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73 thoughts on “Film Theory: Is Daenerys Going MAD? – Game of Thrones

  1. Just one mistake with this video, I'm from Portugal, the french never fully conquered us, the first time, they managed to take our capital Lisbon, but there were so much "little" rebellions that they never established themselves. The second time, they invaded the north, and were stopped and defeated at my city, Porto. The last time, they tried the first tactic but were defeated at Torres Vedras, just outside of Lisbon. Every time, with help from the british, we pushed them back to spain.

    Great video, I alawys suspected that daenerys was going mad, thanks for posting this video when no one believed it.

  2. I know I'm late to the party but screw it I'm just gonna say it.
    Congrats MatPat, you've predicted her fate three years in advance, well done. Literally like father like daughter, her genes had decided to switch on Joker mode and killed a bunch of her own people leading to her getting stabbed in the guts. Are you a Gemineye because you've got it very correct? You've even predicted how she'll die in your "How Game of Thrones SHOULD End!" video, she got stabbed. Well done good sir, well done. =)P

  3. Technically Dany was only four generations inbred through Aerys II, Jahaerys I and II, and Aegon the first.

  4. No, I don’t think she had enough evidence of being “mad” she’s a semi tempered leader when a a lot of cockiness who’s made rash decisions. But mad??? Avery’s went crazy cuz he had over 7 kids that kept dying or dying a year after being born. But eh

  5. Always figured her madness was foreshadowed. Ever since the start of her conquests, first thought was, “She makes for a good conqueror, but a very poor ruler.”

  6. Did you write the ending of Game of Thrones IOT prove one of your theories to be correct? Danny went from being a successful conqueror till the second to last episode where she because a straight up murderer

  7. 2016 Youtube: "Is Daenerys going mad? here's the evidence"
    2019 youtube: "DaENeryS WenT MAd? whErE dID ThAt CoMe FrOm? D&D BAD!"

  8. This channel taught me more than my science teacher does. Literally. I blew his mind with epigenetics so much he forgot his subject.

  9. When you look at this and realize mattpatt somehow doesn't know that the average member of nobility in the 18th century had children with close relatives on top of being a child of such a union. Or that most ancient cultures actually practiced it to an extreme extent in their ruling families

  10. "Madness and Greatness are two sides of the same coin. Every time a Targaryen is born, the Gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land"

  11. King George the 3rd or the mad king that lost America lost America because he was mad, madness caused by can you guess… Yep inbreding.

  12. Wait, wait, wait Maria of Portugal isint referred to as the "Mad Queen" and she was not the queen when Portugal was invaded by Napoleon.
    Her son took over afeter she started going mad

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