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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Jurassic World Was An INSIDE JOB! (Jurassic World)

  1. Reptiles don’t give heat signatures so they wouldn’t haven’t gotten a heat signature at all so the whole thing is stupid

  2. matzot dolphins can figure out that their reflection in a mirror is them in 10 minutes it takes human babies 2 years also the cameras were looking for the I rexs heat signature meaning a higher body temp wouldn't be identified as the indom

  3. Or you could just think for a minute and come to the conclusion that it was hiding in the big ass trees and hide in the thickest trees and trick them once they left the building

  4. Maybe it would have been better if the I-rex cammoflaged with the grey walls, wich are waayyy lighter than the dark trees.

  5. Well, Wu died in the original novel that was the base for the first movie. Crichton knew what he was doing.

  6. You do realize that you said that the frog change's body temperature by the change of color so if he can change into light color with the fish dna ha can change tempature by turning into light color thats all around it boom!!

  7. The I-Rex could of camouflaged into the walls
    They’re pretty light and that would reflect the light… keeping cool… no cameras helping.. unless you count the toes.They would be darker since the I-Rex can’t float..

    But this is just a little dumb idea. Don’t over think my bad logic

  8. At the end you said the I-Rex could change its body temperature naturally, so the it CAN use both that and it’s camouflage at the same time, and therefore could have potentially escaped on its own. Theory busted!

  9. I have an idea for the next "villain". call the movie Jurassic Nightmare, the new villain dinosaur could be a hybrid of: Dilophosaurus, Spinosaurus, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Carnotaurus, Pterosaur, and a small bit of human for super-intelligence…and speech with human vocal chords. Dracosaurus. *how about a dinosaur that's basically a dragon*. with a human's mind it could be the biggest threat they'll EVER face.

  10. wait isn't the t rex in the first Jurassic park movie top seed 60mph which is why their driving was "slow" and isn't it the same t rex used in Jurassic world? isn't it the same t rex genetically modified to run 60mph i remember in the first movie they had a car tour, and they were told that the t rex could run 60mph

  11. Lions get kicked out of their Prides at the age of two and are considered mature at 3 years old. This is your Film Theory Matt, guess dying by beat down and being resurrected only to be chased by zombies and almost killed again did a number on you bro. XD But it's 2019 so you don't know any of this yet. lmao

  12. 0:00 according to the first Jurassic Park Film, John Hammond said that they’ve genetically modified the T.Rex to run at speeds of 32 miles-per-hour. So Clare would need to break the fastest person to run of high heals at 14.531 seconds (15.4mph) (24.7km/h) so the REAL calculations are
    (32 + 14.531 = 46. 531) or (32 + 15.4 = 47.4 ) or (32 + 24.7 = 56.7) which makes Clare Dearing the TRUE fastest person in high heals to ever live!!

  13. Maybe Claire could outrun a T-Rex if she wasn't holding one of her arms out to the side, and running properly. The Rex was kind of old too.

  14. maby the dinosoar was using its "power" at different times. like while they were paying attention to thermal camera he used the frog power and while they were paying attention to the normal camera he used the other camera. if this can get debunked then please don't bully me cause I have bad spelling and hasn't watched the movie mkay

  15. Theory park i have a theory how many times will you forget to make more cat pat clones and sell them for 20’000$ and then you will rich or will you no you wont

  16. Did you notice in Fallen Kingdom all of the references to Maissie with the girl from the first film? I think (in charachter) they are the "same" girl. What if Hammond's Grandaughter was also Lockwood's Daughter?

  17. Actually, Jurrasic United Nations should be the next movie title because of the Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom’s ending. XD

  18. But matpat the average speed of a woman is around 10-11 miled plus she has heels which slows her down alot you know if she didnt wabt to break her legs and she doesnt really look like that much of athlete. So, like you its plausable for a person (an athlete more likely) but really hard and dangerous but hey that's just a theory, a comment theory thanks for reading

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  20. 0:00
    Here’s a answer, and a book/movie comparison.
    Tyrannosaurus Cannon Stats
    Movie- 7-8 Tons, Runs up to 35 Miles an hour.
    Book- 10+ Tons, Runs up to 45+ Miles an hour.

    The answer was, rexy was warming up, she was walking towards her “prey” but had to start running. Another possible addition, was rexy didn’t need to run as much as a animal in containment, this is possibly another reason why rexy was such a poor fighter until blue helped.
    For the Jeep, it’s explained in the book.
    The jeeps drive around 40 miles an hour in four wheel drive, which would be needed in an unstable environment. Don’t believe me? In two wheel drive, if the car got caught in a large pothole, which would be possible on a dirt road, the car would have stopped, and the rex would have ate them.

    It also doesn’t make any sense to use a real world study, to prove something in a movie series, that has featherless velociraptors that are 6 foot tall.

  21. I support this theory a lot, helped further by Fallen Kingdom which showed InGen as the villains seeking to auction off the dinosaurs, especially the Indoraptor as a weapon. So the idea that InGen, mainly Henry Wu, had sabotaged its own theme park for other ulterior means to financially survive, would not surprise me at all.

  22. I fail to see how dinosaurs aren't awesome after a few years of operation. People would always want to watch a real ass dino, in any given day.

  23. One issue I found, u mentioned it is 3 years old, but they added genes to make it grow faster, what age it would be mentally idk but smarter than 3

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