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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Phineas and Ferb’s SECRET Hero!

  1. MatPat aren't you a little old to be watching a 10 year old tv show?
    MatPat- "Yes, yes I am".

    Aren't you kids a little young to be doing these projects?
    Phineas- "Yes, yes we are"
    Who else got it?

  2. Not to mention he was a huge hart! He genuinely cares for Perry and Perry genuinely cares for him! He has a soft spot for his daughter too. He's really not a bad guy just a sweet guy with a sad past with "bad" intentions

  3. He's trying to get revenge on his spoiled brother…and they use Perry to stop him so he makes another device for the same thing….HOLY FREAKING SHAT!!!

  4. Are the extra 16 days weekends? Wouldn't count in an official school calendar, but might make 104 accurate in terms of kids counting days away from school

  5. Umm if u guys ever watched to the end before the next episode showed doof and Perry and the owca u know when they are singing in the last episode phineas still Renner what happend

  6. 88? That's so much! My summer break this year was 75 days! Not that I'm complaining. I've wanted to go to school since June and its finally here in august.

  7. Actually, he IS a hero in "Milo Murphy's Law", as Dr. Doof becomes in the future Professor Time who invented traveling through time.

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