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100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Is PENNYWISE In A Wrinkle In Time? (Stephen King Connected Universe Theory)

  1. with thousands of books and movies in existence, basic generalized archetypes are bound to be similar.. especially considering humans seek patterns.

  2. Right when you said spoiler alert I was in Los Santos customs in GTA V and I was looking through the spoilers

  3. In science a Tesseract is a cube in side a of a cube
    In a wrinkle in time a Tesseract folds space time and you can hop across that fold
    In marvel a Tesseract is a cube that holds a blue magical rock that does the same thing as a wrinkle in time

  4. Imagine if there actually exists a real IT and watches this or the movie,It'll be like…

    Ok,I'm not gonna let you do that

  5. Man…idk if you can call your content theories anymore man…and this point their just straight up facts 🤷‍♀️

  6. See the turtle of enormous girth
    On his shell he holds the earth
    His thought is slow but always kind
    He holds us all within his mind

  7. if you think about it, the monster or the black thing in "a wrinkle in time" is really just the mind of the loser clubs members because if they are the only people that can see it and the only people that react to his actions than that means the he, (pennywise) is just and imaginary monster now, think about another imaginary dream land monster (freddy crouger) he can shape shift,teleport,and find you no matter what just like penny wise so if you think about it does that mean all the kids are dead or, ar they in a coma…..

  8. "I'll be lining up with my fellow 90's people to relive folding time to save the world."

    Oh so it's Doctor Who?
    Gets hit with a shoe

  9. Hey Matt,

    You probably won’t read this, but if you do, I was wondering if the connection is actually deeper. All the plot points sound like the Narnia chronicles, specifically the final book dawntreader.

    People becoming star guided
    Dark island becoming fears
    Love prevailing

    From there, I can see influences for c.s. Lewis came from Edith Nesbit who wrote a book called “five children and IT”. Interesting name for the monster.

    I wonder if that book is where this whole reality altering evil and kids shining comes from. Might be worth a look?

  10. A tesseract is not a cube in a cube. It is the 4 spacial dimension version a cube (having sizes of equal length in all four spacial dimensions). Four spacial dimensions would have our height, length, and width but also an additional spacial dimension that is at a 90° angle from the other three spacial dimensions all at the same time, which can not exist in our 3-d universe. The cube in a cube is the 3-dimensional cross section of a tesseract that our 3-d limited senses can perceive just as a being that exist in only two spacial dimensions (length and width) cannot perceive a cube but, rather, the 2 dimensional cross section of a cube as it enters the plane that the 2-d being exists on.

  11. Small issue, I didn't care about Wrinkle in Time getting spoiled, and I've already seen the original IT, but I was really interested in watching 11/22/63, is that nuclear Holocaust thing at the end? I really don't want to have I spoiled from a throw away line

  12. what I get from this is the Stephen King has connected his worlds to WH40. Todash is the Warp. I want Space Marines in IT chapter II

  13. MatPat since you like anime theories try explaining space travel in the Macross series. Try explaining the space-folding technology.

  14. Me in the first seconds of this video:
    Me in the end of this vid:

  15. If I remember correctly, Meg got stuck in the Black Thing or the darkness or whatever it was IN a Wrinkle in Time. And I sadly have not read any Stephen King novels, but that sounds awfully familiar to what MatPat was talking about in this video about the Todash Darkness, however, I would have to reread a Wrinkle in Time and read Dark Tower to be sure

  16. …Pennywise and IT cannot be the same thing. The Black Thing is just the force of evil, while IT is NOT a shapeshifter. He speaks through the Man with red eyes, he isn't him. If I remember correctly, IT is just the thing holding Camzotz under The Black Thing's control.

  17. …stars being people isn't the most unique concept in the world. It goes all the way back to Greek Myth.

    Also, IT and Pennywise operate in a different fashion. Pennywise is all about eating children. His control over Derry is just a means to get more kids to eat. Seems more likely that IT and Pennywise are actually just different avatars of the same evil force rather than the exact same being.

  18. Wait wait wait wait WAIT …….. "The black thing" reminds me of the creepy shadow thing from bird box …….. Or is it just me

  19. Does that mean The Wrinkle In Time ripped off Event Horizon ? Lol folding space time to travel between dimensions and how a straight line isn't the shortest distance between two points lol

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