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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: My Hero Academia – All Might’s SECRET Quirk!

  1. A few thoughts that I'm excited to discuss:
    – As far as "Why wouldn't Deku inherit the same transformation power?" As I understand it, One for All isn't about actual POWERS getting passed down, but rather storing ENERGY. Despite being the eighth in line, All Might is just really strong — he doesn't really demonstrate a lot of other quirks/powers like you would expect. That would imply either A) everyone who came before him had the quirk of "Super Strength" which seems unlikely or B) that One for All is more about absorbing the ENERGY of the users who came before and adding it up in the next person, almost as if you're adding the power levels from Dragon Ball Z.

    – Regarding the "I'm always flexing" explanation from Episode 2…he still needs a certain amount of energy to flex. That's' why he's only able to do it for a few hours and why, as One for All fades away, he can no longer "flex." But wouldn't that still classify it as a Transformation Quirk? His body IS changing. It just feels like an incomplete explanation…It could also be that he's lying. At this point in the series, Deku is still just a random kid, not a candidate for One for All, so presumably All Might wouldn't want to give away too much information. That's also why he avoids the specifics around where he got his injury from.

    – It's also clear that All Might's normal form is his skinny form. As we see in the training clips of young All Might, he was never naturally that buff. And that's him using One for All at nearly 100% right off the bat? Maybe I'm just reading too far into that moment.

  2. but all might got his weak form by toxic chainsaw thats why his quirk is emitter not transformation and all might would have a test for his quirk so it would show that he has no quirk

  3. This is so wrong, he got punched in the stomach and half of his respiratory organs got destroyed, and as it states in season 1 this is my true form, the form I had before I gained one for all

  4. Im a huge fan of my hero acadamia and transformation is actually called physical in the show

  5. All might said he has no quirk and deku also has no quirk and all might is old so I’d say that all for all might because he is old one for all brings him back into his prime (if they have already reached their prime) that why its different for deku rn

  6. Uhmm All Might said at the first episode that his muscular form was just the things that swimmers do..So it is not a work..Not Hating😁

  7. almights power is from his mentor and some of the past users of one for all has a quirk for example:(spoilers from the manga)

    deku unlocked a new ability(i don't know what its called)the ability is a black substance coming from his hands. it is from another one for all user and he has muscle when he still didn't fight all for one he only got thin because of the injury that he has

  8. actually, about the "would you give it to someone without a quirk" yea, because everyone else is constantly using a ton of energy to quirkify and stuff, but they eat the same as deku, so deku and other quirkless must have a shit ton of energy up

  9. New season definitely shows Deku gaining All Might-level build when he uses it at 1000000%. It’s just a few seconds, but definitely there. Sorry matpat, one of the predecessors must have had that ability and never used it until All Might saw use in it.

  10. Over a year later and something glaringly obvious comes to mind while rewatching this episode.
    All Might thought All For One was defeated or dead by the time he decided to pass their quirk along.

    Granted it's mostly speculation since the only evidence is his initial shock at the return of their counterpart and the overwhelming proof provided by the nomu and their access to multiple quirks.
    But it's more than enough evidence to disprove your last idea here saying that All Might lied.
    He believed he was quirkless, and it could easily be he continued to attribute his form change to OfA since that was the catalyst that allowed him to change at all. And with a dead or defeated nemesis out of the way of prospective inheritors he has no motivation to lie.
    Not to mention, he's been proven not to be all that smart, falling for traps and deception consistantly throughout the series outside of combat, a trait not uncommon amongst trained fighters.
    And a trait, safe to say, not shared by his Ideal Hero judging by his selection of Izuku Medoria.

    Since his injury he clearly began to prioritize his own health and retention of power.
    Not for a lack of character, but self preservation influenced by pain.
    Deku influenced him violently when he rushed to save Bakugo.
    Zero motivation to continue his own dreams of heroics and getting turned down even by his idol, his impulsive will to save and cherish life likely reminded All Might of his younger self.
    His shame in abandoning someone in need is palpable, and realizing he failed his ideals as the pillar of peace would sting.
    And having someone who withheld them so high even above his own life so close to hand, choosing to be impulsive himself consequences be damned, would entirely be within the actions of someone motivated by passion rather than consideration.

    Now of course this is a year after the posting of this video and I've had a good long time to stew on these ideas so anything will be taken with a grain of salt, or more likely an entire pretzel bag's worth.
    But I insist my own theory was founded solely by the events of seasons 1 & 2.
    Namely because I remember them more than the events of 3 in general.

  11. You were kind of right One For all contain Quirks of old Users. So basically All might's muscle quirk also got passed to Deku. Just deku hasn't found it yet. I'm getting crazy watching Matt's prediction.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. I think allmight had a minor mutation quirk the gave him extra muscle mass and when he uses one for all it enhances it and makes him super big. He even says to deku that if he gave one for all to bakugo it would enhance his quirk.

  13. the only reason midorya wasent able to master one for all 100% right off the bat was cus he trained in a hurry and had no time to master it thats why he brakes his arms when he uses it

  14. I know he says all might has a transformation quirk but if it's been passed down that means that demi should have a similar transformation right

  15. When you watch a year old video after reading the series to the current chapter, this theory still holds up somewhat and Mat’s comment holds up.
    Also, minor spoiler. One for All is made up of more than two quirks. So far, it is three, but with the way the series is going, there will be more added on.

  16. But it's a wood true and all my did have a secret quick one that mean they could also have a secret Quirk because one for all clings onto others Quicks just to make it like stronger

  17. One plot hole about his matpat. Why didn't deku get this quirk you said it yourself allforones brother had a quirk that can transfer other quirks, and it combined with a stockpiling quirk and that made oneforall. So when he transfered the stockpiling quirk why did take the brothers quirk too? Wouldn't do the same for allmight and give deku all mights muscle expand quirk? No.

  18. When All Might fought One For All he had yellow energy just like Deku so I don’t think this is true I think all for one affects each person who gets the quirk in deferent way.

  19. This one I think you got right, which implies EVERYONE is born with a quirk but 20% are latent. So what is/was Deku's?

  20. I don’t want to ruin this but.. I just have to explain something, When Deku used 1mil percent he hasn’t discovered Full cowling, And that is basically like a transformation awakening that increases all his Strength defence and Agility, So what I’m saying is when All Might uses his quirk he does like that, but that’s not all when Deku was training with Gran Turino he talks how all might could use it at, and it’s almost like he’s trying to say that their is a better way, and also when All might fights All for one and he uses up all his Embers we see that All might has the same particles around his arm but just yellow, So the Muscles are what HE IS CREATING ok I’m done now

  21. All might is just returning to his original form each time he used one for all this has nothing to do with a different quirk. Although I won’t deny the possibility of him having a quirk besides one for all.

  22. If people without power are called quirkless, then does that mean people with powers are…

    Kinda Quirkie doe? 😳😳🤪🤪🤪😳😳👁👄👁

  23. I always took it as like if your muscles tensed up, or if you were flexing, and you can't do it all the time, you just get tired. I just thought he did it at an absurd amount.

  24. Doesn't he have that giant hole on the side of his chest that he got from all for one that made him only able to use his quirk when he is in muscle from because in his prime state he didn't need muscle form.

  25. I don't know if you know this but all might does have a quirk it's a useless Quirk but he has one for all which makes it not useless so he has a muscle augmentation quark he grows muscle but unlike that muscle guy his muscles are useless they don't give him any extra fighting ability but because he has them one for all like like a battery he can store the kinetic energy from one for all and not break his arms or fingers or whatever like Deku does and Deku does not have this muscle augmentation quirk that's why he breaks his limbs when he uses it unless he spreads it throughout his whole body

  26. Uhhmm Its because of all might's injury he was given surgery that would give him temporary appearance of his former self, the muscle form and the skinny form, muscle was before the injury, and skinny was once the injury happened and he can't use his powers in that form. All of it was explained in season 1 of the anime

  27. Deku's secret quirk is to attract hot girls because his dad breathes fire and his mom levititates small objects and from what we can see from the manga it only makes sense

  28. I have another theory,you know when deku used full cowling,is like a "activation" and gives him some boosts but for all might it's to reduce the impact on his arms so it makes him mascular which means he found out how to activate it almost immediately training with Torino (and it means every one for all users have different kind of activation)

  29. If All for One is just a quirk that stores energy…. What if it takes the ENERGY of the user and multiplying it by thousands maybe even millions or billions? thus giving all might and deku their strength maybe? but for All Might's unknown original quirk, maybe it can only be used with the help of another quirk such as All for One. basically his original quirk (the transformation quirk) is only usable with a POWER UP quirk like All for One. But, without a power up quirk like all for one, the user or person can be considered quirkless but has a useless quirk. Maybe he can use this quirk, but only makes him stronger a little bit, maybe like an extreme weightlifter kind of strength…

  30. Does ochako quirk really count as a emitter quirk ? Bc she seriously cant actually control it without using her physical body unlike the others like todoroki or midnight they can turn it off and on unlike ochako its always on so yeah…

  31. Why did you put the burning trash at 1:39? Everyone knows that he is a pice of a**t for hurting our beloved cinnamon roll Shoto 😡

  32. A year later and Horikoshi-sensei reveals that Deku can actually wield powers that past OFA users had.
    Theorize about that once Season 5 comes out.

  33. wait, but if the brother's quirk merged with the one given to him, wouldn't All Might's hidden quirk mix with one for all?
    that wouldn't explain deku though, he doesn't have the muscle form ability :/

  34. I’m late for the party, but how else Is excited for season 4. Cause I am! I’m not crying, you’re the one crying.

  35. his muscle form was his actual body, he trained to get his body as buff as it was. after fighting all for one the first time, he was weakened to the extent where his body was changed into that skinner state. There is no quirk in his muscle form

  36. The manga states that the transition of power also passes on the past users' quirks to the new user.

    I kinda disagree with the notion that All for One requires the new user to be able to hold in and manage mass amounts of energy by using muscle mass, because otherwise the brother of One for All would've crippled himself, and everybody after All Might would have to be insanely buffed. The key isn't about raw power, the story should be how Deku uncovers the real way to use the quirk via his constant research and training.

  37. But wouldn't that mean Deku would also get that ability since "One For All" passes along quirks of the owner aswell.

  38. Okay but if All Might did have a quirk then shouldn’t One For All let that muscle quick be passed down to Deku using your logic? Why can’t Deku get all muscly if that quick should’ve been passed down?

  39. Me 3 months ago: Tape out of elbows? Turning body fat into non organic materials? Get out.

  40. I feel like they all had quirks like the 1st won that could pass down so i think all 8 of them have a power plus all might dose have a colorfull thing in a flashback with golden blood

  41. Ok but there is something wrong with this 1 he bigger because he trained and muscles because of the battle with the guy who damaged his ribs 2 if he did have this quirk deku would also have it because the quirk transfers

  42. Had to wait until now before I watched this episode, purely because I wasn't wanting any spoilers.

    Glad I waited. 🙂
    All makes sense.

  43. I always wondered why All Mights' body changed, I asked my friend when I first watched this if Midoriya would change as well, and I got pretty confused about All Might when Midoriya didn'tt change his body.

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