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You know the whole marketing campaign for Deadpool – has been all about Deadpool vs. Cable a story that the fans were Craving. Well what have you walked into the movie and sure the first 10 minutes were all this epic to love Cable fighting Deadpool But then all of a sudden they start pulling back the cameras They then wrap the shoot Deadpool pats the actor playing Cable on the back turns to the audience says “Gotcha!” And the movie was then actually about something Completely different it would be an entire marketing campaign selling you on a matchup that is completely Falsified it would be one of the greatest movie pranks of all time and honestly it would make it the most epic Deadpool troll possible, and it would still be poking fun at the movie industry Where scenes are manufactured specifically for trailers just to mislead audiences long story short. That’s my fantasy choice for what happens in Deadpool 2, It’s not gonna happen, but feel free to use it for your third installment Mr. Pool Hello Internet! Welcome to Film Theory. Where the theories are usually wrong But heck! It’s fun to try. It’s like the YouTube equivalent to a participation trophy So anyway, if you’re still shook from infinity war well then snap out of it. You get it? Snap out because it’s time for Deadpool Despite the huge amount of attention poured on infinity war over the last couple weeks Deadpool isn’t one. That’s gonna be left in the dust.”I’m not feeling too good Cable. I’m not ready to go! don’t let me go!” But today, I’m not focused on the Merc with the mouth. Instead, I want to focus on a member of his team. One character in particular a character by the name of Peter W ” I don’t know much about this Cable fella” “But I guarantee he hasn’t killed as many people as melanoma has” Introduced in the final trailer for Deadpool 2. This powerless average Joe has quickly stolen the hearts of many of the internet But I’m here today to tell you there’s more Peter than meets the eye I mean, sure he might seem quiet and unassuming But if I’m reading the situation right, Peter holds a secret that we’re gonna see play out Before the end of Deadpool 2. So in the words of the movie’s trailer “Don’t call it a comeback.” Cause uh seriously I never left in the first place. The YouTube algorithm literally will not let me stop making videos, now if you haven’t been following the trailers, or you somehow haven’t gone to the theaters in the last four months Let me bring up the speed it all started back in February with the be Deadpool second campaign in which the Deadpool Twitter account which famously only followed Hello Kitty announced that it would now be following a second random account that retweeted the hashtag be Deadpool 2nd and despite everyone expecting a Golden Girls or Wolverine follow back the winner did indeed seem to be an account that came out of Nowhere on March 24th Deadpool started to follow at Peter W underscore 1974 and yet this was far from a random choice, or simply just a contest winner Peter W Wasn’t just an ordinary Twitter account, but rather a comedian named Rob Delaney acting in character it’s a strange move, but still very Deadpool then just a few weeks ago it all started to come together When we finally got a good look at who Peter W Is in action in the movies final trailer last but not least Peter any powers you wanna tell us about I don’t have one I just saw the ad and honestly this shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone, we should have seen it coming back in trailer one We actually see a brief clip of two head shots someone named bedlam and this other guy named Peter So as Peter W. In this movie is just some random guy there for the lols like dopinder and last movie Don’t be so quick to judge because Clues seem to be lining up that Peter W Here may actually have a more important role than simply comic relief, The Deadpool Trailers have been pretty darn direct in revealing that this is a movie about the X-force. “You will be known as X-force” There’s Domino who has the ability to manipulate probability, Shatter Star, Pennywise over here plays the acid-spitting Zeitgeist and Bedlam the guy with a headshot that we saw earlier, an obscure mutant who can mess with Electrical equipment as well as the brains neural field. Which leaves us with Peter Sorry a Peter W to be specific that last letter there might not seem all that important to emphasize Until you consider that one of the X force’s most famous leaders is a mutant by the name of Peter Wisdom,Peter Peter W now if you don’t have the kind of religious devotion to Nightcrawler that well Nightcrawler has with religion, You can be forgiven for missing the series of comics usually centering around Captain Britain and his cohorts you heard that right Captain Britain who has the power to steep tea he’s like Captain America But replacing the Stars and Stripes with well uh just stripes I guess first introduced on page one of Excalibur Volume 1 issue 86 Peter wisdom starts his career as a hitman for MI6 a secret intelligence service for the United Kingdom He eventually quits has a run-in with Magneto and this is where Peter W And the new Deadpool movie first intersect you see Peter wisdom becomes the leader of x-force and starts wearing an eyepatch Because it makes him look cool Which I gotta say opens the door for Deadpool to make a lot of jokes at the expense of another certain eyepatch wearing team leader But a simple name and a team aren’t our only connections here in the comics source material Peter Was British which may not be the obvious case for Deadpool choose Peter W. But on Twitter at Peter W underscore 1974 is following a primary school in henley-on-thames which if the name doesn’t give it away ain’t Brooklyn It’s definitely an odd detail for a Twitter profile That’s dedicated to this one single character Furthermore in an in character interview with the website birth movies death Peter mentions that his father was a detective Which wouldn’t you know it is also true of Peter? Wisdoms father in the comics who just so happened to work for Scotland Yard There are also some more meta clues that Peter and the trailers might actually be Peter wisdom if we look at the trailers It’s clear that this kid is the focal point of the new movie a kid that Deadpool calls Russell this makes him almost definitely Russell Collins aka fire fist a powerful mutant with the ability to not just Control fire like pyro can manipulate the fire can create it but to summon fire out of nothing So what does Russell have to do with Peter wisdom well nothing directly Papeete wisdoms mutant power might make him a good Counterbalance you see Pete wisdoms most famous mutant ability is his hot knives Conjuring fiery blades at his fingertips to serve as knives or projectiles. He’s like a living breathing thousand-degree knife challenge But using those hot knives requires that he also has a source of energy in the comics Peter summons energy from the Sun But he also is able to absorb power and heat from attacks and explosions so if there were an ideal X-force member to wrangle an out-of-control Firebug like Russell Someone like Peter who could absorb their raging energy might be the perfect person to do it and also someone who doesn’t realize they Can do it until say midway through the movie now if you’re loyal theorists Do you know that right now is the best part of the episode? Now’s the part where I pull out the evidence that I’ve been hiding away to Really drive home the connection between these two tenuously linked characters in order to totally blow your mind So get ready here it comes There is nothing Seriously, I was looking all over the place for more connections poring through old Excalibur and x-force comics looking to link Peter wisdom to this Incredible Twitter account, but there’s not a whole lot else there There’s just a lot of things that don’t quite add up you see the Peter wisdom from the comics is a cynical Chain-smoker with a hard edge and flexible morals if you’re a thrill as Twitter posts Peter W IRL is just a mild-mannered Beekeeper who strongly against using drugs he hates swearing and is easily fooled by basic photoshop skills when Peter wisdom in the comics joins the Excalibur team he’s a swing and single and dedicates a lot of his time to having a fling with Kitty Pryde Shadowcats well Peter w claims to be happily married to a woman named Susan who if you read between the lines and the tweets appears To be cheating on him That’s just a mini theory though sure in the Ultimate Comics universe Peter wisdoms power is derived from a serum much like Deadpool’s power from The first movie so maybe that’s where things are headed there, but honestly Peter W Is fairly different in almost every single way, which makes me think that something is clearly wrong here And that’s when it hit me Peter W. Is a nobody with no special powers he is exactly what the trailer is selling mass because Deadpool is playing a much bigger joke and it’s on us the theorists of the Internet Deadpool execs know exactly how much trailers get Extensively scanned and analyzed these days by rabid fanboys looking to expose the hidden secrets before the movie gets released just look at my nearly 16 minute long video from just a few weeks ago about the missing infinity stone that spanned dozens of movies and TV shows and trailers And ultimately it amounted to nothing when infinity war came out same with my last Jedi Predictions same thing for most of our prediction theories quite honestly what better meta Deadpool joke is there in 2018 than to dangle a big juicy question mark in front of our faces like some average Joe gia so happens to share a letter and a name with a Character in a similar story as the comics that the directors are pulling from and then just last Jedi it away Peter’s twitter account here is just a litany of hidden comics jokes peter w underscore 1974 well 1974 is the first year wolverine graced the pages of a marvel comic in just another reference to Deadpool’s best frenemies forever one of his pinned tweets was of deadpool riding a tiger with wings Which is just a reference to the classic rainbow? Deadpool me Peters wife Susan seems to be cheating on her husband with her personal trainer named Gus who may or may Not be a reference to minor X-men character Gus Grimm the fact that the team working on this movie has given out enough information to know it’s Peter W But haven’t actually revealed his full name when they’ve exposed pretty much every other character It’s almost as if Deadpool is Inviting us to fall into his trap to make our own theory Go ahead and let peter w reflect whatever you want him to be because when he ultimately ends up being nobody like we told you In the trailer it’ll make it all the funnier Peter W Is just an absolutely average human being with nothing special to offer the team outside of his unending Optimism it’s the ultimate Deadpool joke purposely leading us in one direction through the trailers and other online marketing Tool only to pull the rug out from under us for the laughs later Deadpool tends to operate Peters likely to get himself horrific Ly killed in the first real dangerous situation. He comes across at which point I wouldn’t be so surprised if Deadpool turned to the camera and said oh that didn’t ruin your fan theory well. Sorry Deadpool I hope I didn’t just ruin your punchline Actually, I kind of hope it did cuz that would mean that one of these prediction theories was actually right for a change but hey that’s just a theory a film theory and Do me a favor and actually send this video to at Peter W Underscore 1974 on Twitter make sure you include me in that tweet at matpat GT Peter W Has apparently done interviews in the past so maybe he’ll respond or react to this theory sometime before the release of the movie which would be Incredible so if you could raise this to his attention That would be amazing make sure you hit that subscribe button that you see on screen right now So that way if he does respond you’ll be the first to know if we do feature it on the channel And if you’ve missed my last Deadpool episodes well it is about how Deadpool is Ernest Hemingway – Which is undoubtedly one of my most absurd theories of all time and the one to the right is how you could kill Deadpool. Should be a lot of fun.

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  1. Theory: MatPat gets every theory correct, and movies change the script, plot, re render everything after his video.

  2. Matpat: “I suspect that Peter will die the second he gets off that plane.”
    Me: “Yeah right.”
    Also Me after watching the movie: “Oh my god what.”

  3. Every time u mention something there is always a plot twist about it

    But it’s ok because I love ur videos

  4. Omg an amazing way to bring Spiderman into the DP universe would be to have Peter P. instead of Peter W. Also, SpideyPool.

  5. You. NAILED IT. Nice!

    Seriously pat your back, remember this time you got it right.
    And totally consider scriptwritting, having a theorist like yourself write a script or just lay easter eggs in a script would make movies that much better


    feel free to use in next theory


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  11. You got the theory right though. It was cool knowing that i watched the movie before watching this video. Hahahaha Keep it up

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