza loving, crime-fighting ninjitsu
masters who befriend one of New York City’s most noteworthy television
reporters who just so happens to be totally cool keeping the biggest news
story ever a complete secret seriously April O’Neil where is your
journalistic integrity?! you got like eight Pulitzer
prize-winning stories here; radioactive dumping, super mutants,
animals that can talk, the existence of aliens, a ninja crime syndicate run by a
cheese grater! take your pick! anyway the mini-MatPat at
that lives inside my heart desperately wants the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
to be real so, today we’re going to explore how possible these things really
are. and yeah, you may laugh but hey anything
can happen in New York: fist fights between cartoon characters: HAPPENED Bobafet playing the accordion: HAPPENED mutant reptiles in the sewers: may have
happened because believe it or not, there’s a pretty convincing argument to
be made that all the ingredients to making the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
might exist in the sewer systems of New York. oh now before you go blowing up the
comments, let’s all take a breath for a second address question 1 no I’m not off
my medication but thank you for your concerns and number two no of course i’m not claiming that the
teenage mutant ninja turtles are real obviously this whole universe is about
as fictional as again is there a nunchuck wielding Terrapin who’s going
to save you from being module using a tease slang in downtown Manhattan sadly
no with giant mutated piece eating turtles beneath the city malabon go
we’re gonna find out did I do it right now huh one day one day let’s start off pretty
simple is it possible that turtles like the ones we see in Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles could be in New York City this one’s easy yes according to the
tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book series specifically
volume to issue number 18 the ninja turtles are of the red ear slider
species fun fact in the wake of the first TMNT movie released in 1990
England was flooded with so many red-eared sliders as pets for children
that they became an invasive species that clogged up the waterways so yeah in an ironic twist the creation
of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actually increase the likelihood that
the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could exist and that my friends is life
imitating art. now to an outsider it might seem like the only place in New
York City that you’re going to find a turtle is in a zoo or at the bottom of a
suspicious bowl of soup but in fact there are red eared sliders living wild
in the middle of Manhattan with in central park there’s a large pond where
Turtles congregate that is plainly named the turtle pond. according to the central
park conservancy, there are five turtle species living wild inside that pond the
most numerous of which is none other than the red-eared slider and red eared
sliders aren’t like betta fish that you buy one we can flush the next these
little guys can live between 50 and 70 years so they’re bound to be some
teenage turtles and mix check that one off the list ok so big deal the right kind of turtle
is found in new york city but can you find them in the sewer system again it’s an easy yes the associated press
reported in 1990 that turtles are commonly found in New York sewers with
some large ones up to 50 pounds in weight tell some of you might argue that
in each of the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies we’ve seen the turtles and splinter
living in fairly spacious underground dwellings and that nothing like that
would even be possible in the sewer system but a closer look at the movies
suggest that Turtles might live somewhere else underground in the first
live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie April O’Neill gets mugged by the
foot while she’s waiting on a subway platform Rafael fight them off carrying
a knocked-out April back to the turtles hideout, but interestingly he gets there
by going down the subway tunnel and while we see the turtles and what are clearly
sewer and drainage pipes there’s nothing there to indicate that their home base
is necessarily in the sewer instead it would make more sense for
them to be around an abandoned train tunnel these tunnels are going to make
much better living quarters, much less susceptible to flooding and much less
likely to reek of poop and there’s plenty of proof that people
can survive in the abandoned train tunnels under New York. one of the best
pieces of evidence would be the two thousand documentary dark days which
shows an entire underground community for the homeless in an abandoned train
tunnel it’s sequestered it’s roomy and it can even get electricity sometimes and it’s
not like this is a unique thing either there are literally dozens of unused
underground tunnels and train stations sprinkled throughout New York City therefore it’s plausible that the
teenage mutant ninja turtles can find a subterranean hide out that not only fits
their needs but keeps them in the shadows you know it’s the new movie is out of
the shadows anyway at this point we’ve got teenage turtles of the right species
who could be living under New York but now for the question that thousands of
middle schoolers have asked for ages can a turtle eat pizza? yes red-eared sliders are omnivores and will eat
pretty much anything cowabunga was that right? one day…one day
so we have teenage turtles in the New York sewers who eat pizza what’s left? well mutants and ninja and
since we can’t have them learning ninjitsu until they’re walking on two
legs and wielding a bo staff Let’s look at the mutant part of the equation.
so what do we know about the mutations that the fictional turtles experienced.We
get a fairly clear explanation in the second feature film with the secret of
the ooze here’s what Professor perry says about
the TGRI ooze that caused the turtles to mutate. “an unknown mixture of
discarded chemicals was accidentally exposed to a series of radiating waves
and the resulting ooze as you put it was found to have remarkable but dangerous
mutinagenic properties all right i’ll forgive the fact that dr.
science here uses the made-up word mutinagenic, he means mutagenic and instead
focus on the idea that the turtles were exposed to some radioactive toxic waste
and this caused them to grow to their incredible size so is there any real-world prove that
radiation plus organism equals giant indeed there is in the years following the fukushima
nuclear disaster in japan in 2011 there have been numerous reports of very
strange wildlife in the waters off the coast for example here’s a picture of a
regular wolfish and now compare it to the picture of this giant mutated
wolfish caught off the coast in 2015 UGH KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE! BURN YOU DEMON SPAWN! but seriously I would eat that in a
sushi restaurant any day. now some might claim that it’s hard to prove that this
nightmarish wolfish was definitely a product of mutation caused by
radioactive material but when you consider the fact that the waters near fukushima
feature radiation counts over 2,500 times the legal limit is a pretty likely
culprit especially considering how out of proportion parts of its body are
but still it’s not like there’s some source of nuclear radiation leaking into the
New York City sewer system right I mean who would be dumb enough to place
a nuclear power plant just a few miles away from the most densely populated
city in America. the nineteen seventies that’s who. indian point energy center is
a large three-unit nuclear power plant that was built about 36 miles away from
midtown Manhattan and opened its doors in 1974 While there haven’t been any major
disasters at Indian Point its 40-year history, in early 2016, yeah this year, it was reported that
radioactive material from Indian Point was leaking into the groundwater at a
greatly accelerated rate how much more radiation than normal you
ask? eighty percent across the board and one well in particular showed a 65
thousand percent increase and the most prominent contaminants was tritium a
radioactive isotope that’s known to cause mutations so much for green energy
unless you like your energy green because it’s glowing from radioactivity am i right? badoomching! so much would this
effect New York City indian point is located upstream of Gotham right on the banks of the Hudson River the same hudson river that flows
to the west of the bronx and manhattan looks like the bodies of mafia
informants are the only thing polluting the Hudson these days badoomching again! if those elevated
levels of radiation somehow are able to make their way down to the hudson river
and into new york city’s water table that waste could end up anywhere
including in the sewers beneath Manhattan for a few red-eared sliders fresh
out of Central Park still I know this all sounds ridiculous
I mean sure the indian point energy center opened up in the mid-nineteen
seventies which is exactly the right time since the first live-action movie
was released in 1990 and then it splinter says that the turtles are 15
years old weird but that doesn’t mean anything i
mean if the teenage mutant ninja turtles were really real we’d expect to see a sharp drop-off in
violent crime in New York City starting around 1990 and… what? what’s that? that’s exactly what happened?
Cowa f*cking bunga… but hey that’s just a theory…a film
theory! aaaaaand cut. welcome back to the super
amazing end card tournament! where, Wow we have not done one of these in a
while it’s good to be back so today’s question is a really simple
one, which turtle is your favorite leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, or
Rafael. seriously, do people really like Rafael? Leonardo and Donatello all the
way. Leonardo because he has to cool swords, Donatello because his color is purple Hey, no shaming a
guy liking the color purple click on one to cast your vote and find
out next week which turtle happens to be the film theorists viewerships favorite.
HEROES IN A HALF SHELL, TURTLE POWER! next week, a different take on some
undersea action. *music plays and finishes*

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